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  1. NS VIA Fan

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    CN eventually modified the 'Sceneramic' dome interiors from conventional coach style seating to a bar and lounge. (But you certainly couldn't beat that rear view from the exMilwaukee 'Skytop' CN 'Skyview' cars used on the Ocean Limited!)
  2. NS VIA Fan

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    Here's an exMilwaukee 'Superdome' ....CN 'Sceneramic' on the Super Continental at Winnipeg in 1975. Seats were placed too low for goods views forward or rear compared to a Budd Dome (Photo 3 & 4 below)
  3. NS VIA Fan

    Big VIA Order to Lego!

    Just my Christmas Present to everyone! A good laugh!
  4. Merry Christmas! Now making the rounds on Social Media: https://outabouter.com/2018/12/13/major-blow-to-bombardier-as-lego-wins-bid-to-provide-next-generation-of-via-rail-trains/ In the latest setback for Canadian aerospace and transportation manufacturer Bombardier “You’ll Get It When You Get It” Incorporated, Via Rail has awarded the $989-million contract to modernize their aging rolling stock to the Danish denizens of interlocking plastic blocks: Lego. “After reviewing all of the options at a local retailer – having already acknowledged that we wanted our trains this century, knocking Bombardier out of the running – we decided Lego was far and away the best fit,” said Via Rail CEO Yves Desjardins-Siciliano, making the announcement to reporters in a Montreal-area Walmart.
  5. NS VIA Fan

    $Billion VIA Order to Siemens?

    As of November 18 (current timetable) VIA has 27 consists in service in the Corridor: LRC-19, HEP-6 and Ren-2. Some consists are combined then split. For example: #60-#50 and #62-#52 are J-Trains (loco-cars + loco-cars) from Toronto to CN Perth (west of Brockville) where they split and run separately to Montreal and Ottawa….....and #41-#22 are P-Trains (loco-cars + cars-loco coupled back to back) as far as Fellowfield (Ottawa) where they separate. There’s also a couple of other combined trains depending on the day of the week.
  6. The Southern Crescent at Birmingham in Oct 1975....then switching the locomotives and cars at Peachtree Station later that day in Atlanta
  7. NS VIA Fan

    $Billion VIA Order to Siemens?

    It's Official....the order goes to Siemens! https://www.siemens.com/ca/en/home/company/press/via.html
  8. NS VIA Fan

    Pullman Brochure from 1967-68

    Every one of those accommodations is still available today on the Canadian...... and the Ocean when a Budd consist with a Manor is operating.
  9. In the current issue of ‘Passenger Train Journal’ there’s an article on the final days of the Pullman Company in 1967-68. The cover of a Pullman Brochure is shown. Here’s the rest of that brochure:
  10. NS VIA Fan

    Soda on Canadian and ocean

    Ordering a soft drink in the Park Car....I've had to pay. It 'might' be included as the beverage with your meal in the diner. I've always order a milk or coffee and that was included. And an FYI...Soda is 'Pop' at least here in the Maritimes on the Ocean. Ordering a Soda.....I'm not sure what you'll get.
  11. Anecdotal only…but NO. I rode the Enterprise numerous time between 2000-2005. There were numerous discount coupons for a sleeper on the Enterprise one-way and return by fast afternoon train in VIA-1 (Business) Class but it didn’t seem to work. The only times the trains were full were on Fri and Sun evenings and this was usually only in the coaches. On days the Enterprise connected with the Canadian....you did have a few more in the sleepers, but not many. The Enterprise was extensively marketed but with the faster daytime trains....people just want to be home in their own beds at night. Not in a hotel room....let alone a sleeper.
  12. The Cavalier was a product of the CN post Pool era (October 1965) End of the Pool Sleeper traffic was so heavy back then...that on Sunday nights the Cavalier was ‘Sleeping Cars Only’ and coach passengers were handled on a extra separate train. >>>>>>>>>>>> And continuing with train names: Skeena, Hudson Bay, Abitibi etc are all from the VIA era. CN didn't use a name for the Jasper-Prince Rupert train but it was sometimes referred to as the ‘Rupert Rocket’ The ‘Lake Superior’ name for the Sudbury-White River RDC was a bit of a misnomer as it never comes within sight of the Lake And you could almost say the same for the ‘Ocean’….. unless you crank your head around on the last couple of thousand feet approaching the Halifax Station, look through piles of containers…you might get a glimpse of the Atlantic. The Ocean does skirt the Gulf of St. Lawrence, upper reaches of the Bay of Fundy and Bedford Basin which are technically part of the Ocean. But it's more to do with the region it serves and Nova Scotia is "Canada's Ocean Playground".....as our license plates say.
  13. When VIA eliminated most train names I believed the ‘Canadian’ was retained for marketing as it was well known. The ‘Ocean’ was approaching its 100 birthday and could also be used in marketing. A co-workers GF and their little fellow are regular travelers to Campbellton but she just calls it ‘The VIA’. The only time she’s heard of the Ocean is when I call it that and that is probably the same for most others……it’s just the Halifax or Montreal train. It was nice having trains named in the corridor at one time but they probably meant nothing to the majority of riders, Don’t imagine too many called ReserVIA asking for a seat on the ‘Simcoe’ ‘York’ 'LaSalle’ or ‘Laurier’…..They just selected a train time that was convenient. Same as I do today on my app.
  14. Here’s the Innu community of Natuashish in Labrador. The highway ends at Goose Bay 175 miles south but there are roads. If you want a car…it can be brought in by Coastal Boat and probably no different than bringing a car in by rail in Manitoba. When we are working there...there's no Hertz…so the Band Office supplies us a vehicle. And I would say a lot do have licenses as they don’t spend all their lives in isolated communities. In the first photo below...the main road runs from the wharf inland to the airport about 10km. Natuashish is at 56deg N latitude the same as Glasgow Scotland. Churchill is at 59 deg.
  15. The service should be turned over to a Indigenous group to operate... just as VIA did with the Pukatawagan trains going to Keewatin Rail. I travel to Indigenous Communities in Labrador. No Rail service there but you fly in on Air Borealis.....a partnership between PAL and the Innu First Nations it serves. Just as Air Creebec.....owned by the Cree Nation serves those communities of Northern Quebec. First Nations meeting their needs.....not just a stop along the way at 2:45am by a VIA train catering to tourists.