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  1. I got my statement and got the 3x bonus with no problem. I normally only use my card for Amtrak trip purchases but I used my card a good bit for regular non Amtrak purchases the much of December including paying my property taxes with the card.
  2. In the ad at the beginning of the AGR webpage, BOTH CARDS ARE SHOWN. It is that the Platinum is shown behind the World card with a little of the right side of the Platinum card sticking out.
  3. Sarah, YES, if you add your name to his reservation. If he has a bedroom and not a roomette, there will be room enough for one adult and the 3 year old on the bottom bunk since it is wider that a twin but not quite a double. Only one adult then should sleep on the top bunk. This way all three of you will also be able to eat the complimentary meals. Just be sure all three of you are on ONE RESERVATION number and not two as you now have it. Also the revised reservation will be emailed to you to print. The actual reservation is a PDF file attached to the Amtrak email receipt.
  4. Did you get an email telling you that your spending on the credit card until December 31 would earn 3x points? I did. I think what you should do is examine your next BoA statement where it lists points earned. Usually there are two lines with one line being your purchase amount at 1x point for your purchases and the second line will be the bonus of 2x points for your qualifying purchases. The statements are available on line.
  5. The key to this is CALL preferably Amtrak Guest Rewards 1-800 number and tell the agent what you have already done and then ask the agent how to add you to his reservation. I would not do the "open ticket' thing. The coach ticket you bought cannot get you into your husbands room so let the agent know you bought a coach ticket first things. After your husband's reservation is revised to add you, then be sure the agent cancels your separate coach reservation. If you are sincere in explaining what you did the agent should be able to cancel and refund your entire payment without the refund penalty. When you add your name to your husband's reservation they will add the extra charge for you to that reservation. Since you have a separate coach reservation I don't think they can just add you to your husband's reservation without cancelling your reservation. That is the reason they will charge to add you to your husbands reservation and refund you when they cancel your reservation. The agent can override the system and not charge you the refund penalty usually 25%. If you are not already AGR members, by all means join up and you will earn points that you can use for free travel just like the airline loyalty programs work. Be aware that you cannot do this on line. You must call!
  6. Tennessee Traveler

    Size of the Western LD Winter Consists

    I'm traveling SEA-CHI on 2/20 and have room 3 in 831 car so I'm hoping there are two Seattle sleepers this Winter or if one sleeper, it is x31 instead of x30.
  7. Because somewhere in this forum she mentioned arriving on the bus in New Orleans at 7:55 AM. Sunset Limited departs 9 AM and the City of New Orleans does not depart New Orleans until 1:45 PM. I am almost certain there are other buses from Mobile to New Orleans that would arrive closer to the 1:45 PM not requiring a 5:35 AM departure from Mobile.Thanks for asking.
  8. It appears you will be traveling on the Sunset Limited departing New Orleans at 9 AM to Los Angeles connecting to the Coast Starlight Los Angeles to Seattle. Actually, a better timed route would be leave New Orleans at 1:45 PM on City of New Orleans to Chicago and transfer in Chicago to the Empire Builder leaving at 2:15 PM and arriving in Seattle two days later at 10:30 AM where as the Coast Starlight will not arrive until 7:30 PM the same night. If you have not already booked your trains, I recommend the NOL to CHI to SEA route. Even for roomettes the cost should be about the same.
  9. Tennessee Traveler

    Which is the best Superliner Bedroom on the 29 Capitol Limited?

    You are correct. 2900 is the car next to the dining car lounge, Then would be 2901 and 2902. 2902 would only operate if they had three regular sleepers and I've never ridden the Capitol Limited with three sleepers.
  10. Tennessee Traveler

    Which is the best Superliner Bedroom on the 29 Capitol Limited?

    Sleeper 2901 is the farthest from the engines and adjacent to the dining car now used as a sleeper passenger lounge - not 2902 which would actually be closest to the engine next to the transition dorm sleeper and farther from the dining sleeper lounge. You have to walk through 2901 to get to the dining lounge if you are in 2902. This is if the sleepers are in the front of the consist. Sometimes they are at the end of the consist and 2902 would be the last car in the consist. Ahead of it would be the 2901 car and then the dining lounge.
  11. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak Fall 2018 Vacation

    cpotisch, specifically how do you call Customer RELATIONS as opposed to Customer SERVICE. So far I have seen no way to call anything but Customer Service. Is there a phone number for CUSTOMER RELATIONS?
  12. Tennessee Traveler

