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  1. Hi Anthony: I am using your reply to Ed Von Nordeck (who I have known a long time) to follow-up on something that he and yours truly and others are interested in. But first, like everyone else who has posted earlier, you have done a GREAT JOB and PUBLIC SERVICE for all those interested in Amtrak train history, and Amtrak timetables, etc. In regards the two editions for 7/12/71 I have the following question-comments: The other day I discovered one small difference on the page before page 2, listing 480M on the original 7/12/71 edition, and 500M on the 7/12/71 revised edition. Without checking every page for both editions aside from what I have posted here, do you know of any other differences between the two 7/12/71 editions? Some months ago, I found one of the 7/12/71 editions within some stuff of mine that had been in storage and based on the info above, I have the original edition for 7/12/71. Thank you for all of your efforts Best regards, ---"Ken" Ruben---