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  1. Of course it would not be effective. However the excuse of not having the switch need to drop cars at Pittsburgh would be null. You still need a “want to” for it to be effective.
  2. Cardinal need another sleeper. Cardinal needs 7 day a week service. Cardinal needs investment. This will cost money, will the return on investment cover it? Will Amtrak accounting system show a profit? Will the power to be allow (show) a overnight train to be profitable? Cardinal needs a dining car even if it’s just for LSL, Capital style of food service. Cardinal could use a full sleeper, with two Viewliner out of service this train may not get a second sleeper this summer. A bag/dorm would be useful. Cardinal most definitely need investment. Should we start a Kickstarter funding project? One thinks a Kickstarter funding project to get the Capital Limited Drop cars in Pittsburgh would be easy enough of a goal. Of course the physical switch is the easiest part of the whole project, with out support from Amtrak there never will be service between Chicago via Pittsburgh to Philadelphia.
  3. That will cost money. With the current Amtrak administration it all about cutting expenses. Push the envelope and see how bad people complain. No idea if the bag-dorms will ever turn a wheel in service. Such a weird amount of cars (10). Add the recent removal of baggage cars across the system, and the removal of station personnel... At this point I am just hoping the funding for Amtrak does not get pulled to build a barrier between Mexico and the US.
  4. Just-Thinking-51

    BUF - Depew

    Ok that was harsh. Walking or take a taxi to the Walden Galleria Mall is your best bet. There are several place to hang out in or around the Mall area. Just not at the train station proper. How long of a layover? Normally if you need to switch to the LSL west bound just keep travel east before you disembarked the train. Say Syracuse or even further east.
  5. Just-Thinking-51

    BUF - Depew

  6. If Amtrak thinks there losing money with each passenger, then adding more capacity will create more lost. (Per Amtrak). Simple adding a sleeping car required more employees to staff the train. More cost, more lost. When your goal is to cut expenses, add a employees to pay roll is not what you do.
  7. Just-Thinking-51

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    Oh you just had to go done this road. I was thinking that it was Gardner who lead Anderson down the wrong path. However I am firmly in the camp of that these guys (Anderson and Gardner) need to be fired, at this point.
  8. Your negativity is worse than my negativity. Wish I could prove you wrong, but you did bring up the issue that everyone is concerned about. More sleepers equal more passengers. Passenger that need to have a food option. Which creates more expensive. Sleep car attendant and possibly more Food Service personal. At the very least you need to stock more food products. Don't forget the price bucket need to be adjusted to the extra capacity too. Not sure what Amtrak going to do.
  9. Depending on when they start to show up, and the amount on hand. Never seen a operating plan for the new equipment (Sleeper or Bag Dorms). The available date of the equipment would dictate the use.
  10. Seem we can not even get the first Bag/Dorm car to pass a Amtrak acceptance inspection. Has Amtrak canceled this order yet?
  11. Just-Thinking-51

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    Asked if Amtrak would continue to run its rail service “as is” beyond Sept. 30, which is when fiscal 2019 ends, Amtrak spokesman Marc Magliari said there were “too many moving parts” to determine that at this time. https://www.abqjournal.com/1273304/study-bisecting-southwest-chief-rail-service-a-costly-plan.html NARP/RPA has update on the SWC with the above link to a recent story. (29 January 2019) The NARP/Story is at: https://www.railpassengers.org/happening-now/news/hotline/hotline-1-102/
  12. Just-Thinking-51

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    The three hundred pound gorilla has no reason to play nice. Going out of there way to increase your cost to operate a PV on a Amtrak train, Priceless.
  13. Just-Thinking-51

    weather cancellations for Midwest Jan 28-31, 2019

    Sure is, good thing the host railroad is not the only game in town.
  14. Just-Thinking-51

    weather cancellations for Midwest Jan 28-31, 2019

    Should be. It take a few years to find out.
  15. Just-Thinking-51

    weather cancellations for Midwest Jan 28-31, 2019

    Diesel Fuel additive not available? Leave the engine running will keep the diesel from gelling up. Refilling untreated fuel can cause issues. Nothing like the fuel sitting in a tanker forming ice crystals then getting dumped in a train tank. Sure was a lot of tractor trailer on the side of the road with froze fuel issues leaving Chicago Tuesday, but my truck was not one of them. Buy good treated fuel, use additive if you fuel up outside the cold area. Simple.