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  1. Misty.

    Austin to California and back

    Granted I live in the territory where they're more common, but yeah, I knew it even from that tiny corner by the engine heh
  2. Misty.

    Trip to MKE in Coach

    Did you like the popcorn? NoC is one of my go tos when I'm passing through or spending a day or three in Chicago and I have spare money.
  3. Misty.

    Name That Station!

    While for some reason, I was thinking SLC, heh
  4. Misty.

    What's with the Zephyrs?

    My question is (since I've only just woke up, I don't expect Google to function properly for me), where is there a bustitution along the SAC-SLC portion of the Zephyr currently? I got the robo call saying that there will be alternate transportation over part of the route about a half hour ago. EDIT: then I got another robo call saying "never mind, mistaken call", then another conflicting call saying "nope, you do have a bustitution". I did Google a little, and the only remotely relevant thing I found was about a window of track work that ended early this month... unless there was some crazy weather yesterday that I didn't see?
  5. Misty.

    Sacramento Motels

    I'll add another endorsement for the HI SAC location - stayed there last summer, booked to stay there again this summer. I love (aside from the price point of other nearby hotels) that I can just come off the train and turn onto H Street to get there, without having to even set foot inside the station if I don't want to. (And bonus points, if the timing works, that I can fan the light rail on the way - if you're on the correct side of the road for the hostel, you'll be walking next to the light rail tracks for a few blocks, till they turn at 7th & H).
  6. Misty.

    Lounge Passes bummer

    Sounds like inept Chicago to me, unless things have actually changed since my last attempt to enter the Metro Lounge purely on a coupon (disclaimer - yes, I did Metro Lounge in December, for those that follow my adventures off this site, but I also ultimately came into Chicago on 58 that day).
  7. Misty.

    Will you try for AGR status in 2016?

    With the minimum gone? Let's face it, Kirkwood will probably see a lot less of me, unless I get so desperate to get out of the house that I go wander STL county anyway, and end up at the station to say "hi" out of habit... For redemptions, though? Gathering the initial points will be more difficult, but I admit I like that cost of a Lincoln ticket will generally be points cheaper now, so my opinion is mixed there. I've pulled off the points to redeem for roomettes twice - one, a CHI-SAC run by way of 3 to 14 and the other, a NYP-ATL run. Certainly rare compared to the "... I have no money to pay for this ticket, so I have to use points" Lincoln runs.
  8. Misty.

    Four New Trains and a Ferry

    Granted, it's been April 2014 since the last time I've been in Boston... But darn it, now I want a sandwich or two from Cheeseboy... Though at least with the supplies I do have handy, I could recreate one of the sandwiches I remember having during the course of the PAX East I did most recently... Both of them, if I wanted to get a few things by the time I get back home from work tomorrow. Hmm...
  9. Misty.

    Points Shopping

    And I say "why waste money on something I'll kill, when that money could go to at least points runs?" :3 (seriously, my late grandmother was the last person in my immediate family that had any interest in making things grow).
  10. Misty.

    When a passenger train is delayed

    ... *raises an eyebrow* for the simple factor of "to have had the experience", that makes me half wish that they had not bustituted me - it's not like I made the Crescent that night anyway.
  11. Misty.

    #5 to #14 connect in EMY instead of SAC?

    Hmm... It *is* really starting to look like we were among the last handful of people to be allowed that connection, huh, Jim?
  12. Misty.

    More Points in Multiride Trips

    For some reason I think that station code was supposed to be BNL. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
  13. Misty.

    Dome car on 303 in photos

    I would dare say in part to make up for it not showing up last year when they said it was gonna heh Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum
  14. Misty.

    Metropolitan Lounge in Seattle?

    All Metropolitan lounges (CHI, LAX, PDX) are open for sleeper and business class passengers. The First Class lounges (MSP, STL, NOL, RGH) are for sleeper only. Club Acela (BOS, NYP, PHL, WAS) are for Acela First, Sleeper, and United Club members. AGR Select Plus and Select Executive are welcome at all. It's funny, though... i don't usually use it because I'm only taking an Alton or Kirkwood run and I arrive very near boarding (especially on 302 days where I don't make a detour for coffee first), but I've been able to use my S+ card to get into STL lounge. Disclaimers, though - I tend to only talk to one particular agent at STL that I've taken a liking to, I've been using a voucher for the last few points runs (the reason I've been made to interact with any humans at that station recently in the first place), he's seen my card because I have him put my AGR number on the tickets so I don't have to submit a missing points request on them later... Also, I know the door code anyway because I went ahead and used the lounge on my attempt to make it to Atlanta by sleeper back in August.
  15. *chuckles* The California cars are pretty cool, huh? At least for the people that don't have to ride in them on a regular basis.