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  1. Amtrakfflyer

    chicago Christmas day

    Lincoln park zoo is great open 365 days a year. We did it last winter even on a 30 degree day there’s stuff to see. Its about a $7-10 dollar Uber but as mentioned admission is free. Willis/Sears Tower is open and it’s across the street from Amtrak. It all depends on the weather. Hopefully you’ll have an idea a couple days before on the forecast and can plan according. If weathers crap and trains on time I’d look into getting a day room. Hotels and Airbnb’s will be dead on/around Christmas. Inn of Chicago and Holiday inn are within walking distance. This guy on Airbnb has 4-5 units a couple blocks from station. Fairly inexpensive for a good days rest/shelter. With a phone call your non standard hours should easily be able to be worked out with any innkeeper.
  2. Amtrakfflyer

    Pacific parlor car

    I was just watching some videos on my phone of our Parlour car trips last year. I probably rode on Parlour car trains 50 times, almost from the beginning. This in its heyday was the best of the best of Amtrak in my opinion. Packed with people buying 2-3 bottles of wine. We don’t know who bought the five cars yet. My question for those of you familiar with private rail car charters. How feasible would it be for the new owner to occasionally run one of them on the back of the Coast Starlight or any train for that matter. The Vino trains run regularly Lax to Sba. The Parlour cars are already up to Amtrak specs pending any scheduled checks. One big advantage I see is the high level consist and access to the rest of the train. If it ran the whole route people could go back to their sleepers or seats at night. Or just Lax to SBP on a Surfliner? The car would have a built in audience from the get go. Once a week, twice a month? Is it feasible, how much would have to be charged per guest? Lax to SBP? LAX to SEA? Ok so I looked at the Vino train website to see what it charges I thought it was around $200. The site says Amtrak won’t carry private cars lax to sba? Those are two endpoints? I thought that was the determining factor? So apparently my Parlour car idea under Anderson isn’t feasible...I still think it could work, if allowed. Another side note the Surfliners are paid for by California. Is CA cool with Anderson turning away revenue..
  3. Amtrakfflyer

    Roomette 'flash sale' Ends December 11

    Not a huge discount it’s more linguistics. A savings none the less. The first person pays for the whole roomette and their rail fare. The second person gets free rail fare.
  4. Amtrakfflyer

    National Menu Changes?

    Talking about Auto train I just looked up the menu. The coach dinner menu looks better to me then the “first class sleeper menu” (yes it’s still called first class). I’d rather have the coach menu as the nationwide menu we have now.
  5. Soft drinks in the sleepers got cut around the same time the the hot chocolate chip evening/before bed cookies got cut. Too bad the cookies were better then any of the current deserts. 5-10 years ago? Definitely would be smart to bring the cookies back, it was a nice touch and cheap. Maybe cost Amtrak 20 cents tops. The labor is already on board. Pop them in the oven 10 mins.
  6. Interesting but irrelevant. The menus specially say side salads are free for sleeping car passengers but no other notations for deserts, bacon, guacamole, etc. Obviously everything’s free except alcohol. That just caught my eye as weird. They should have it say “All items except alcohol complementary for sleeping car guests”. Free subliminal advertising for the few coach passengers that spend $100 plus in the diner over the course of a trip. Maybe next time we should look into a sleeper kinda thing..
  7. As much as I’ve ridden Amtrak I never paid attention until we had a baby. We’re doing a 6 day 5 night trip GBB to LAX then on the SSL/TE the longer way home over the holidays. When she was 5 months and in her car seat the dining car wasn’t an issue, her and her car seat fit in the booth. Now that she’s 10 months and using a high chair I don’t know what to expect on the train. Obviously no high chairs on the train. Is there even small booster seats available? I have a feeling we’ll have to do last call to get a table to ourselves and just hold her at least for dinners. Possible eat in room a few times.
  8. Or at least free up some Superliner equipment by using the V2 order and a few amfleets for the City of NO. Another reason the V2 order shouldn’t be canceled. Of all the trains the CNO would be the easiest to switch over. At least it would buy “some” time for the western LDTs that truly need SLs now.
  9. Just seeing the Superliners refreshed would do wonders for moral on the west coast trains (and the forum). We’re still waiting...
  10. Amtrakfflyer

    WiFi on the Cardinal?

    I have to laugh I did a 2 night layover in WV a couple years ago and it’s the only place in N. America I’ve flown that I had no cell service. It was a charter flight, I don’t remember the city unfortunately. The hotel front desk girl was like it’s not your phone we only only have one provider that has service here. 2016 wow
  11. The wild card here is we’ve never has a management team that wants to sabotage the majority of the company. I’m sure their presentation to Congress will be less then forth coming if not completely false.
  12. Amtrakfflyer

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    If Anderson and Co really want to play this game. Game on. They claim the SWC costs $100,000,000 a year to operate depending on what memo you read, which way the winds blowing etc. Give that $100,000,000 to BNSF and ask them run the train. The train would run on time and BNSF would have operational control over what is now a nuisance to them. Win win. The KEY directly take it off the top of Amtrak’s subsidy. We talked about it a few days ago on here, even at 90 percent subsidy for the contractor Amtrak would surely change its tune when they see their subsidy shrink.
  13. Amtrakfflyer

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Can’t think of anyone better to contract the service out to. Base a percentage of payments on, on time performance as well. It’s right on so many levels.
  14. Amtrakfflyer

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    You can google it but the Amtrak delegation led by Anderson started a shouting match with Senators in June. It was well publicized at the time and since then he has sent his subordinates to all congressional meetings in his place. https://www.google.com/amp/amp.kob.com/albuquerque-news/heinrich-balks-at-amtraks-plan-to-abandon-nm-route/4961142/ “In a meeting with Amtrak CEO Richard Anderson, U.S. Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., along with a bipartisan delegation of lawmakers from neighboring states, asked the railroad to follow through with funding that would supplement a federal grant. Heinrich said the meeting did not go well. “I think this was one of the most unproductive meetings with an agency level official that I’ve ever experienced,” he said. “To learn that not only are they planning to pull back their commitment to the TIGER grant, but that they're going to abandon the route I think is just outrageous.” FROM RPA Rail Passengers DC staff is already working with Congressional delegations in Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico and is in progress to add every other state along the Southwest Chief route. A recent meeting with a bi-partisan group of six U.S. Senators and Amtrak's CEO Richard Anderson and Executive Vice President / Chief Commercial Officer Stephen Gardner turned into a shouting match. You really don't want to get into a pissing contest with a Senator that controls your funding or can hold up appointments to the Amtrak board. Legislators are upset and are on our side on this issue. This issue will be won on Capitol Hill by our elected officials.
  15. Amtrakfflyer

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Let’s see what these numbers look like in 2 years when former repeat customers along with first time riders don’t return on the LD trains. Its great what he’s doing to the NEC, cleaning trains and such but he still deserves to be fired for his tantrums before congress and mishandling of the national network.