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  1. The Journalist

    2019 CA Zephyr Snow/Weather Delays

    I-80 over Donner has been sporadically closed for the last few days (it's currently open only to cars) and there's been constant rain and occasional snow in Reno.
  2. The Journalist

    San Francisco Amtrak Connections For Cruising

    The E and F are rail lines run with antique streetcars, not buses, and they tend to be quite crowded. The stop at the cruise terminal is in the median of the Embarcadero. Carrying luggage on is certainly doable but not particularly pleasant-the streetcars are high-floored and have stairs. It is likely to be faster to walk than take the E/F between the P39 Thruway stop and the cruise terminal-it's about half a mile, and to get to the streetcar you'd have to backtrack a block, cross the street, and then cross back at the cruise terminal stop.
  3. The Journalist

    Wikipedia for Texas Eagle error?

    Indeed, hence my fairly low-effort attempt to clarify it. One of the most "amusing" pages on wikipedia is "List of lamest edit wars."
  4. The Journalist

    Wikipedia for Texas Eagle error?

    Aaaaand someone removed the edit. Oh well.
  5. The Journalist

    Wikipedia for Texas Eagle error?

    The "discontinued" notation refers to the Houston branch-the lighter shaded line. The Heartland Flyer notation is referring to the same-colored line leaving the route to the left. Edit: Ideally the "discontinued" line should be above the "Heartland Flyer" line since that's what the diagram shows. I'm not sure how to do this and don't want to mess up the diagram, but I did make a small edit: adding "Houston Branch" to the "discontinued" note.
  6. The Journalist

    AMTRAK locomotive livery

    I wonder if it was on purpose that both of the powered locos were number 42.
  7. The Journalist

    Delta Airlines - Are They REALLY Better?

    Delta seems the most "put together" of the major airlines-they apparently have the lowest delay rate (in spite of having the oldest fleet-go figure), their app is better than anyone else's, and their overbook strategy is nice-they have you "bid" on being bumped at checkin if they think there's a chance of the flight being overbooked rather than waiting for the gate. In practice, most of my air travel is on Southwest as something like half of the flights out of my airport are by them. JetBlue is probably the best domestic airline I've flown on-more legroom!-but they don't go many places on west coast. They amusingly fly out of my airport's gate B6, which the airport confirmed on Twitter was intentional.
  8. The Journalist

    Greyhound through ticketing

    Greyhound stopped running buses Reno-SLC a bit ago. My understanding is also that Greyhound plans in the medium term to abandon their station in Reno and move into currently unused space in the downtown transit center, which is right across the street from Amtrak.
  9. The Journalist

    Hotels near NYP

    I just stayed at the New Yorker, a block north of Penn on 8th Ave, and found it quite nice-I would say it occupies a nice middle ground between "comfortable but aggressively mundane business hotel" and "historic building full of, uh, 'character.'" It's a Wyndham property, apparently newly so. It looks like it's usually in the middle to high 100s costwise, which doesn't seem bad at all for the location. My windows didn't open, but they were huge and I was on the 40th floor, so I have no objection to that. They have a small exhibit in the basement about the property's history, which was worth stopping into since I was there anyway. There's a subway entrance directly outside the door that allows one to avoid the main Penn maze if getting onto the 8th Ave (A/C/E) line. I've stayed at Hotel Pennsylvania in the past, but I couldn't say when. It must not have been too bad if I don't recall it one way or the other.
  10. https://www.fairfield.ca.gov/gov/depts/pw/fairfield_vacaville_train_station_and_peabody_road_improvements.asp City of Fairfield website says that it'll start being used in October.
  11. The Journalist

    am I the only one bothered by pajamas in dining car?

    I'd absolutely wear pajamas in the diner at breakfast. Other meals, probably not, but if someone else was, at most I might give them a vague glance, go "huh," and move on. Reading some of the responses of this thread, I've probably irritated some people with my air and train travel ensembles, which tend to include sweatpants and easily removed shoes.
  12. The Journalist

    Fun Facts about Amtrak’s Network

    Same for 'shortest' distance. Boston South Station and Back Bay, I would think. Offshoot: Shortest distance one can actually buy tickets between. Possibly Berkeley and Emeryville?
  13. The Journalist

    This is too funny! Guy goes to wrong Las Vegas.

    Last year I had occasion to fly into Sydney, Montana-an airport served exclusively by 9-seat Cessna 402c's-and wondered if anyone had ever booked a flight to there instead of to Sydney, Australia. On top of the same name, the airport codes for these places are SYD and SDY. Hopefully, being told to change planes in Billings on this trip would tip off most people, but...
  14. The Journalist

    Staffed stations with early morning hours

    Salt Lake City is open 10 PM-5:15 AM, more or less the opposite of a "normal" work shift.
  15. The Journalist

    American Airlines / US Airways merger

    This may be dead horse by now, but I really wish they were using this livery instead of the new American one. Ah well.