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  1. That was me in coach once! The SEA section got stuck behind a freight train and didn’t make it to Spokane until after sunrise. Idaho in daylight was beutiful. I went out for a walk and 3am breakfast on the streets of Spokane but didn’t really sleep much (and forced myself awake to see Idaho in daylight).
  2. It continued into the late 1990s. I remember I think in 1996 taking a non-reserved train home WAS-NYP just after Christmas with people sitting in all of the aisles after what must have New Carrollton. I remember the next time a few years later we took the train down to DC for Easter we were on a supposedly reserved Northeast Direct train (this would have been about 2000) and there were still people sitting in the aisles/vestibules that made my Mother quite upset. I remember returning on a nice empty Metroliner on Easter Sunday my parents paid the extra fare for so we could have reserved seats. My most memorable unreserved train experience happened in 2001. I was taking the Friday Evening Ethan Allen to Rutland that leaves NYP at 5:45pm and was reserved only north of Albany, the train was dispatched with 3 coaches instead of 4 and apparently we left a bunch of Albany and points South passengers behind on the platform at Penn Station with the police needing to be called to avoid crush loads.They had luckily locked the door between the reserved and unreserved sections of the Train, but I remember a few standing passengers going beyond Albany didn’t get seats until after Rhinecliff and the conductor making a bunch of apologetic annoucements.
  3. All Airlines (in the US) on the other hand are now all cashless for on board purchases on all main line flights. Some Connection/Eagle/Express flights operated by baby jets may be “Cash only Flights” (like a flight on a 50 seat “one class” Delta Connection flight I had recently, they announced it that way).
  4. SubwayNut

    Need advice on NJ to Rhinecliff/Rhinebeck

    Looking at the map of where Pine Plains is, Wassaic the last stop on the Metro-North Harlem Line May also be a similar distance. Ease though of not needing to do the Penn Station to Grand Central make me choose Amtrak for this trip to Rhinecliff.
  5. I think Amtrak Cascades runs Holiday extra trains using Horizon cars, they have at least in the past
  6. SubwayNut

    Change of Station on Wolverine?

    I've visited both stations: 2011 Birmingham Ashack http://subwaynut.com/amtrak/birmingham_mi/index.php In 2017 new Troy transit center station http://subwaynut.com/amtrak/troy/ The rail line runs down the border of the two cities, the concrete of the former ramp up to the Birmingham Station is visible from the platform in Troy. From the troy platform you can see the a concrete spec off in the distance that was the Birmingham station http://subwaynut.com/amtrak/troy/troy41.jpg
  7. Also Portland has decent mass transit. The Max light rail, Portland Streetcar and bus service is decent. Is there a strategic reason you need a car there?
  8. SubwayNut

    New Siemens Charger locomotive.

    Chargers are definitely running on the Pere Marquette. I have photos of them (somewhere).
  9. SubwayNut

    Train steps at Mystic--how steep?

    Under the ADA, the Amtrak crew needs to grab the mobile wheelchair lift to help your friend off the train in Mystic if your friend cant/doesnt want to climb the steps, even if there not in a wheelchair. The mobile lift parked on the platform provides the accessible entrance to the train and must be used upon request by any passenger, including passengers that can stand if they cant/dont wish to climb steps, even if there not in a wheelchair. This saved a family member who uses a cane (and a wheelchair sometimes) when we get off in South Bend on my one Amtrak trip with him. He stood on the lift and it was much safer and easier for him that having to take the very big step at the bottom of the steps off the Lake Shore Limited to the super-low South Bend platform. I would make sure your reservations are purchased with her marked as disabled so the crew knows she cant climb steps and can help you appropriately.
  10. SubwayNut

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    Ive been wondering what the plans were for the Music City Star, I see there just going to plan for an exemption as well.
  11. SubwayNut

    Capitol Limited delays

    I think something else is going on - like an equipment swap. She's gotten on the train and currently sitting backwards facing someone, not a normal legroom seat. That doesn't sound like a long distance Superliner. Amtrak.com has also stopped showing updates for the train. Should have just driven to Chicago to pick her up (she's exhausted on her way back from Eroupe, flew into O'Hare today), or had her take the South Shore Line, Amtrak until this delay seemed like the fastest way to get her home.
  12. SubwayNut

    Capitol Limited delays

    My girlfriend is taking 30 home to South Bend and they've delayed boarding in Chicago, currently showing an hour late departure. Anyone know why?
  13. Wow so I guess we will see a to Albany ONLY Lake Shore Limited with the Penn Station Construction.
  14. Woodcut60, are you not a US or Canadian citizen? Ive overheard on the Adironack them asking for a $6 ESTA (or something like that fee) from non-US or Canadian citizens.
  15. SubwayNut

    Holland, St. Joseph MI

    The Pere Maquette served Hammond-Whiting until April 29, 2001. I did some research I think from timetables.org when writing up the Pere Marquette Page http://subwaynut.com/amtrak/routes/pere_marquette/index.phpfor my website.