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  1. Never leave home without them.
  2. The fact that I like Dinty Moore stew has nothing to do with Amtrak.
  3. Thanks for all the answers. I did this once on a superliner in the winter on the CZ. Got a great pix. All this was with the help of the SCA. He got a nice tip.
  4. How far out of the window would you have to get ? How much clearance is there between trains ? If in fact she was hit by another train.
  5. AKA

    India trip report now updated

    When I was in the U S NAVY, we had a word for doing a good job. OUTSTANDING !!! Thanks for another great report.
  6. AKA

    Whitefish to Portland

    Great report. Thanks
  7. AKA

    Andrea Doria

    I remember this disaster. However I was a teenager so my memory has faded. I will follow this post with interest.
  8. I saw the Capital Lt. going thtu Cleveland west bound at about 9: 30 AM.
  9. AKA

    Grand Canyon?

    Can anyone comment on the Holiday Inn attitude toward pax. using thier lobby as a " Amtrak waiting room. "
  10. AKA


    welcome aboard
  11. AKA

    30,000 points problem ?

    All is good. 20,000 + 10,000 posted today. Its like Railroad Bill said. Much ado about nothing. I should have known. Right and left hands not knowing each other. It was of concern to me because both BOA and AGR said the same thing.