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  1. https://pedestrianobservations.com/2018/11/20/fra-reform-is-here/
  2. Landslide derails commuter train near Barcelona, killing 1 https://www.apnews.com/b24304a4f9eb4a84bbfae2c1778441b5
  3. Puget Sound rail lines fight landslides with science New forecasting tools can prevent stalled trains and potential tragedy on the Seattle-Everett railway. https://www.heraldnet.com/news/puget-sound-rail-lines-fight-landslides-with-science/
  4. CHamilton

    The best medicine

    [Cartoon: Christopher Weyant, Cagle Cartoons]
  5. CHamilton

    Churchill Line Sold

    1st train in over a year arrives in Churchill https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/churchill-first-train-arrives-1.4886923?fbclid=IwAR0oFhyijtkp8v7WpRpHeruPlv6-FFJlkpKMPJM5NhGahpmJViQajn46xaE
  6. Eurostar resets customer passwords after hack attack https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-46048597
  7. I saw two couples going to West Palm on Sunday, apparently for a birthday celebration.
  8. I am so sorry. Sending healing thoughts your way, Betty.
  9. Amtrak’s data could help riders and employees — too bad it’s so hard to find https://ggwash.org/view/69189/data-analysts-show-the-potential-value-of-amtraks-data-if-they-could-find-it
  10. Latest from my friends. "Going from worse to worser. 14 from LA hit a truck before it got to Salinas. Buses won’t leave here [sAC] until 14 arrives." Possibly 4 AM. My friends ended up flying to SEA this morning. 14 is now scheduled to get to SAC ca. 8 AM.
  11. Latest from my friends. "Going from worse to worser. 14 from LA hit a truck before it got to Salinas. Buses won’t leave here [sAC] until 14 arrives." Possibly 4 AM.
  12. My friends who are schedule to take 14 SAC-SEA tonight have been told that it will be a bus. Not surprised, but apparently I-5 is at least partially open. Safe travels, everyone!
  13. I'm surprised that Amtrak hasn't resurrected this idea. "In West Germany, the prevailing dance of 1964 was still the twist. Here the government was so concerned about vandalism on the country’s railway service that it experimented with running ‘twist trains’ for young people, with a section of each coach prepared as a dance floor, and twist music piped through the carriages." Peter Doggett, Electric Shock
  14. Those of us on the west coast will be thinking of Alan. Please convey our thoughts to our friends attending.
  15. CHamilton

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    I too am in shock. Thanks to Chris, Penny, and everyone else who has shared the news from NOL. But I smile as I imagine the welcome Alan is receiving from Joe, Bill, Sheela, Patrick, Eric, and our other AU friends, along with Jim and Zack from 501. I know they're sharing stories and telling jokes...and shaking their fingers at us: "Don't you dare let those idiots in DC kill our trains! We want our grandchildren to have as much fun on the rails as we did!"