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    76/77/79 Delays 2/14/2019

    never mind...
  2. Another possibility, do you have any type of trip insurance, as a benefit, with the credit card you used to purchase airline tickets?
  3. The CIA training only lasted about 3 years. Gone LONG before the flowers.....
  4. My guess would be a derailment in the yard....
  5. Thanks for the pictures!
  6. Delivered straight to the train? In Seattle?
  7. Do they still carry the corridor menu? I guess that would be one perk of using Boars Head, it can be be purchased anywhere, as opposed to the York Street stuff (which I liked more) which could only be received from the one location. I believe they are doing Boars Head...
  8. Correct. Same procedure as Miami.
  9. The train is stripped of all food the night before when arriving MIA and starts with new issue of stock the next morning when departing.
  10. Based on the condition of the candy when I was there in December, I think the same stuff has been there since the lounge was built......
  11. You would check the bag in the station at least 45 min before departure in NY Penn station, 30 min before in Florida. There is no checked baggage service in POU. If you tire of sitting in your room, you can sit in the lounge car for a change of pace, but not in the coaches.
  12. OBS

    Who's Flown Icelandic?

    Now THAT is a good deal!
  13. OBS

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

  14. OBS

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    It may happen frequently, but is is a blatant violation of Amtrak rules......
  15. I was afraid that would happen. I'm sure plenty of frozen equipment...
  16. OBS

    TPS Tour 2019

    Maybe they are trying to tell you to stay down South? Thanks for sharing your adventures with us!
  17. "Panic Box" is the term......
  18. I'm sure 1/19 is now the official start date
  19. That didn't last long...LOL
  20. Just came back from Chicago on #48 in a sleeper, and the Sleeper Lounge LSA, which is now a Chicago based job, was telling another passenger of pending improvements based on a test run she did a few weeks ago. The tentative rollout is Jan. 16. It will include 4 or 5 hot entrees for (presumably) Dinner. Also Breakfast will be served as an ALA Carte buffet style set up on one of the tables for passengers to help themselves. It will include hard boiled eggs, and a Hot Breakfast sandwich will also be offered...This is all I know (overheard)......
  21. OBS

    Regional BC Drink Issues

    For Amtrak it is all about price...and the pepsi cola company also owns Lays chips and the Tropicana brand, etc all used as leverage in negotiating prices....