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  1. I am definitely not a lawyer, but it seems as though that should be a fairly easy question to sort out. Either diverting those funds to non-highway maintenance is specifically prohibited by PA law, or it's not. The plaintiffs must surely have a reason to think they are correct, otherwise they would not spend the legal fees on the case. The fact that SEPTA is "taking it seriously" is another key indicator here. That said, it would also seem to be a relatively simple fix, legally speaking. PA lawmakers could simply change the law, right? Whether the political will is there is a different question, of course.
  2. fairviewroad

    Service Alerts for weekend storm (1/19-20)

    Empire Service trains aren't given individual names. The Maple Leaf and Adirondack trains are. Therefore, if I was ticketed on the Maple Leaf or Adirondack, I would have scanned the Service Alert and looked for mentions of The Maple Leaf or Adirondack. After all, other named trains (Lake Shore Limited, Cardinal, Capitol Limited) are given standalone mentions in the Service Alert. I would have no reason to look at the specific train numbers mentioned in the line called "Empire Service" since my train is not referred to as an Empire Service train. Thus, in my opinion, the Service Alert falls short of adequately informing passengers on The Maple Leaf or Adirondack that their train is affected. It would better if Amtrak had simply listed each affected train as its own bullet point, because then people would, as you say, cross reference the list against the train number on their own ticket.
  3. fairviewroad

    14 is all kinds of late today (1/17/19)

    Ha ha, exactly. Although in this case, it appears the only people with extra train time were those who boarded in LAX, as the train has actually managed to maintain its schedule since departing Van Nuys (at least through Klamath Falls). So everyone else up the line got to spend their extra time twiddling their thumbs waiting for the train to show up 6 1/2 hours late.
  4. fairviewroad

    14 is all kinds of late today (1/17/19)

    Cue the folks who will warble about how this means the lucky folks on the train will get to see the SAC-KFS stretch in daylight. Of course, the folks who expected to see the coast in the daytime were disappointed...the folks who hoped to see the Cascades mountain crossing in Oregon will be disappointed...and the folks who expected to arrive within a reasonable amount of time will be disappointed.
  5. fairviewroad

    Chicago-Rockford Service On Hold

    Ah, but here's a more relevant quote from the Amtrak flack: There doesn't seem to be anything new here. The Chicago-based Amtrak flack drove about 90 minutes out to Rockford for a meeting of rail advocates, told them what they wanted to hear, and promptly drove back to Chicago. Someone else will have to do the actual work of putting together a viable funding package. Yawn.
  6. fairviewroad

    Will Gov Shutdown bring more riders to Amtrak?

    I assume you mean "TSA agents." The only airline that used "TNA agents" was the short-lived Hooters Air.
  7. fairviewroad

    Decline in transit ridership

    Someone in town for a convention will likely prefer Uber since they are already familiar with the platform, and don't have to "figure it out" or buy a special card for a one-time trip, or download a local transit provider's app, etc. But convention-goers and tourists must account for a relative small percentage of overall transit trips. I'm guessing that many former transit users have simply turned to private automobiles, with the decline in fuel prices and the overall good state of the economy making vehicle ownership within reach of more people. (NYC being the exception, where I'm guessing many car-free folks use Uber for local errands that otherwise would have required two subways, or a subway+bus...but NYC is really a different beast altogether)
  8. fairviewroad

    Underage Passenger Joining En Route

    In theory, either of your proposed methods should work, since your relative can travel with you with no restrictions (once on the train). But in a way, you are asking the forum to anticipate what specific Amtrak employees who are working on that train or at the station that night will say. None of us can offer more than a guess. Personally, I'd lean towards the Raleigh option since there is a scheduled dwell time of about 10 minutes, which should give you enough time to get off the train and find your relative in the station, should he be unable to get to the platform. But I wouldn't bet the house on it. Above all, make sure you have ID with you showing your age.
  9. fairviewroad

    Joyride to Philly

    The seniors fares are subsidized for by the PA Lottery. I can't tell whether the Lottery pays for the entire fare or just a portion. If the former, then it is in SEPTA's best interest to encourage as many seniors to ride as possible. Either way, more senior riders = more Lottery dollars for SEPTA. Some of those folks coming into town on Regional Rail will transfer to rapid transit or bus lines, which racks up another Lottery-subsidized fare, etc.
  10. fairviewroad

    Solari Board at PHL

    It's becoming the Mark Twain of railroad station infrastructure.
  11. fairviewroad

    Boston - New York overnight ferry

    Not to mention the fact that you have existing gambling opportunities just to the north and south of NYC, easily accessible by land transport. Makes the idea of being captive on a boat for 13 hours a bit less appealing. Of course, cruises are a "thing" and this could work as a seasonal operation, but gambling or not, it would have to be about 99% cruise and 1% transportation, IMO.
  12. fairviewroad

    Boston - New York overnight ferry

    And it would be of questionable value for sightseeing, with much of the trip taking place at night. Another niche idea would be a sleeper train that runs BOS-NYP but that could be occupied until, say 7:00 a.m. at the destination. But the idea of having a train occupy a platform during the morning rush at BOS or NYP is probably DOA, not to mention finding the equipment, etc.
  13. fairviewroad

    TEXRail Opens

    Well, it's certainly true that no one has paid for a ride on TEXRail yet....
  14. No transfer needed. I've walked from Union Station to/from the Old Town/Chinatown station on the Blue Line many times. It's about a 10 minute walk, and considering the OP will be on a bike, this would be an easy jaunt. I wouldn't worry about one-way streets or whatever. Just go around the block if needed, or ride on the sidewalk like everybody else in Portland does. You'll be there in a jiffy.