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  1. trainman74

    Why do they call them "motors?"

    Los Angeles has a street called Motor Avenue, which Waze sometimes routes me on during my commute. I looked for info on the origin of the name, but didn't find anything definitive -- streetcars seems to be the obvious answer, and the Pacific Electric Railway's Palms Depot was located near the intersection of Motor and National Blvd., but the tracks ran along National. (The Expo Line is now on that right-of-way, and its modern-day Palms station is a bit further east, at National and Palms Blvd.)
  2. trainman74

    AGR numbers and kids

    Note that if you do decide to enroll him, it's against the terms of service to enroll people under 13 online, so you'll have to call the Guest Rewards phone number (1-800-307-5000) to do it.
  3. Unfortunately, I'm not very familiar with that area (it's about a 12-mile drive from where I live). I just took a peek at Yelp, and nothing is really jumping out at me.
  4. Another data point: I have only the Platinum version, and I did get bonus points.
  5. For the record, the Metropolitan Lounge in L.A. is the permanent lounge location.
  6. trainman74

    Toys For Tots Train Sees Hope

    Like this? This is the official design from the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
  7. Around what intersection on Roscoe? (Pretty much any bar, or restaurant with a TV, will have the Rose Bowl game on.)
  8. trainman74

    Los Angeles

    Here's a good list of L.A. breakfast places, although some of them don't have very good public transit options. The previously mentioned Original Pantry, and Russell's in Pasadena (which is near the Gold Line) are definitely transit-friendly -- if something else looks good to you, we can try to help you get there.
  9. The Budweiser brewery in Newark couldn't resist.
  10. More like this shape (this is the actual Sugar Loaf that gave its name to the station):
  11. I've had my checked luggage take an earlier flight than me on United several times (they even have an automated email when this happens, to tell you to go to the baggage service office). I think the key is that the passenger has no advance knowledge that the luggage is going to be sent early.
  12. Most jurisdictions do require escalators to be periodically inspected in the same manner as elevators, although few require an inspection certificate be posted on the escalator.
  13. If you don't end up going all the way to Catalina, there are other whale-watching options. I've been on one of this company's 2-hour whale-watching cruises, which are out of Newport Beach. We didn't see any whales, but there were other things to look at, particularly dolphins that followed the boat for quite a while.
  14. trainman74

    TE/SL: Which Direction?

    I love that first picture, with the Union Station platforms in the middle distance. It's just too bad you don't really get any of the downtown L.A. skyline from that angle.
  15. trainman74

    Fullerton Long Term Parking

    Long-term parking is on the top floor of the parking structure west of the train station (labeled as "SOCO Structure" on this official city of Fullerton map). You'll need to get a permit from the ticket agent at the station.