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  1. me_little_me

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    One would think that Small Business Set Aside or Women Owned Businesses or Minority Business (if applicable) rules would "Trump" the union rules.
  2. me_little_me

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    "The CAT ferry between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia has ended for 2018. We look forward to having you onboard, again or for the first time, when service resumes in spring of 2019." https://www.ferries.ca/thecat/
  3. me_little_me

    NYC to Quebec City to NYC

    One can always go to Halifax on the Ocean and take the ferry to Portland then catch the train to NYC. What's a few extra nights with a trip like that?
  4. me_little_me

    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    I've run into the same issue. I've asked for a supervisor and eventually get transferred to an agent that knows how to do it and that person does it without a problem.
  5. me_little_me

    92 (01/18/2019) Delay

    Are we sure the driver survived? Doesn't science consider a person dead when they are brain dead? It seems this is likely the case in this incident.
  6. Find the nearest model railroad club. Take it to them and ask.
  7. me_little_me

    TEXRail Opens

    Wow! "Thousands of passengers take Tex-Rail on first day! Train watchers galore line the tracks!". News at 11.
  8. me_little_me

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    You got it all wrong! There is no missing poster. It's an ad for the Empire Builder during winter in Montana. It shows passengers eating vanilla ice cream during a whiteout while the OBS in a new white uniform is passing out the cream to coffee drinkers who are holding foam cups and eating Boston clam chowder just as the train is buried in an avalanche.
  9. There is always this route: https://www.helpwithmybank.gov/complaints/index-file-a-bank-complaint.html I'm not sure that's the group to which I complained about BoA's non-responsiveness to an issue. I do know that once I complained, BoA did finally contact me. They ended up, as "gesture of customer relations", refund the late fees and penalties, but never did admit that the ACH deposit which my credit union said arrived on time did in fact do so and admit fault.
  10. me_little_me

    New Menus on #8

    They don't need all-crab seafood as there are already more than enough crabs on board.
  11. Darwin award candidate?
  12. me_little_me

    Rail delay scarf

    Based on this woman's response,a long distance Amtrak trip could warrant a sweater per trip in delays. And Via's Canadian could result in a whole family getting outfits with its 48 hour cross-country delays.
  13. You mean "Train cuts off car on road causing accident! Was conductor who was driving responsible for deliberate road rage? News at 11!"
  14. I could care less about the colors. I just want diners to be diners, not cold-food-carrying storage cars.
  15. We are all born ignorant. A few die stupid.