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  1. Ok, my stuff posted in good order. I moved a lot of stuff over to my card (and I'm planning to move some more along as well). Unfortunately...*grumbles* The TQPs don't land until January, possibly combining with another issue to screw me on status. By way of an explanation, I'm presently at 1,000 CC TQPs. I should be at either 2,000 or 3,000 but a batch of them evaporated when I closed my redundant World card...and with the massive slug of spending I put on the card, I really should be at 4,000 (since even with the second card's spending being AWOL, I was able to run over $10,000 over the one card; if I had a smooth mechanism for unloading gift cards, I'd be marching this offer in circles). Overall I am at 14,635 TQPs (but with full CC spending credit, I would be at 17,635). I therefore need 5,365 (but should only need 2,365). Setting aside probably 250-300 TQPs for a train ride up to DC next week, 2000-ish TQPs is basically a paid First round-trip WAS-NYP (and a nice way to kill X-mas since Mom, Dad, and my sister are flying to Florida that morning [1]). $700. Doable. 3000 TQPs probably involves a third leg back up to NYP or BOS, tagged with either an insane Johnny Cash trip on Delta or an afternoon at the JFK Virgin Clubhouse. $1000. Not happy about it, but doable. 5000 TQPs involves a lot of uncomfortable questions from your accountant. [1] Due to my airline insanity, even if we're going the same place I tend to fly on my own...since Dad has the Companion Pass, they do WN while I do DL.
  2. I understand a lot of things, but I do wish that on days the Meteor either isn't running due to a planned disruption or is sold out that the Star (if still running) would carry a diner.
  3. Anderson

    Solari Board at PHL

    I won't disagree with practical utility. That doesn't mean the resulting structure doesn't look awful;-)
  4. My understanding is that the hangup on the Daily Cardinal is that CSX doesn't want to renegotiate access there without Amtrak coughing up more for track access on other LD routes. Now, given the rates I understand CSX is getting (which IIRC are around 5-10% of what newer commuter operations are paying per train-mile) I cannot blame them. Given the choice, I'd be inclined to agree to an increase in the rates...with the "increase" being in the form of incentive payments. Of course, in Amtrak's shoes I'd also be talking with VA (and possibly WV) about working out a transfer of the rest of the ex-C&O line to Buckingham Branch or someone else.
  5. It might also be worth noting that "2400 feet on flat ground with sidewalks on a summer evening" is not the same as "2400 feet on a steep incline one way or the other with no sidewalks and crossing a major street with no crosswalks or signal protection in December".
  6. At least in theory, this concept might fit for a Port Authority project (with a required transfer/separate paid fare involved) since that's an interstate agency, but I don't think we want to go down that rabbit hole given the mess that the PA is.
  7. There's also a good chance that the government there loses. Shades of Ontario come to mind.
  8. The indications in all announcements with this are for diesel engines. There's no electrification to speak of out there and this isn't XpressWest. Edit: Honestly, based on project history, the real power source is hot air.
  9. Anderson

    Australia's OVERLAND train

    The Spirit of Queensland is pretty good on the transport front. QR makes a soup sandwich of their timetables but they're at least trying. The Ghan and Indian Pacific have mostly given up the pretense of being transport oriented...I think the Ghan threw in the towel with the "Ghan Expedition" operation. Really, the problem is GSR...they jyst do tourist trains. Oh, for Mr. Ellis's mindset...
  10. Anderson

    More Amtrak Railcars for sale

    Shoot me a PM. I'm willing to talk about what would entail what.
  11. There's been more than one time where I reserved a two-bed room and got a one-bed room at a hotel...so I'd be a little worried about that. Going from a roomette to a bedroom wouldn't be bad, but the reverse...not so much. I presume that Arrow tries to do that. It clearly, due to various reasons (cancellations, etc.), doesn't necessarily succeed. I don't doubt this is the case; Acela First is also likely protected by the nosebleed fares and what I suspect is a share of the pax up there using upgrades to get in, so anyone buying a few days out isn't likely to be locked out while upgrading pax arguably generally aren't lost revenue.
  12. I think I've expressed the opinion on this front before (and I'd express the same opinion in re seat assignments) that Amtrak should "sit on" room assignments until some time before the start of travel and then have an algorighm "tetris" reservations in so as to preserve availability as much as possible.
  13. I'm a few days off of points posting time (usually it's on the 8th/9th, but (1) it's still early "today" and (2) with the 8th being a Saturday there might be a day of lag). By Monday I'll either be a very happy camper or have a rather fun (if polite) conversation with BofA.
  14. Southbound 08 Dec 18 0800 15 F, 11 W, 86 Y Last check: 0037 (12/08) 1000 46 F, 30 W, 152 Y Last check: 0040 (12/08) 1200 38 F, 36 W, 131 Y Last check: 0057 (12/08) 1400 12 F, 17 W, 77 Y Last check: 0103 (12/08) 1600 17 F, 33 W, 64 Y Last check: 0105 (12/08) 1800 15 F, 11 W, 34 Y Last check: 0107 (12/08) 2000 3 F, 7 W, 18 Y Last check: 0108 (12/08) 2200 17 F, 11 W, 15 Y Last check: 0109 (12/08) 163 F, 156 W, 577 Y Northbound 08 Dec 18 1013 21 F, 17 W, 82 Y Last check: 0136 (12/08) 1213 7 F, 29 W, 19 Y Last check: 0140 (12/08) 1413 30 F, 10 W, 27 Y Last check: 0144 (12/08) 1613 15 F, 24 W, 83 Y Last check: 0149 (12/08) 1813 22 F, 23 W, 84 Y Last check: 0154 (12/08) 2028 11 F, 22 W, 90 Y Last check: 0157 (12/08) 2213 11 F, 26 W, 61 Y Last check: 0201 (12/08) 2343 14 F, 7 W, 46 Y Last check: 0203 (12/08) 131 F, 158 W, 492 Y Notes: -I couldn't generate a seat assignment on the 1000 SB train in Y. Given the fact that W and F were almost sold out, my guess is that Y is sold out aiside from a wheelchair space. -Ditto W on the 1200. -Several trains seem to have 40 seats given over to W instead of 32 (the second set of tables in the middle of the car is switched over). -As a direct comparison vs September, a similar-time load check provided the following: 22 Sep 18 114 F, 115 W, 363 Y 08 Dec 18 163 F, 156 W, 577 Y 22 Sep 18 104 F, 120 W, 391 Y 08 Dec 18 131 F, 158 W, 492 Y Southbound ridership is up a bit over 50% vs. September. Northbound ridership is up 27%, quite the disparity. I would also note that I am seeing slightly more aggressive load pricing for Y now (Y's lowest bucket has been bumped to $17 for the full trip, up from $15 (and $10 before that); the highest bucket appears to be $35), though F seems to be mostly unchanged.
  15. I presume they did. There's no reason to "sandbag" the numbers by excluding them (though to be fair, if disclosure were . Each Polar Express train is two trainsets together, so you've got 480 riders times six runs per day times five days in November giving a maximum of 14,400 tickets sold. Only two of those trains list as having sold out, but beyond that I don't know about ridership. Bearing in mind that there is also the loss of some additional weekend trains to consider, I suspect the impact was no more than 10,000 riders in November. So, since ridership was around 60,000 for October and 80,000 for November, I'd put quarterly ridership somewhere between 210,000 and 240,000 depending on whether ridership in November was a blip due to the holiday or reflects a trend. NB that Brightline is now pumping Lyft to link between the stations in Fort Lauderdale and Miami and the relevant airports, so that can't help but help.