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  1. PeeweeTM

    Austin to California and back

    Hmmm, the train took a right turn after Albuquerque. And I didn't see any rabbit holes... [emoji6] (Had to google (or yahoo!) that one!)
  2. PeeweeTM

    Austin to California and back

    Thanks, v v! I saw a small dust bowl in the distance. My phone/agenda/entertainment center/distractor/camera couldn't make it sharper, though, bummer. And I wanted to clear the crossing, before the ding-ding-ding would start and the driver and conductor would get nervous! [emoji6]
  3. PeeweeTM

    Austin to California and back

    SarahZ, you're welcome! [emoji6]
  4. Well, I like to walk. Especially when long sitting sessions in planes and trains are involved. [emoji6]
  5. PeeweeTM

    Austin to California and back

    Two of them. Well noticed!
  6. As it happened British Airways had a good (cheap) fare to Austin in September... Below again mostly pictures, with just a few comments. Woke up, walked to the subway, changed to the InterCityDefectDirect to Schiphol. Flight to London was in a 767, the plane was rather empty. In London T5 was not too busy. The 747 left a bit late. After a long and boring flight the plane landed in Austin. The gate was somewhere halfway between San Antonio and Austin. Although I was about the last to leave the plane, there was no line at the border and I was in bus 350 (?) to Austin rather quickly. Walked via the Texas Capitol building to my hotel, the Super 8 Downtown. Had a good night and woke up early. A small breakfast was provided by the hotel. Walked via the Colorado river Trader Joe's to get some fruit and water for the first part of the trip. At the waterfront Austin also seems to try to catch up with the climbing Wall trend. Nice try. At the station I saw the typical American switch lever. And the typical railway crossing. The Texas Eagle was about only about half an hour late. Got my some time to memorize the evacuation plan. Train to Ford Worth gave a few picture opportunities. Above no fences between rail and road. This type of crossing is rather rare in the Netherlands. Above a locomotive in Temple, which can't make it's mind up. It's either Santa Fe, or BNSF! A train waiting in a siding to let us pass, thanks! NS and CSX, brotherly pulling a train. In Fort Worth I walked a bit through downtown and ate a burger at Five Guys. After that I boarded the train to Oklahoma City, one locomotives, two cars. A lot of freight trains, but still almost on time arrival! The bus to Newton arrived on time, too! But shortly after departure the left front wheel made a rattling noise while taking a turn, so we had to go to the bus parking to change buses. We also picked up two ladies, who were put in a motel by Amtrak. The day before the train was late arriving in Oklahoma City and the bus couldn't wait. Luckily my train ran on time! The bus had WiFi and I spotted a cheaper sleeper fare for the return trip on the Texas Eagle from LA to Austin later in the week. So in Newton the lady behind the counter managed to get me that fare and a voucher for a future trip (planned for March...) In case of panic, Newton too has a evacuation plan: Noted the guidelines about taking pictures, but decided to just run in case of an emergency. South West Chief was almost on time. Slept well. Here lovely Ration station. And here Albuw, no, Albecu, rats, Albuquerque. Went to the supermarket nearby to buy sun glaces, I had forgotten mine in Rhoon. Next morning I saw some resting chassis. The like to rest standing up. Picked up my rental car from Hertz and drove to Walmart in Beaumont to buy some water and fruit. Drove on to Palm Springs. And on to Joshua Tree National Park. Bought a booklet about the park. Had a hotel in Twentynine Palms. Next day I drove to Amboy. Train above, a derail on another track below. Didn't walk all the way to Amboy Crater. Drove further to Barstow. Saw some trains near Daggett. Drove up Barstow Hill, with a great few of the new yard. And the old yard and current station. Visited the small railroad museum at the station and still had some time, so I drove to Hinkley. And a bit south to ? Near Hodge some typical sightings. In Barstow I had some Mexican food in a restaurant were I had been before. Hotel Ramada Inn provided a nice few. All night long... Next day I drove via Angeles National Forest to Union Station. You can see rather far here. Parked the car back in the basement. And took the red and blue line to Long Beach. There I took a boat tour. Had still some time to kill, so took the Blue line back to LA and the Expo line to Santa Monica. It was busy on the pier, as I've seen before. Went back to Union Station and had a dinner in the first restaurant in Olvera Street. Walked a bit around Union Station. The sleeping car let me peek behind some doors. Here some pictures I took about switches/points/frogs: Note the sign alerting railroaders to manually switch both parts. We had some nice derailments in the Netherlands where the frog was forgotten... Below a swing nose (?). Below the solution, if you can live with a slower speed on one of the routes, the swing wing (?) And here the common switch frog. Frog has nothing to do with the green animals that say 'fluf' or 'splatsch' when you run them over. No, I'm told it got it's name from the underside of inside/underside of an horses hoof. In El Paso we had a dog inspection. But as far as I know without interaction with passengers. Some spiked rails. During the night we had some good dispatching. As second train behind a freight train in a siding before San Antonio. After the Sunset Limited to LA passed us, we backed up and passed the freight train still waiting in the siding. But still arrived about an our late in San Antonio. The Alamodome in san Antonio provided me with some WiFi to check in for my flight back to Amsterdam. In Austin I waved goodbye to the (steam) train. Bought a book about geology in a bookstore BookPeople. Bused to the airport. Overall had some nice talks with nice people in the Amtrak diners. Different people, but all nice. But I guess I was the youngest all the time.
