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  1. First off, I'd like to say how incredible the Amtrak timetable database is and appreciate the monumental amount of work that must have gone into the process of scanning and posting these. With that said, I have a similar yet completely different interest in Amtrak timetable collecting and was wondering if anyone (besides me) has this interest as well. I have been collecting the electronic versions of Amtrak individual route timetables (as posted on the Amtrak website) and have most (if not all) of these from 11/1/2004 to the present including system TTs and holiday schedules. Also, I have managed to locate about 15 of these TTs from prior to 11/1/2004 (most of these being attached to websites), with the earliest being a San Joaquins TT from 5/16/1999. My interest in obtaining the electronic TTs prior to 11/2004 is more than just personal. When contacting the Amtrak FOIA office to obtain these missing TTs, I was mortified to find that their electronic reading room was not in possession of these files. Upon completing this collection, a disc containing these files would be sent to Amtrak for inclusion into their electronic reading room, and, due to their historic nature, would also make these files available to timetables.org for inclusion into their Amtrak timetable database. In addition to the above reasons for collecting these TTs, they're also easier to store, lower in cost, and represents a new wave in TT collecting. If anyone can help to complete this unusual timetable collection, it would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.