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    Emeryville to SFO

    I can't get a Jetblue Mint seat out of Oakland, only SFO
  2. smee

    Emeryville to SFO

    I have no plans to go to SF. I just want to enjoy the train ride cross country, and plan on flying home the next day. From what I've read in this post I'll most likely go to Richmond and BART to SFO and grab a hotel shuttle and stay at that hotel for the night.
  3. smee

    Emeryville to SFO

    Thank you, I don't plan on checking any luggage as I'm going solo . Looking at the schedule for the CZ in Oct shows it arriving at Richmond around 4pm which here in NYC is basically rush hour.
  4. Hello all; I'm considering a trip cross country and then flying home and my biggest question about the trip is getting from the Emeryville station to SFO area for a hotel room and my flight back home. I'll be traveling solo, most likely with a carry-on sized bag or maybe one a tad larger. Does anyone know the approximate cost of a taxi/Uber, or is public transit easier and the way to go? While I'm at it, is early Oct. a good time to take the CZ? Thank you all for your help.
  5. smee

    Coast Starlight SB questions

    Thank you. I've only been to SF a couple of times and that was in late June, and I'm a regular LA traveler. The weather in the north is what my biggest concern is, I don't want to spend the day staring out a rain covered window if I can avoid it.
  6. I'm planning a trip that is mainly to take the Coast Starlight from SEA-LAX in mid May 2018. Is the weather reasonably good for this trip in mid May? I'm going to be in SEA for a few days (first time) ant hotel recommendations (moderate price) Does the train run "on time" this time of year? Any other sources I can check out to help answer any other questions that I may have before the trip? Thank you all for your help.
  7. smee

    Day trip to DC

    Thank you so much for the step by step directions. I'll have to put this on my phone so I can blend in with everyone else who is texting while walking. ;-)
  8. Thank you for this post as I think I may do a Cardinal/SWC trip to LA next April.
  9. smee

    Day trip to DC

    Being from NYC, I basically grew up in NYP and have seen it change over the years and know it like the back of my hand.
  10. I'm doing NYP-WAS for $98 RT that same day. That's for a reserved coach seat.
  11. smee

    Day trip to DC

    I have a day trip coming up from NYC to DC taking the 153 and 158 with a reserved coach seat. I've never been to Union station in DC and will be catching the Metro to the ballpark for a game. I have about 2 hrs. scheduled between arrival and game time and I figure about 2 hrs on the other end also. I do have a few questions about this trip and I hope you kind people can answer them for me. I assume a reserved coach seat is like a regular commuter type seat. Am I correct? How far is it from the Amtrak gates to the Metro entrances? Any suggestions on places to grab something to eat before heading back to NY, and where I can get some munchies/drinks for the ride home? I can't think of any other's right now. I will be traveling light since I'm just going down for the ballgame and at the same time doing a little scouting for future trips.
  12. Should be a nice scenic ride once the leaves start to change.
  13. Get the car. It's a nice drive, you're on your own pace. It may be a 4 hr. drive but I actually enjoy going through the desert and up and over the mountains.
  14. Well I watched the movie Transsiberian and decided to do a search and see what the cost would be to do a one way trip on the famed Tran Siberian Railway. I was somewhat surprised that you could conceivably go from London, England to Beijing, China by rail in about 10 days. I was also surprised that there are different routes to Beijing. The route I was looking at would go like this; London-Brussels-Cologne-Moscow-Beijing (via Mongolia). Airfare and hotels along with rail fare for a "private" room on the Trans Siberian I figure would run in the vicinity of 5-6 thousand dollars. I have to do some more research on this and it may be something to add to my bucket list. If anyone here has done any part of this trip I would appreciate any info/tips you may have. For those that may be interested here is the link that got me started http://www.seat61.co...tm#.UEN1NUROxgc
  15. Well I choose my vacation for 2013 in Oct. and I guess I'll let the baseball schedule decide. Fly into LA/Seattle and fly home from the other.