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  1. Ive always felt it wasn’t worth the money for a cruise since I’m light eater. I figure most of the cost is for all that food.
  2. AmtrakBlue

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    I was at LAX in Sept. They had the bags behind the desk. Guess it varies, or maybe depends on how much luggage there is. I was there early, so there were only a few other pieces when a put mine there.
  3. AmtrakBlue

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    I'm pretty sure I saw a post on FB recently about there being new furniture in DC. Must have happened right after you left Penny, because I wondered if you had seen it.
  4. AmtrakBlue

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    I saw pics of the new lounge furniture on FB a while ago and I believe my comment was an emoji depicting "gross"
  5. AmtrakBlue

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Considering he's a kid in high school now....
  6. They held the EB yesterday. Apparently the CZ didn’t make it far before having return to CHI to swap out the lounge car.
  7. Chat link is now on the home page. On right side under the announcements. Thanks Angie.
  8. AmtrakBlue

    Crescents 11/10/2018

    I know, I was bemused by the wording, too.
  9. AmtrakBlue

    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    If only the occupied/empty sign above the seats actually worked, and display a first of last name... But who looks above the seats? I know I tend to forget to check for seat checks when I'm riding the regionals. And if I were a regular Acela rider and didn't keep up with things on AU, I probably might not notice I've been assigned a seat.
  10. AmtrakBlue

    Crescents 11/10/2018

    Here's 19's reason: http://www.cavalierdaily.com/article/2018/11/at-least-one-wounded-in-railroad-trespasser-incident-near-15th-street
  11. The dining car’s are Dover & Frankfort
  12. http://www.doverpost.com/news/20181102/train-turntable-to-be-installed-at-nvf-site There are 3 videos at the top of the article of other turntables.
  13. Dang, my medical bills are paid off and my car repairs.
  14. AmtrakBlue

    2019 Amtrak Calendar?

    It’s much easier for me to look up at my wall calendar from bed or when I’m walking to the bathroom to see if there’s a post-it reminder than grab my phone and open an app.