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  1. Jamie, you said "one last cup of tea." I am a tea drinker, too, and it's always a puzzle how to get tea other than at meals, when I am in a roomette. Do you pay for it in the cafe? Ask for hot water in the diner? Or bring along a hot pot (or coil heater) and make your own? I have done the first two, but not the third. Once, and only once, my SCA brought an electric teakettle and left it available (with many snacks and magazines) in his roomette #1. That was the wonderful Charles, on the Empire Builder. I wonder if he is still with Amtrak? Every other time, I have had to scheme and put up with the waste of styrofoam cups, even though I always have my own travel mug with me. I usually bring my own teabags, as well.
  2. oregon pioneer

    What happened with Train 7/27?

    Amtrak.com "Track Train", using departure station PDX or SEA, train #28/8, and the departure date 2/9.
  3. oregon pioneer

    What happened with Train 7/27?

    I expected they might just cancel yesterday afternoon's 8/28, given that passenger loads are usually light this time of year. But no, the OP guessed correctly. #28 departed PDX at 4:20am, and #8 departed SEA at 6:53am. They are not showing on the status maps, nor listed as a service disruption. Trains 7/27 arriving today are running about 4 hours late, and the following day on time (so far). So I guess they wanted that consist and crew to go back in proper order, another good call IMO. Glad I wasn't waiting at WIH for *that* one!
  4. I haven't seen it either, but now I am intrigued... I am still having so much fun following along with you... thank you for getting back to us. And I am so glad that you and especially Rosie are not worse for the wear.
  5. oregon pioneer

    Can't book yet for December 12th

    Well, I called back a couple days later and had no problems. I booked the outbound trip as a separate res, just in case. No need to have the two reservations tied together anyway. But when it came to the return trip, it was booked without a hitch. I booked by calling Guest Rewards, because I wanted to choose my roomette numbers (not fond of #2, and I know that some others may have reasons to want it!). The agent was able to give me everything I wanted, and all at low bucket, too!
  6. By my reckoning, a December 12-14 trip would be less than 11 months out now. It shows on Amsnag. and the Amtrak site allows me to choose route options. So, this evening, I tried to book a trip from MSP to WIH on the amtrak.com website, using points. Got all the way to the last screen, and THEN it said there was an issue with availability. So I called, and talked to Rodney at AGR. He was very nice, and after a while he came back and said "there's no manifest for the train on the 12th, yet. I can't choose a room for you. Try again in a week and see if it works then." Has anyone else run into this? Do you think this has anything to do with the shutdown (even though they claimed it would not affect Amtrak)?
  7. Same here, saw your other thread and it sounds hopeful...
  8. oregon pioneer

    California Zephyr advice

    I would add a few things to the above (which I mostly agree with). While in the Denver area, you may prefer staying in the town of Boulder to staying in Denver itself. It is a "green" university town, so lots of parks, bike trails, wildlife close-to-town, young people and plenty of healthy food available. Check out the reports on tripadvisor.com, and maybe someone else with more intimate knowledge of the area will chime in. I'd disagree with the idea that there isn't much to do in Salt lake City (SLC) unless you are Mormon. First, Mormon history is very interesting -- they came from all over Europe to join the migration and it's not your typical American history. Second, the mountains around Salt Lake are a mecca for outdoors adventure lovers. SLC has a very good public transit system, and you can take bus and light rail to many recreation areas. The food is pretty decent too, as long as you stick with the most urban (especially close to the University) or tourist destinations. Be sure and read the reviews before you go to the restaurants, and you'll find what you need.
  9. It's a pretty interesting time to be alive, all right. I am sure you are doing what you can to lower your "carbon footprint," as I know I am. I would like to live long enough to see how it turns out, but I don't expect it to be enjoyable.
  10. Love your report and photos. I am transported!
  11. oregon pioneer

    Roomette for Partial Trip

    I have done that in reverse (roomette to coach), and the conductor did request that I get off the train and walk down outside with my carry-on luggage. Yes, it was two tickets and they were able to link the reservations so that everyone knew I would be already on the train and merely changing accommodations.
  12. I know this will be a memorable trip! I really look forward to hearing how the Baja part turns out (especially). Yes, the east bound Cardinal will get views of the New River Gorge in daylight. I took it in November, and was in coach from CIN. I was awake and got good views at first light and we weren't even to the gorge, yet! It is nice to do it in winter, when the leaves are off the trees. If you are lucky, you will even have snow!
  13. Warm and positive thoughts for you, Betty!
  14. oregon pioneer

    Sweden: Gothenburg - Umeå by SJ night train 92

    Thanks so much for your trip report! It brings back fond memories of my trip from Stockhom to Narvik in 1983. I chose to take the inland route to the north. The train was a little double-ended diesel job with hard, upright seats, that rocketed noisily along through seemingly unending pine forests. I stopped in Leksand, Ostersund, and Abisko (where I participated in their midsummer eve festivities and walked along the Kingsleden trail). Definitely want to go back, on a more comfortable train next time, LOL.
  15. oregon pioneer

    India trip report now updated

    Thanks so much for your stories and photos of India! I just love traveling along with you!