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  1. Warm and positive thoughts for you, Betty!
  2. oregon pioneer

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    Thanks so much for your trip report! It brings back fond memories of my trip from Stockhom to Narvik in 1983. I chose to take the inland route to the north. The train was a little double-ended diesel job with hard, upright seats, that rocketed noisily along through seemingly unending pine forests. I stopped in Leksand, Ostersund, and Abisko (where I participated in their midsummer eve festivities and walked along the Kingsleden trail). Definitely want to go back, on a more comfortable train next time, LOL.
  3. oregon pioneer

    India trip report now updated

    Thanks so much for your stories and photos of India! I just love traveling along with you!
  4. oregon pioneer

    Boston South Station

    Wow, they had big walls in the upstairs part before, and they are just gone! They were office-divider type stuff, with TVs and small seating areas. The walls were dark, the whole upstairs seemed dark and divided and narrow and cut-off. This is MUCH better.
  5. I would love to see the clothes being worn, but I understand that sometimes you want to do it a different way. Laid out ready for the evening sounds charming as well. And I would not guess that internet access was available on board at any price! I seriously doubt that I will ever go cruising (my list of things to do is much more active, and my budget barely stretches to land-cruising on Amtrak), but you are right, you never know what the next years or decades might bring.
  6. This all sounds like a wonderful trip, that you will remember forever! I love everyone's suggestions. I remember fondly going to the Radio City Music Hall as a child, with my grandparents who lived in NYC. On our last trip together, Hubby and I changed trains in LA on Christmas Day, from the Sunset Ltd to the Coast Starlight. They don't officially do anything special on the train any more, but you can always hope for a good attendant or dining car crew to make things nice and festive. It is definitely fun to coast through snowy towns with Christmas lights. I hope you can post some photos of the cruise. I have always sort of wanted to do one, but probably never will, so I would love a vicarious experience. I especially want some photos of the borrowed and recycled finery that you dine in! Happy cruising...
  7. Oh, that's lovely! It was full of scaffolding and plastic draping when I went through last winter. Can't wait to see it on my next trip, whenever that may be!
  8. I have had personal experience with seats on regionals (in my case, two BC seats on the Lincoln Service) opening up at the last minute. I think people book the train they want to make, and change it when they realize they are running late. There's no penalty for switching your ticket to a later train, as long as you do it before the train you were book on is scheduled to leave your boarding station.
  9. oregon pioneer

    Bend, Oregon?

    Sorry no one has answered your question yet. The new setup on the website makes it difficult to spot newly-started questions/topics, if they didn't get an answer right away. Nope nothing to do in Chemult -- there is a Ranger District office for the Deschutes National Forest, a truck stop, and the Amtrak station. Best to head for Bend, as the shuttle is only waiting for the train to arrive, and the next one is +/- 12 hours. You might find the Cascades East Transit website to be handy. Weekend service is pretty limited, but you can get around easily on weekdays. I see they have a shuttle to Mt. Bachelor as well, if you ski (downhill, cross-county, or just to go and see the mountains). Bend is famous for the number of microbreweries in town. If you like beer, it's heaven. Lots of tours. The Old Mill District is a shopping, dining and arts center with several outdoor stores, including REI Coop. Simply Mac has been very helpful to us for our Apple devices. Frequent concerts in summer at the Les Schwab Amphitheater. If it's winter you're talking about, McMenamins has live music, movies etc (warning: the schedule is for all their locations, so use the drop-down "filter by location" to choose "Old St. Francis School"). There is also shopping and dining in the old downtown, on Wall and Bond Street (some really nice junkue/antique stores on Bond and cross-streets), and across the Deschutes River (nice walk through Drake Park). Make sure while you are there, that you walk up Pilot Butte and check out the views. I don't live in Bend, but it's the nearest "real" city to where I live, so I go there at least a couple of times per year. Feel free to ask more questions, and if I don't have the answer, I'll ask friends who do live there.
  10. oregon pioneer

    Which Direction? (traveling on western trains)

    That's Mt. Shasta from the Coast Starlight, right? I didn't think the Zephyr got that far north.Correct. Shasta is well north and out of the way of the Zephyr's route.Oregon pioneer is talking about the Westbound Zephyr to Sacramento, and referencing riding the Northbound Starlight in order to see Mt. Shasta in the morning and the Cascades in Oregon in daylight. Gotcha. But it probably wouldn't matter to me as I'd be getting downj to LA somehow to start the CS from the beginning. After all, that's supposed to be the best part of the "coastal" part of it. All above are correct. And yes, you want to do the whole route from LAX if you can! Running right beside the surf in midday, over the Coast Range and through the Bay area in the evening, then past Mt. Shasta and across the Oregon Cascades next day is quite wonderful. And I agree with those who say that it's better to change in Portland and go up the Columbia Gorge, than over the Washington Cascades. But I didn't want to sound like too much of an Oregon chauvinist, LOL!!
  11. Betty, you've been my friend in posts and messages -- I know you deserve the best, as in complete recovery. Life isn't always fair, but I sure hope it is this time. I'll be thinking of you, and wishing the best for you.
  12. oregon pioneer

    Which Direction? (traveling on western trains)

    If you are doing a loop CZ/CS/EB, I say definitely do it in a clockwise direction. You'll get the Rockies and Sierras in the daytime, Mt. Shasta first thing in the morning followed by the Oregon Cascades in the middle of the day, and the Rockies in daylight (for both Shasta and the Rockies, it pays to be up early). The two drawbacks to this itinerary are that you have to change trains in Sacramento late at night, and you miss most of the Washington Cascades in darkness. If you go midsummer, you get more of the Washington Cascades in daylight. I also like the California Zephyr in the eastbound direction, as I like coming down into Denver with all the lights spread out below. But if I were only doing it once, I'd do westbound. I've taken the SW Chief both directions, and really don't have a favorite direction. I especially like the stretch from Albuquerque to Raton Pass.
  13. I always have a hard time sleeping on the first night of a train trip. After that, and on the return (even if it's a month later), I seem to have muscle memory and my body just settles right into sleep.
  14. Welcome! I am really looking forward to your travelogue!
  15. oregon pioneer

    Roomette info (when boarding at 2am)?

    Be sure and check in the evening, to see what time your train is expected in to Sandpoint. By that time, it should be well underway, and any early delays would show up. Go to amtrak.com and click "train status" or call 800-USA-RAIL and ask for "status." You may also be set up to receive notifications on your cell phone about a late train. I stood on a platform in the Columbia Gorge last winter and got the first of a series of texts letting me know my train would be late, with specifics about expected arrival. I can't remember if I opted in, or if all they needed was my cell phone number. It was certainly more comfortable waiting in the car than on the platform! Here are a couple of excellent maps to keep you amused and track your train while waiting: https://asm.transitdocs.com/map http://dixielandsoftware.net/cgi-bin/getmap.pl?mapname=West