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  1. I'm sure 1/19 is now the official start date
  2. OBS

    Regional BC Drink Issues

    For Amtrak it is all about price...and the pepsi cola company also owns Lays chips and the Tropicana brand, etc all used as leverage in negotiating prices....
  3. OBS

    Anyone here work for Amtrak?

    Crews in NYC operate to Wash DC, Phl, Harrisburg, Bos, and NHV as well as work SSYD yards, work trains, flag jobs etc....
  4. Just came back from Chicago on #48 in a sleeper, and the Sleeper Lounge LSA, which is now a Chicago based job, was telling another passenger of pending improvements based on a test run she did a few weeks ago. The tentative rollout is Jan. 16. It will include 4 or 5 hot entrees for (presumably) Dinner. Also Breakfast will be served as an ALA Carte buffet style set up on one of the tables for passengers to help themselves. It will include hard boiled eggs, and a Hot Breakfast sandwich will also be offered...This is all I know (overheard)......
  5. OBS

    Amtrak Crew Base Question

    Most people transfer off the A/T...Literally no one applies to transfer to the A/T. Thus 99% of new OBS for A/T come from the street...
  6. Thinking of you. Take the time to heal during this busy Holiday season!
  7. Unfortunately, it literally happens every hour of every day in NYP (every hour assuming it is restarted after each previous incident).
  8. It is no wonder that the escalators on the LIRR level are constantly under repair/overhaul....These escalators are CONSTANTLY turned off by passengers for their own convenience.....
  9. A charge in the Diner also...
  10. OBS

    Texas Eagle late leaving SAS (11/13)

    You will understand when you get ( a lot) older.... Many older folks commiserate with each other about failing memories....
  11. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Betty!