    Amtrak Fall 2018 Vacation

    In late October to early November, I rode both the Southwest Chief and California Zephyr full route both directions. I flew early morning Nashville, TN to Chicago, IL and then began my Amtrak journey boarding the Southwest Chief and rode to Los Angeles. In Los Angeles, I then rode the Pacific Surfliner to Fullerton, CA, to visit the station area and to eat in a favorite The Old Spaghetti Factory and then return back to Union Station to board that night's Southwest Chief back to Chicago. Yes, I did not spend a night in Los Angeles since I've visited Los Angeles many time since the 1970's. One interesting incident off the the train earns a high recommendation for The Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton. Since is was Fall Cool or Cold most everywhere except Los Angeles where it reached 80 degrees, I wore a lightweight jacket with hood when outside. I wore that jacket on my visit to Fullerton and took it off and hung on a chair opposite side of my table at The Old Spaghetti Factory. That night when I was settling in on the train back to Chicago, I realize I had left my jacket still hanging on that chair in The Old Spaghetti Factory. Was not much I could do about it while on the train. I had a second jacket that I wore so was not defenseless against the cold. When I got to and checked into my hotel in Chicago, I looked up the phone number for the Fullerton The Old Spaghetti Factory and called them. Since the jacket was had name Owen Engineering The Old Spaghetti Factory confirmed they did have it and agreed to send it to my home in Nashville. When I returned home in Nashville I found my jacket at home in a FedEx Package. I am thankful to The Old Spaghetti Factory in Fullerton and highly recommend to patronize this restaurant in Fullerton whenever you have an opportunity. It is right off the platform at the Fullerton Station and is in what was a Union Pacific building possibly the old station. Arriving in Chicago, I checked into my hotel Hampton Inn West Loop just a few blocks north of Chicago's Union Station for one night. The next day I visited the sleeping car Metropolitan Lounge at the station and then boarded Amtrak's California Zephyr to travel to Emeryville, CA. In Emeryville, CA, I stayed three nights at the Hyatt House Hotel across the tracks from the Emeryville Station. I did take the EmeryvilleGoRound free but to Oakland's McArthur BART Station and took BART over to San Francisco using a Streetcar to get to the Fisherman's Wharf area. I took a cruise on the Red and White Cruses boat to and under the Golden Gate bridge and around Alcatraz Island. Back on land, I walked to Ghiradelli Square and ate their famous Hot Fudge Sundae before returning by BART to Oakland and then Emeryville. After three nights in Emeryville I boarded the eastbound California Zephyr back to Chicago and after staying two nights again in the Hampton Inn, I flew home to Nashville. Every train I took operated basically on time, the conductors, sleeping car attendants, and dining car workers were all pleasant and happy to be of service and all but one provided me a third pillow when requested. Only one incident made my last train ride back to Chicago from Emeryville less than ideal. When I boarded the sleeping car attendant for my 631 car said she had broken the upper bed in my roomette 3 that morning while getting set up for the trip and I could not occupy that roomette since she was afraid the upper bed would fall on me. Also, she had no available roomettes so she took me to the 632 car explaining to that sleeping car attendant what happened. He said only the roomette 10 next to the end doors and right over the "trucks" was available. While not rude, he really did not want to deal with me in his car. I got not introductory welcome. I make all my reservations several months in advance and request a room near the center of the car to avoid the end door and to not ride right over the trucks. I do acknowledge that the day time right was okay but at night the room slung me from side to side and car and room would bounce over the track and actually bang my head pretty hard. The attendant did make my room to night time and then back to daytime but only after I had to look and find him. I just did not feel as a welcome guest. Also, by the end of the trip I was aware that roomette 4 in that 632 car was never occupied. I did report this to Amtrak Customer Service and got a letter of apology but no offer of e-voucher or other compensation. I did take five galleries of photos including a couple mini movies which you can view here: AMTRAK FALL 2018 VACATION
  13. I disagree that multi-city tickets do not constitute guaranteed connections. As long as the tickets is say "New Orleans to Chicago" with same day connection to say "Chicago to Emeryville" then that ticket can be multi city and will be guaranteed. In my travels, when I call Amtrak Guest Rewards to make my paid reservations as well as award reservations, they often use the multi city tickets for my travel with same day connection in Chicago. However, if I am overnighting in any location, I do make a new reservation for any continuing Amtrak travel to the next overnight stop. I have never put a round trip on the same reservation. Always put trip each direction on a separate reservation.
  14. Tennessee Traveler

    National Menu Changes?

    There has been no change in the printed menu and it has been in effect at least two years. The current printed menu has included "Butternut Squash Risotto and Sweet Potato Gnocchi " for all that time. I have ridden long distance trains regularly in all three years 2016, 2017, and 2018. I rode as recently as November 2, 2018, on the California Zephyr and the same ole printed menu still included Butternut Squash Risotto and Sweet Potato Gnocchi but the server annouced that both items had been permanently removed in preparation for a new menu but no one knows when and what items are on it. Incidentally all four of the east coast to west coast LD trains, the Coast Starlight, plus the Silver Meteor and Crescent have the same menu although the individual train names are on the printed menu on the named trains. It's obvious that none of us know what is going on with Amtrak and the dining car service and apparently neither dose Amtrak.
  15. Tennessee Traveler

    National Menu Changes?

    There may be changes to the menu, but no updated PRINTED menu has been introduced. When I rode both the Southwest Chief and California Zephyr in October to November, the menu had not been changed in way over a year but the servers stated that the risotto and gnocchi at dinner had been permanently removed from the menu and they were hoping a new printed menu would soon be available yet there was no assurance that a updated new printed menu would be provided anytime soon. I hope they soon update the menu as I get tired of eating steak so I try to order some of the other items which limits me to the "vegetarian" dish since I do not eat salmon. There had been no change in the desert menu on these two trains. Personally, I would be happier if they would make the lunch items available on the dinner menu also.