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  1. Amtrakfflyer

    The Training of Amtrak's Dining Car Chefs

    I’d go with Rich’s although I think mail is still being forwarded from other. They did reply to me quick and I was very happy with outcome . Got $325 refunded back to cc off a $1300 ticket. I was expecting a voucher if anything. The return trip from Lax to Chi with my wife and 11 month old I posted about over Christmas. We were in the H room on the SS/TE apparently they didn’t dump the restrooms in SA and the third day our room stank horribly. I mean bad it came and went in 30 min increments. Being the longest route in the Amtrak system if the restrooms aren’t dumped in SA they should be! Being in the H room next to the restrooms didn’t help either. Also on way out our checked bag wasn’t offloaded in Fullerton on the SWC . It went on to LAX they found it and it was in Fullerton ready for pick up 5 hours later. (Off topic but I’m sure someone would ask)
  2. Amtrakfflyer

    The Training of Amtrak's Dining Car Chefs

    Richard.anderson@amtrak.com He or someone else posing as him has wrote me back as well. I think a lot of us got the form letter concerning the parlor cars way back when. Yes maybe we should keep bombarding him with emails but I think it’s a moot point. Congress and the board are the ones who need to hear from us.
  3. Amtrakfflyer

    The Training of Amtrak's Dining Car Chefs

    Amtrak Customer Relations 50 Massachusetts Ave NE Washington, DC 20002 My issue and photos I mailed them last month was responded and addressed within 10 days (I did send it certified though). You can also send the Amtrak Board and chairman Anthony Coscia feedback to the same address. Just put his name instead of Amtrak Relations.
  4. Amtrak’s current management doesn't speak and if they do it should be taken with a huge grain of salt.
  5. Amtrakfflyer

    Current Leadership Letter

    Your going to get nailed for that on here. Your right though look no further than every one of Trumps board nominations. Heritage, Cato, as anti Amtrak as they get. Mick Mulveney, Elaine Chao and the Trump Administration gave us Anderson and the anti national network agenda. That all can’t be denied. (Moorman was irrelevant as soon as he announced he was leaving so I’m leaving him out of this). To be fair though overall Republicans minus the group mentioned above have been more open to Amtrak funding then anytime in the past. The bi partisan SWC delegation. The 94-6 Senate vote, all bode well for Amtrak if the cancer from within can be extracted. I am interested to see how the GOP votes now that we have a divided goverment again. Will there still be bipartisan bills or will it go back to how it was under Obama with the scorthed earth obstruction to anything and everything? Hoping for the best.
  6. Call or write customer relations. I’d imagine you’ll get at least half the fare back as a voucher. I’d mention how much you had to spend on United out of pocket for them to bail you (Amtrak) out.
  7. I wrote the Board again last week asking that same question or more specifically has the order been cancelled. CC’D same letter to my reps in Congress.
  8. If think they would have to be for any cost savings, storage etc. Its not like the Ocean where a caterer is preparing them. Good question for the LSA if anyone is riding the train.
  9. Results may vary but can we agree it’s some commercial brand of frozen food, “similar” to what can be found in the frozen section of the grocery store. It may or may not be an upgrade. Time will tell.
  10. You may be right and I shouldn’t compare since I haven’t tried the menu yet. I’ve had some great short ribs and lamb shanks on Amtrak in the past neither of which was “cooked” onboard. I’m skeptical in general but all three of the hot entrees line up almost word for word with a healthy choice entree. I know I’ve said it before but it’s pretty blatant.
  11. Too bad they didn’t keep the short ribs. Health concerns aside it looked better then current offerings.
  12. Amtrakfflyer

    Food Facts Update

    The Parlor car menu should be the new contemporary menu. Still pre made but it was good! And almost no labor involved just 1.5 hard working individuals. (Parlor car attendant with very limited behind the scenes help from diner)
  13. Amtrakfflyer

    Cheapest per mile long distance rail ride

    Without looking up anything this morning. Historically the Empire Builder low bucket roommette is inexpensive CHi to SEA or PDX. Also the Texas Eagle matches the SWC low bucket fare LAX to CHI and it’s an entire 24 hours longer. That might be it just due to length but as previously mentioned take scenery into consideration. I love the SSL desert part but the actual TE is blah.
  14. Amtrakfflyer

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    Free advertising in what is for the most part dead space now. A win win for both companies. Amtrak saves printing costs and gains leisure passenger $$ through bookings with Amtrak Vacations.
  15. Doesn’t look like it, except kids under 12 eat free. Prices are very reasonable though.