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  1. Trogdor

    Airbus to Halt A380 Production

    ANA is only getting a total of 3 (not 4 or 5). Those three were essentially Airbus's conditions for allowing ANA to take over defunct Skymark Airlines (to whom Airbus was a major creditor). Incidentally, the first of ANA's A380s made its first flight in full paint today. I believe the requirement is that the airplane must be able to takeoff at whatever its calculated takeoff weight is, within the available runway, and clear any obstacles that may be higher than ground level, if one engine fails at the critical decision speed (V1). Therefore, a four-engined airplane will have engines at least 33% more powerful than needed for takeoff thrust, whereas a twin will have engines that are at least 100% more powerful than needed.
  2. Surprised there hasn't been mention of this (or if there was, I missed it), but the Chicago operation was pretty much a mess yesterday. More or less everything left extremely late, including several LDs (21, 3 and 48) leaving well after midnight.
  3. Trogdor

    Texas Eagle cancelled today (1/30)...why?

    Don’t know about most, but the ones used by Metra have involved actual flames since forever. I see them pretty much every winter.
  4. Truly spoken like someone who has never used Canada Post.
  5. You’ll note that I used the word “subway” in my response. None of the stations you mentioned are in a subway.
  6. I agree that most folks around these parts have an unreasonably short walking range, but it also depends on where you are and how the infrastructure was designed. In older US cities, and in big cities in most other countries, streets were generally designed around a human scale. Proper pedestrian accommodations are a key element of the walkability of cities. In too many places in the US, the pedestrian environment is extremely hostile because things were designed under the assumption that the goal of any transportation infrastructure is to move as many automobiles as possible, as fast as possible. That makes walking in those areas unpleasant at best, and downright dangerous at worst.
  7. No to both questions. The only Blue Line subway stations with elevators are Jackson, Clark/Lake, Logan Square, and O’Hare.
  8. Except the Blue Line does not serve Washington/Wells.
  9. What’s with the constant nit-picking of customer relations vs customer service? They are the same thing. If you go to their website and fill out a feedback form, the page says a “customer service representative” will respond. If you look up their phone number, their main number is for reservations & customer service. Even if the department is called Customer Relations (and it doesn’t surprise me that Amtrak doesn’t have use consistent terminology across their website), I find it...misinformed (at best) to claim, as some have (not in this thread but certainly elsewhere) that if you call an agent and ask for customer service that the agent won’t know what the caller is really asking for.
  10. But they get to spend more time on the train, and that's what's important, right?
  11. Unless things changed recently (I know there was talk about some railroad ownership realignment in the area, but don’t know what happened to it), it’s actually seven different railroads. Start out on Amtrak (1) out of Union Station to 21st St, switch to NS (2), take NS down a bit, switch over to Metra-owned (3) track (route the Southwest Service uses), back to NS for a bit, then onto the Belt Railway of Chicago (4; IIRC, that one still required dialing up the dispatcher and getting track warrants), then onto the UP (5), connecting to the CN (6), then finally CSX (7). A now-former Amtrak high-level management person in Chicago was pushing for a mostly CN routing that would have the train take the former IC corridor (same as City of New Orleans/southern IL state trains) directly to the last CN segment. The connection between those two segments is currently hand-throw switches, and nobody seemed to give enough of a damn to pay for powering them up.
  12. Trogdor

    Emeryville to SFO

    Daly City is not SFO.
  13. Trogdor

    Pere Marquette changes

    What you said was: The order absolutely would have been placed, because the order covers the entire Midwest (and supplements California as well) and totals 130+ cars, regardless of what may or may not happen to an individual train that needs all of 3-4 cars.
  14. Trogdor

    Pere Marquette changes

    No equipment has been purchased specifically for the Pere Marquette. The new equipment will be in a pool for all midwest service. If anyone said that equipment is being acquired specifically for the Pere Marquette and no other train, they were mistaken.
  15. Trogdor

    Pere Marquette changes

    The new equipment order isn't specifically for the Pere Marquette. Basically the entire Midwest fleet is being replaced.