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  1. As opposed to their current POTUS. Both have a very strong base of support, and I'd expect the GND to receive consideration 10 years down the road especially as her generation (which actually favors this stuff, because they actually care about the future they'll be living in) becomes a larger portion of the electorate.
  2. My fear is that they'll finish the Central Valley, and never do the end pieces. In hindsight, it might have been a better idea to build Bakersfield to Los Angeles first. I would think it would certainly have more utility as a stand alone project as opposed to Bakersfield to Merced where rail service already exists.
  3. I fail to see how any of that diminishes the credibility of whoever advocates for it. I figured most here would support high speed rail.
  4. How about a source from a less obviously biased website?
  5. I had the chance to ride Select this past weekend, my first time in Select since they added the amenities. My experience was similar to Mr. Norman's, although the cold meats were not offered in the Select lounge. Maybe because I rode a midday train, as opposed to later in the day. There were a little over a dozen passengers in Select traveling from Miami to Fort Lauderdale, but after Fort Lauderdale all but myself and another passenger detrained while no one else boarded. I did try the "meat and cheese" box (pictured below). It was okay. I am not much of a cheese eater, but it was something to hold me over. I think they are available for purchase in Smart (a price is listed on the menu), but of course it is included with the Select ticket. Personally, since I really don't care much for alcohol I do not see much value in Select. The extra space was nice, but I'm not that anti-social.
  6. chrsjrcj

    3 to 14 no longer a guaranteed connection?

    That seems silly. Just looking at the past 7 days you would've made the connection 7 times out of 7, with most trips arriving 20 minutes early. There seems to be enough schedule padding just getting into LA, plus the two hour connection window. If this is the case (and I haven't checked Amtrak's website), then I hope no one is shocked when there is a ridership decline on both trains.
  7. Anderson- According to a post on FB, Brightline has a trainset with only 3 coaches instead of 4 due to an incident with an automobile.
  8. Brightline added a couple additional trains today. SB Departures now on the half hour, with an additional 6 am and 7 am southbound trip. NB Departures are now 40 minutes past the hour (I think it was 13 minutes past before), with an additional 5:10 pm northbound trip. Weekend schedules also added a 3rd trainset (possible now that the Polar Express is no longer running). This allows for some hourly service, mixed between mostly every other hour service. Still missing is the 12:30 pm SB trip (previously 1:00 pm) that turns to the 2:40 pm NB trip (previously 3:13 pm). I have seen Brightline trains deadhead to the yard around lunchtime, so I imagine there is an operational reason for this.
  9. How has Elon Musk managed to magically reduce the costs of tunnels? Sorry, but I believe he is a snake oil salesman (even though I love the electric car).
  10. Look forward to seeing these improvements roll out. Hopefully coach passengers can regain access to the dining car soon, or maybe an upgraded cafe car. I am booked on 51 in March, but pending reviews I might change to 29 (also pending how I feel about taking the points hit).
  11. There were a couple flights between this year and next that I booked where I seriously considered using MCO (because it was a nonstop flight, or not a redeye) but ultimately stuck with PBI, mainly because I didn't want to have to do the 2.5 hour drive plus pay for parking. Brightline will definitely be beneficial in this regard, especially when it comes to transcontinental and international flights (JetBlue and Amtrak do a fine job moving me up and down the Eastern seaboard).
  12. chrsjrcj

    New LD Locomotive Order Placed

    But no baggage car
  13. Someone asked Amtrak about it on Facebook a few days ago, and they confirmed. Sorry, I do not have the link. It was a comment in an unrelated post.
  14. Wow. Much higher than October, and it looks like Q4 will exceed Anderson’s estimates. I wonder if they include the Polar Express in the ridership numbers?
  15. Jackson is on 92 today (assumingly) deadheading.