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  1. chakk

    Sunset limited top speed

    Let’s not forget global warming, which increases sea level and thus the diameter of the earth. So, under the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum, the rotational speed of the Earth is declining (like a spinning figure skater extending her arms), giving AUers more time each day to debate this topic about locomotive speed display accuracies.
  2. Not once so far. Jordan spreaders and the like have been adequate to get the ROW cleared after each big storm.
  3. chakk

    California Trains?

    The mudflat scuptures also had a famous scene IIRC in the cult movie “Harold and Maude”.
  4. chakk

    Airbus to Halt A380 Production

    Twin engine planes are now quite reliable over long distances — like oceans — and get certified (e.g. Southwest 737s now between Calif and Hawaii) for such Extended Twin OPerationS. (ETOPS means “Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim”)
  5. CA-133 is not the connecting route that anyone uses. Most folks driving from Silicon Valley to San Joaquin Valley take US101 (65 mph speed limit) south to Gilroy, then CA-152 (10 miles @ 50 mph, remainder @ 65 mph) to San Joaquin Valley. The 50 mph section is two lanes, with a passing lane on the one hill. The other roads are two (or more) lanes in each direction. Max speed limit anywhere in California is 70 mph (only on some interstate highway sections). While other states in the west have long sections of 75 mph, and even 80 mph in some states (like Utah).
  6. Viewliner roomette berths are 2 ft, 4 inches wide; not 2 ft wide. So are superliner roomette lower berths. Only the superliner upper bert is 2 ft wide. And the berths in original roomettes (such as found on the Canadian) are at least 3 ft wide, as are the beds in open sections. I do not believe that a carload of 2 ft wide berths would sell well, except perhaps for the “hostel crowd”.
  7. Look for quite a bit of snowfall around Salt Lake this weekend.
  8. Nice video. Sounds like jointed rail in that part of Nebraska. I’ve been sound asleep on all of my previous trips on #6 (and #5) through that neck of the woods
  9. Passenger train routing with current track requires nearly twice as much time between LA and Bakersfield as the bus connection.
  10. chakk

    Who's Flown Icelandic?

    Accumulate one million actual miles on United (took me about 40 years to do that) and you are awarded United Premier Exec status for life. And your spouse gets it also.
  11. Lost substantial amount of time in Iowa and Colorado mtns west of the Divide. Four hours down at Glenwood Springs, could only make up about half of that into Emeryville.
  12. Why not just board the train without a ticket and purchase from the conductor? Or would the conductor be enough of a curmudgeon to refuse to sell your f riend a ticket and instead kick him/her off at the next grade crossing?
  13. chakk

    Zephyr to Reno

    Harrah’s and Eldorado are both about one block from the Amtrak Reno station. So is the Silver Legacy. Harrah’s has the lowest midweek prices. They all charge more on weekends.
  14. chakk

    United '777 diversion to Goose Bay

    Since it was a medical emergency, why do you say it is not perfectly appropriate to land at the nearest airport with acceptable medical facilities? Nobody expected a malfunction of the doors when planning to depart.
  15. Been dry the latter half of this week, but more snow is expected to fall around the middle of next week. Look for massive crowds at Sierra ski resorts this weekend.