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  1. John Bobinyec

    92 (01/18/2019) Delay

    What delayed 92 3 hours between Lakeland and Kissimmee? jb
  2. John Bobinyec

    Amtrak Announcements

    How about giving us some URLs of the videos that you're referring to? jb
  3. John Bobinyec

    92(10) Delay

    92 left Miami on time and then Hollywood almost 3.5 hours late. What caused the delay? jb
  4. I would suggest the NC model for Indiana DOT: Buy your own equipment Contract out the maintenance on your own Own the track (this is not likely, but NC is extremely fortunate) Work out your own schedules Contract out with Amtrak to run the trains and do the ticketing/reservations. jb
  5. John Bobinyec

    Crescent cancellations?

    When the Crescent lays overnight in Atlanta, where does the consist go to be serviced? jb
  6. John Bobinyec

    NW mudslide season 2018-19

    Which Vancouver is being referred to in the notice? jb
  7. John Bobinyec

    Safety Patrol Train 2019?

    The dates do look like 1/10 and 1/17 for 98 and also 1/13 and 1/20 for 97 not only because those trains are sold out, but also because the schedules have been modified for those days. jb
  8. John Bobinyec

    NOL, Greensboro, Wilson, SAV, WAS

    Good news. 20(31) Arrived Greensboro, NC (GRO) at 716A, 3 hours, 39 minutes late. 80(1) Arrived Greensboro, NC (GRO) at 819A, 1 minute early. 80(1) Departed Greensboro, NC (GRO) at 824A, On time. So they should have made the connection, but I know that if I were trying to make that connection, I'd have worried about it a lot! jb
  9. John Bobinyec

    Sunset Limited temp schedule

    Which dates do you see this for? I don't see any change. jb
  10. Try a test booking. 30 to 91 shows up as a connection. Going the other way, 92 to 29, does not. jb
  11. John Bobinyec

    NOL, Greensboro, Wilson, SAV, WAS

    See posts 3 and 4. jb
  12. John Bobinyec

    NOL, Greensboro, Wilson, SAV, WAS

    One of the things that might happen if the two trains don't happen to connect for you is that you'll end up on a Piedmont train - but that will only get you as far as Raleigh. In that event, there's something that you should know. Since your trip on 80 is booked on a separate reservation, if you don't board 80 at Greensboro, that particular reservation will be canceled, since you'll be what's called a "No Show". You might end up paying for a separate ticket for the Piedmont trip after having forfeited your Carolinian ticket. So, if you're going to miss 80, make sure you call Amtrak and handle things BEFORE 80 leaves Greensboro (actually, before it arrives Burlington), or else you'll likely have lost your money for the 80 reservation. jb
  13. John Bobinyec

    Silver Star with two Cafe Cars

    I saw in a post elsewhere that the Star would also have two engines, but 92(20) only had engine 130. jb
  14. John Bobinyec

    NOL, Greensboro, Wilson, SAV, WAS

    By the way, if y'all want to follow along with how the trains are doing, you can go to statusmaps.com . jb
  15. John Bobinyec

    NOL, Greensboro, Wilson, SAV, WAS

    The connection IS guaranteed IF there are connecting passengers on board. Look at it this way. Suppose 20 is late enough to miss 80. Someone in the operations center (?) needs to make a decision about holding 80 so that the connection can be made. An alternative would be to order buses or put the passengers in taxis. It all depends on how many connecting passengers there are. So s/he checks the consist to see and finds out there are no connecting passengers. Problem solved. 80 does not need to be held and no buses or taxis need to be ordered. It is possible that the Amtrak reservations system is so sophisticated that it will figure out on its own that you want to connect to 80, and flag it, but I don't know. Telling your conductor that you want to connect to 80 might work, if s/he can enter that into the reservations system. Again, I don't know for sure. jb