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  1. AmtrakBlue

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    The RFP is for AmfleetI's Those do not go to Miami, New Orleans or Chicago (not from NYP, at least).
  2. AmtrakBlue

    Writers' Residencies

    Though it might turn out to be a War & Peace size novel.
  3. AmtrakBlue

    2019 CA Zephyr Snow/Weather Delays

    Same person posted in both threads. Obviously he only took one of the videos.
  4. AmtrakBlue

    Union Pacific Leading Amtrak #6(19)

    Since he said "lead engine", that makes me think the engine you see is the "HEP" engine. I'm pretty sure the CZ uses two engines since it traverses two mountain ranges.
  5. Open Sleepers are valued paper tickets
  6. As I recall, this was several years ago with a different type of voucher, you could buy someone (you trust) a ticket or tickets to “anywhere” with the vouchers (in their name) and they can cancel their ticket(s) and get new vouchers in their name. They would, of course, pay you for the initial tickets. Hope someone with knowledge of the current ways speaks up soon.
  7. AmtrakBlue

    92 (01/18/2019) Delay

    I think his "too soon" was about him making that post, not that it would be too soon for the driver to sue.
  8. AmtrakBlue

    Amtrak Greenwashing

    I don't see anywhere on that webpage anyone saying the Cardinal was serving the Contemporary Dining.
  9. AmtrakBlue

    The Amtraklor: an entertaining enterprise

    Are you going to apply?
  10. Really? In this litigation happy society?
  11. AmtrakBlue

    It’s Time We Stood Up to Amtrak

    Well, we all know how a certain person in DC likes to exaggerate.
  12. AmtrakBlue

    New to railroading (Questions)

    There’s a bus to one of the Southwest Chief’s stations. Plus there’s the Heartland Flyer to Fort Worth to catch the Texas Eagle which joins the Sunset Limited in San Antonio 3 days a week. Go to Amtrak’s website and search for OKC to LAX
  13. I don’t see milk under beverages, but assume they have it if they’re offering cold cereal.
  14. AmtrakBlue

    Will Gov Shutdown bring more riders to Amtrak?

    You do realize many, many people live paycheck to paycheck don't you? Yes, I am one has lived paycheck to paycheck through no fault of my own. Am I'm sure many of those people will have problems very soon if not already. And how do YOU know nobody's lost their home or apartment? Have a crystal ball??