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  1. Relying on Streamliner Schedules I believe the SP Cascade Portland-San Francisco was all sleepers and the Lark had chair cars, or coaches. Of course, this may have varied from year to year.
  2. SP&S

    Zephyr to Reno

    When in Reno I visit my money at the Eldorado and am always satisfied with the accommodations. It's a very short, safe, walk from the Amtrak station. Havn't stayed at Harrah's in ages - interestingly, unless it's changed, they have a 13th floor, Bill Harrah considered it lucky.
  3. SP&S

    AGR Taxable Income Question

    Ssssh! Don't give 'em any ideas.
  4. SP&S

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    But then everybody would know how late the train is running.
  5. SP&S

    Amtrak Announcements

    I don't see anything condescending about either one of those announcements. Seriously, the admonition to not leave the platform, well people do go into a station and get left behind. And the stuff about not leaving things behind, again people do that all the time. I know that in many hotels, if you forget to pack a phone charger, just ask at the front desk - they probably have a drawer full of left behind chargers. Now I've had some lounge car attendants that seemed like they'd never shut up
  6. Bingo! You got it.!
  7. SP&S

    New Menus on #8

    I remember the two crabcake dinner from some (yeah maybe 5 or 6) years ago. Presuming you like crab, it was the best thing on the dinner menu, really good cakes prepared well. One time on the CS, there was an off the menu breakfast special that was close to an eggs benedict but with one of the crabcakes. Yum! Hopefully these are better than the crab and shrimp and whatever cakes they've had for a while.
  8. SP&S

    New Menus on #8

    This is so much better than what I expected. Just the fact that they went to the trouble of designing new menus (and attractive ones at that) bodes well for the future.
  9. The western transcons sure look lonely.
  10. SP&S

    Coach passengers allowed in Sleeper?

    Some years ago Mrs SP&S and I were on the CS from LAX to PDX. This is before I'd ever heard of open sleeper tickets. My daughter got on the train in EUG and the conductor and SCA were gracious enough to let her travel up the valley in our bedroom. We asked before we got to Eugene and were extra respectful and were ready to be told no but they let it happen. No meals were available while she was on so that wasn't a problem. As usual with Amtrak, YMMV. And, to be sure, the SCA got an extra nice tip too. Do the open ticket if you can.
  11. I've only had one trip where there were odor problems. It was not confined to any one room, the whole car stunk. I was told that the external air intake for the AC was sucking in vented gasses from the toilet system. The SCA was spraying Febreze in the corridor and appeared to be trying to have maintenance performed during crew change stops. He got a tip and a nice letter to management. I ended up getting a nice voucher. So in my experience, when the car stinks the whole car stinks. I do prefer bedroom E myself.
  12. I've seen bad reporting before, but this is BAD. Condolences to all involved in the incident.
  13. SP&S

    Help me understand railway signals

    Conductor: load shotgun and fire, love it.
  14. If you pay at the end, it's a tip; if you pay at the start it's a bribe with no assurance you'll get anything for it.
  15. SP&S

    Amtrak Coach Safety Concern

    One thing pickpockets like is a crowd into which they can disappear and quickly hand the wallet off to an accomplice. That's not easily found in a train. Now on a crowded platform that's a whole 'nother subject.