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  1. John Bobinyec

    Crescents 11/10/2018

    Well, Amtrak reported the time for 20 out of Gastonia incorrectly. It's only about 5 hours late instead of 8 and a half. jb
  2. John Bobinyec

    Crescents 11/10/2018

    Both started out on time. 19 is now 6H 31M late. 20 is now 8H 27M late. What happened to them? jb
  3. John Bobinyec

    Fall Back

    For the spring time change, the way it was quoted from the Amtrak page is always how it worked - until this year. The problem has always been what to do with a scheduled stop which occurred between 2.01 a.m. and 3.01 a.m. The problem was that to ARROW, that stop simply did not exist because that time simply did not exist. This year was the first time they adjusted the times in the reservations system - in effect publishing a different schedule for that one day. These new schedules showed the trains running 1 hour later than normal after the time change, but on schedule, rather than being an hour late. For an example of this see: http://dixielandsoftware.net/cgi-bin/gettrain.pl?seltrain=91&selyear=2018&selmonth=03&selday=10 and http://dixielandsoftware.net/cgi-bin/gettrain.pl?seltrain=91&selyear=2018&selmonth=03&selday=11 Time changed at 2.01 a.m. on 3/11/2018. The first train shows that the times starting with Denmark (DNK) have been adjusted later by an hour. The second train shows the unaltered schedule. jb
  4. John Bobinyec

    Safety Patrol Train 2019?

    I seem to remember somebody saying they were going to go by air from now on. Curious. jb
  5. John Bobinyec

    2018 New River Train

    Seehttp://www.newrivertrain.com/ For details Does Amtrak provide the crews and run the train? jb
  6. John Bobinyec

    Hurricane Michael

    Piedmonts 77 and 78 have been cancelled. 76 doesn't seem to have left Charlotte. 79 is in Raleigh, but has been there for a while. jb
  7. John Bobinyec

    FRA Tier II speed upgrade: 150mph to 160mph

    Speed limit on the Elizabeth curve was once 40 mph. What is it now? jb
  8. John Bobinyec

    FRA Tier II speed upgrade: 150mph to 160mph

    I'm sorry, I thought the FRA was requiring quite a bit more in enhancements which would make that kind of thing infeasible. jb
  9. John Bobinyec

    FRA Tier II speed upgrade: 150mph to 160mph

    Remember, segment three isn't 150 to 160, it's 135 to 160 (since IIRC 135 is the max speed on NEC-South right now). So you're probably looking at somewhere around 90-100 seconds. That's not nothing, but most of your NEC-South improvements get you somewhere between 1 minute and 3-4 minutes. The original reference that I made was to an application that Amtrak made to the FRA to be able to run 160 mph instead of 150 mph. They can already raise the speeds to 150 mph if they want to - that's not the question that I was referring to. jb
  10. John Bobinyec

    FRA Tier II speed upgrade: 150mph to 160mph

    In early 2016, Amtrak requested permission from the FRA to run 160 mph instead of 150 mph in three sections: 17.4 miles between Kingston and Warwick, RI 10.0 miles between Hebronville and Mansfield, MA 22.5 miles between County Int. and Ham Int., NJ I calculated the maximum time savings of running 160 mph instead of 150 mph over those segments. They are respectively: 26.10 sec. 15.00 sec. 33.75 sec. Many folks would oppose the expenditures necessary to achieve the faster speed as just not worth it. Others would say that each train thereafter would benefit - forever. jb
  11. John Bobinyec

    Fred Frailey Column: November TRAINS

    That is exactly the situation here in NC. The state of NC owns (has always owned) the track that the Piedmonts and Carolinians run on from Charlotte to Selma (but only one of the tracks between Cary and Raleigh). NS leases and dispatches this track. (CSX dispatches between Fetner - Cary, and Boylan - Raleigh). In recent years, the NCDOT rail division wanted to add more Piedmont trains. NS balked because there were several long sections of single track between Greensboro and Charlotte. So the rail division got plans together to double track those sections. Fortunately, when the Obama era stimulus packages came along, the rail division was ready. So after the track work was done, the two new trains (77 and 78) started in June, 2018. But then things went downhill. NS closed its yard in Chattanooga. The work was moved to other places. Congestion ensued in areas seemingly far from Chattanooga. This has been most noted in the performance of the Crescent. But the Piedmonts also suffered near Linwood yard (north of Salisbury) and Pomona yard (near Greensboro), because of NS freight traffic What to do? The rail division had a meeting with Amtrak and NS and got results. Things are better now. Why? Because NC owns the track. jb
  12. John Bobinyec

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    80 is the Carolinian. 470 should be being ferried back to Washington, D.C. Where it goes from there, I could only guess back home. jb
  13. John Bobinyec

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    Amtrak Cascades 470 was on number 80 this morning. jb
  14. John Bobinyec

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    The NCDOT trainset is back in NC. Amtrak Cascades engine 470 was just set out in Charlotte from Piedmont 75. I assume 470 will be on 80 tomorrow in order to start its trip home. jb
  15. As I have said before my belief is that, notwithstanding all the posturing by Amtrak, PTC is and was a bit of a red herring between Lamy and Trinidad/La Junta. It is more about getting commitment stable funding for upgrade and maintenance of the ROW, and playing range chicken about that. The real PTC danger to that route was and is in the NMRX region between Lamy and ABQ. The bus bridge thing covers both areas and is part of the range chicken. The problem with range chickens is sometimes the missile does get launched as an unintended consequence. What is "range chicken"? Google only comes up with "free range chicken". jb