  7. Ed, bookstores are always a reason to visit a city! And I guess, I just traveled at quiet times; Metro-North end of the morning and South Shore near South Bend was rather empty, too.
  8. Last winter I took a short trip to the US. 25+11 paid vacation days and no car can give someone that freedom. Wife and children will probably be able to take care of themselves. On January 16th 2018 I started with the metro (subway) to Rotterdam Centraal. In Rotterdam Centraal I changed into a Intercity Direct to Breda. After changing trains I went on to 's Hertogenbosch to attend to a meeting about railway safety. After that I went by train to Eindhoven, here a picture about the signage in the Netherlands (Hello @Penn Station...): Well, in Eindhoven I changed into an Intercity Bus from Deutsche Bahn, en-route from Antwerp, Belgium to Duesseldorf, Germany. And in Duesseldorf I took the S-Bahn to my hotel. From Rotterdam to Duesseldorf for about $25,-. The dutch trains, german bus and german train all with one ticket. And of course on time! Next day I took the train to the airport. Here you can see me taking a picture. I flew via Amsterdam to Newark. Nothing spectacular. Took the shuttlebus to a hotel in Elizabeth. Next day back to the airport by shuttlebus and then with a NJ-transit bus to Newark Penn. Station. PATH to the Hudson river and by ferry to Wallstreet, Manhattan: Made a walk to Penn. Station on Manhattan, drank a dutch (Douwe Egberts) 'coffee' from the lounge. And walked to Central Park and back, to take the Lake Shore Limited to Chicago. Had a nice talk over and after diner with a Republican guy. (I guess I would position myself on the left of Mr. Sanders. Being Dutch also means I know you have to work together with other people for the benefit of society.) Had a good night in the upper berth. Got some rotten / mouldy grapes for breakfast and found myself stuck in a discussion between some women about abortion. I won't dig in it further, but just wanted to give examples for a pro and contra for community seating in the diner! In Chicago I could take a picture of two well looked after engines of Amtrak... Walked a bit in Chicago, wanted to take a swim, but well, whatever. And took the South Shore line to South Bend. It took some time to find the entrance of the Randolph Street station. I had a hotel a short walk from the airport station in South Bend. Next day took the train back to Chicago. In Chicago I had time again to walk a bit around and do some shopping for the train towards Portland. If I were a bird... Well, boarded the Empire Builder on time. Dinner staff made an announcement, that food was included in the sleeper fare, but tips weren't. Is that panhandling? Arrival next morning in Minot was about 45 minutes early. A bridge shortly after Minot: Arctic scenery. And a camping ground for freight cars: Some pictures of the inside of coach in a Super Liner: An BNSF locomotive: It was dark when we entered the Rocky Mountains. The second part of the night the ride, especially accelerating and braking became less comfortable. After arriving in Portland the probable cause was: Walked to Powell's Bookstore and back to take the train to Seattle. Saw quite a lot of homeless looking people. Above in Seattle. Below some pictures of a Talgo wheelset and a modern generation Flexifloat boogie. Had some Seattle style fast food, with a ferry in the background. Saw again a lot of homeless looking people. I had a hotel by the airport and the next day I flew via Salt Lake City back to New York, JFK. Below few from my hotel in Manhattan: Walked a bit and took another scenic picture: Next morning I took a small detour back to JFK, starting in Grand Central Terminal: Metro-North towards Bridgeport: In Bridgeport I saw a leave-sucker: And took a ferry to Port Jefferson: In Port Jefferson I did some illegal standing: And walked to the LIRR-station: And two pictures of the inside of the train to Jamaica: Smooth ride, nice diesel sound. Waited about ten minutes before a track was available in Jamaica. Flight back to Amsterdam was okay. Flight to Duesseldorf too. In Duesseldorf I just missed the train to Arnhem, so had to wait a full hour and watch trains at the station. It was a nice new train, needing three current systems (15 kV AC in Germany, small 25 kV AC spot after the border crossing, 1,8 kV DC further into the Netherlands.) From Arnhem it was known territory again (I drove trains to Emmerich (Germany) a few times, but last one is almost ten years ago back to Rotterdam via Utrecht, trains running every 15 minutes, so no timetable needed! Well, I would like to say: "see you next time USA", but between last winter and now I've been there a few times again already...
  9. Thanks for making my to-do-list another item longer!
  10. Stena Hollandica: 230 cars, 1.200 passengers. https://www.stenaline.nl/en-GB-nl/ships/stena-hollandica
  11. Oh well, and here the ferry between Sankt Goar and St. Goarshausen in Germany. And the ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich in England. You may guess which picture is which...
  12. And another one. In the boat from Bratislava to Vienna, my son and I encountered the counterpard in the other direction.
  13. Well, walking from Orient Point to Greenport would have taken too long for the time I had, but it did cross my mind! ;-)
  14. Ow, and I found another one. You can take a ferry on your way from Manhattan to JFK: a bit less direct route perhaps, but it goes via Bridgeport and Port Jefferson. Before the ferry, you can take Metro-North from Grand Central Terminal. And after the ferry a short walk will take you to the LIRR for a trip to Jamaica. The picture shows Grand Republic arriving in Bridgeport.
  15. That's a kind of a ferry, too. Ro-Ro Pauline from killingholme (GB) arriving in Rotterdam (NL).