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  1. AKA

    Andrea Doria

    I remember this disaster. However I was a teenager so my memory has faded. I will follow this post with interest.
  2. I saw the Capital Lt. going thtu Cleveland west bound at about 9: 30 AM.
  3. Positive thoughts and wishes.
  4. AKA

    Grand Canyon?

    Can anyone comment on the Holiday Inn attitude toward pax. using thier lobby as a " Amtrak waiting room. "
  5. AKA


    welcome aboard
  6. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    All is good. 20,000 + 10,000 posted today. Its like Railroad Bill said. Much ado about nothing. I should have known. Right and left hands not knowing each other. It was of concern to me because both BOA and AGR said the same thing.
  7. AKA

    Visitor to Member

    Welcome aboard
  8. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    Thanks PRR 60 I understand.
  9. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    The more I think about this , it looks to me like both agents just did not care to do the homework. Like I said wait and see. My wife tells me I have others things to do. Like the honey do list. Over and out
  10. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    Wait and see I guess. Almost at the $ 1000 spend now.
  11. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    It says 20,000 with a line thru it, saying it was 20,000 but now it is 30,000! It never said 20,000 to 30,000. You are right. I need a bigger screen. You are the man
  12. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    Ad now says 20,000 - 30,000 bonus points. Just went to AGR site at 9:30 pm. Any ideas ! Perhaps your credit report, income ect. ?
  13. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    I ask botth ladies to go to the AGR web site and see with thier own eyes. I told them that it was a promotion on two web sites. I ask how they could not know about it. Its therein black and white. All to no avail.
  14. Got a welcome call from BOA today. Thanks for getting and using your AGR BOA credit card. Bla bla bla. Then the young lady talks about my 20,000 bonus points. I say you mean my 30,000 bonus points. No 20,000. No 30,000 I say. She will not confirm 30,000 bonus points. No way no how. I see no wat out. I call BOA later, I talk to a new young lady. Same story. I call AGR. I am told that this is a BOA promotion. Anyone get the 30,000 bonus points yet ? This was a limited time offer. Did I miss something on the timing on the offer ? I got the card about two weeks ago.