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  1. The Budweiser brewery in Newark couldn't resist.
  2. More like this shape (this is the actual Sugar Loaf that gave its name to the station):
  3. I've had my checked luggage take an earlier flight than me on United several times (they even have an automated email when this happens, to tell you to go to the baggage service office). I think the key is that the passenger has no advance knowledge that the luggage is going to be sent early.
  4. Most jurisdictions do require escalators to be periodically inspected in the same manner as elevators, although few require an inspection certificate be posted on the escalator.
  5. If you don't end up going all the way to Catalina, there are other whale-watching options. I've been on one of this company's 2-hour whale-watching cruises, which are out of Newport Beach. We didn't see any whales, but there were other things to look at, particularly dolphins that followed the boat for quite a while.
  6. trainman74

    TE/SL: Which Direction?

    I love that first picture, with the Union Station platforms in the middle distance. It's just too bad you don't really get any of the downtown L.A. skyline from that angle.
  7. trainman74

    Fullerton Long Term Parking

    Long-term parking is on the top floor of the parking structure west of the train station (labeled as "SOCO Structure" on this official city of Fullerton map). You'll need to get a permit from the ticket agent at the station.
  8. The first thing that comes to mind is the Museum of Jurassic Technology, a very quirky museum/art exhibition. And have you been to the Griffith Observatory on previous trips? (It's not particularly quirky, but it's such a well-known L.A. institution that's been in a lot of movies.) Other than that, this community-sourced list on Atlas Obscura looks like it would be a good place for you to look for things that might be of interest.
  9. trainman74

    Andrea Doria

    My father did a little bit of admiralty work as a young lawyer -- I believe one of the partners at his firm specialized in it.
  10. trainman74

    Unsold sleepers

    There was a time when Amtrak would call people with coach reservations, days or weeks in advance of their trip, and offer discount upgrades to sleeper. (I was the recipient of one of these calls in 2002, when a friend and I were booked L.A.-to-Oakland on the Coast Starlight. If I recall correctly, the offer was $75 for the both of us, which I accepted immediately.)
  11. trainman74

    Bus Nostalgia

    Guess they didn't have any buses terminate in Tampa -- it's not on the rollsign. (St. Petersburg is.)
  12. Which sense of the term "factoid" are you using -- something that's true but trivial/unimportant, or the original sense of a piece of unreliable information that's been repeated so often that it's believed to be factual?
  13. trainman74

    Southwest Chief

    Dinner will be served on board. Of course, nothing's stopping you from dining before you depart as well! For example, you could get some oysters as an appetizer at the Imperial Western Beer Company, right there in Union Station.
  14. trainman74

    New record for most online!

    True, we still had fewer users online than there are "Simpsons" characters.
  15. trainman74

    Amtrak article in Sundays paper

    Not so much as an Amtrak article as an article about online forums where Amtrak is discussed, such as On Track On Line and some other forum I forget the name of. Already being discussed in this thread: http://discuss.amtraktrains.com/index.php?/topic/73924-train-lovers-forge-lifelong-friendships-through-rail-travel/
  16. Oh, there are plenty of former train stations in North America that no longer have tracks next to them. This example is in North Hollywood, California. I have to admit, though, that I don't know of anything that fits the situation in the original post: a building, built to be a train station, that never had tracks laid to serve it.
  17. trainman74

    Amtrak in Allentown PA?

  18. trainman74

    Thanksgiving 2018 timetables

    "Sturtvant" on the front page? Or did you see something else?
  19. Looks like you had an awesome trip!
  20. trainman74

    Last printed system timetable

    I can report that there were plenty of up-to-date printed Pacific Surfliner timetables available at Van Nuys two weeks ago.
  21. trainman74

    Differences in Passenger Clientele by airport

    Many have observed the "miracle" that occurs on flights from Florida to New York, in which half the passengers need wheelchairs to get to the gate for departure -- but on arrival, they're in good enough shape to barge off the plane under their own power.
  22. I've actually been on a United Express flight on an aircraft that was in a SkyWest paint scheme -- apparently they have a few of those so they can swap them to any of their routes if needed for operational reasons.
  23. I assume at the Gathering, you will be riding the PATH subway -- just wait until you find out what the "PA" stands for. When I lived in Pittsburgh some 20 years ago, the Port Authority actually rebranded as "Port Authority Gold," but dropped that eight years later.
  24. trainman74

    A new way to wait for a train at LAX!

    Update: the brewpub will be called Imperial Western Beer Company, and, food-wise, will specialize in oysters. There will also be a cocktail bar space called The Streamliner. It's scheduled to open later this fall. Eater.com article Website (no content yet other than the Imperial Western logo)
  25. Bud is either short for Budweiser, a brewing company, or slang for marijuana. I'm sure BCL knew this (both parts), and was questioning the concept of "really good Budweiser."