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  1. Just-Thinking-51

    How early should I purchase an Amtrak Bedroom?

    Also be advised it seem Amtrak is getting very sneaky with it pricing. Test booking will cause your price bucket to go up. Buying a round trip in a sleeper seem to cause the price bucket to go on your return trip. Still testing this out but my trip in March is on hold. AmSnag is showing low buckets on the day I picked, when I went to book, I got a mid bucket on the return. The next day it was high bucket for the return, but AmSnag still showing low bucket. Will try to book from a different device at a different WiFi location to see if I can get that low bucket price.
  2. Not a direct comment on the lawsuit. However I have grown tired of the lack of engineering in stop lights. Trucks have a know stopping distance for the speed limited on the road. Simple math. Yet we don’t have a required timing for traffic lights on roads. Each DOT does it own thing. Travel thur Alabama is a exercise in hard braking. I now travel at least 15 mph below the speed limit if there a traffic light in sight. Still powerbraking to stop before entering the intersection as the cars are crossing in front of me. Setting off my camera g-force sensory at ever light it seems. Boss can’t yell at me as he can see that I am at reduced speed before the light turns yellow. Timing, speed limit of the road, and visible of the red lights would be something to look at.
  3. Just-Thinking-51

    91, 92 changes due to storm (12/10) / Confused

    Short answer is your train may or may not be running. Not the first time Amtrak communication skills were faulty.
  4. Just-Thinking-51

    91, 92 changes due to storm (12/10) / Confused

    Talking about in a different thread.
  5. Just-Thinking-51

    Train Jam 2019: CZ (5) March 14-16, 2019

    Back in 2015 Train Jam did not fully book the train. They have for several years now. Heck 2015 might of been the only year that they did not book the entire train. Very popular event, big backers, good underlining plan, and good people to shepherd it though. Only negative is once a year the train is sold out from 11 months out. Nobody outside of the railfan community would even think twice on why. Heck most of the threads about TrainJam are by people who are asking why a single day in February or March was the train sold out after a AmSnag search.
  6. Just-Thinking-51

    Rome, NY, Empire Service

    https://www.uticaod.com/news/20181119/roof-repair-on-track-at-rome-train-station Miss this story myself. However the link is a current update. The station is closed, but the platform will be open in time for Christmas.
  7. Just-Thinking-51

    Train Jam 2019: CZ (5) March 14-16, 2019

    Train Jam at this point is booking a full train before the ticket goes on sale to the public. When it first started it was mixed passenger. This is not the safety train out of Florida that can’t book into a few months before it’s departure. This is a well sponsored gathering that sells out. If you try to book on this date you would see a “Sold Out” message.
  8. Just-Thinking-51

    Cruising (Ocean and River)

    Use a “travel agent” for freight service. https://www.freightercruises.com/index.php
  9. Just-Thinking-51

    Help me understand railway signals

    I was more concerned about the poster thinking that his train was travel past red signals at speed. As Seaboard92 put it the block can be quite long. Ever track on a railroad has a history of different ownership. Each past company had different ways of do things, Types of signals, and how to interpret them. Sure the big railroads are standardized the hardware, but upgrades are not cheap.
  10. Just-Thinking-51

    Help me understand railway signals

    The signal will turn red as soon as the locomotive crosses into the block. So by the time signal lamp goes past your window it should be red. If your approaching a signal on a curve, or watching from trackside you will see the change. Or the view from a VIA dome car.
  11. Just-Thinking-51

    Andrea Doria

    “The Limitation of Liability Act of 1851 limits the potential damage payout to the post-accident value of a ship plus the value of the ship’s freight – but only if the ship owner lacked knowledge of the problem or conduct leading to the accident.”
  12. Just-Thinking-51

    Ocean Derailment

    Also the train was going forward at the time of the derailment. Not back up.
  13. Just-Thinking-51

    Ocean Derailment

    http://www.railsystem.net/turnouts/ To “pick a switch” something has to go wrong. Multi reason could cause this issue. The simple definition is a train goes on two different tracks. In the above picture you see the front of the train going to the left, while the rear of the train is going straight. The derailed car is the point where the train changed direction. Noted where the switch is, and where the train stopped. The train travel a bit before the brake had applied. Pick a Switch: Failure of the Points, Frog, Guard Rail, switch throw rod, or even the switch changing direction while there a train travel over it. Its unlike the dispatcher could throw the switch while a train was crossing over it. There is multi safety device to prevent this. A broken part of the switch would be the leading cause. With a smaller chance of a wheel issue.
  14. Just-Thinking-51

    Amtrak Train Separates Outside of Albany, NY (11/21)

    Air brakes have a lag time, there is a delay after you applied them before the brakes apply enough pressure to slow the train down. Pipe size and reservoir are delaying factor. Also the railcars do not apply or release the brakes at the same speed. So in this case the air is venting out of the broken pipe were the train split. So there is a rapid lost of pressure up front, but the rear is going to take more time to engage the brakes. So it may not of been noticeable that the brakes were been applied, when the emergency cord was pulled by the passenger. We have the small issue of the air line was bottled up. However a required air brakes test should of been done. This would of show a problem with the angle cock. An explanation in Trucking terms. In a tractor trailer travel at 65 mph a brake lag of 75 feet travel before brakes are applied. Perception Time 1.5 sec and150 feet. Reaction Time 1.0 sec and 100 feet. Brake Lag .75 sec and 75 feet. Distance travel with out braking: 325 feet. Braking Distance: 665 feet. Ok a tractor trailer is not the same as a train with a emergency brake application due to a break in the line. However it does show the delay.
  15. Just-Thinking-51

    Amtrak Train Separates Outside of Albany, NY (11/21)

    Air brake lag? Air brakes not hook up correctly? Passengers not knowing what going on? Incorrect story? Self promotion? Not worth the time and effort for the reporter to fill in the details. It’s ESPN there not know for its non-sport stories. I would not stress out about it. Short story was there was a young basketball player who use the train in today’s world. That’s the real story. Passengers had a unexpected experience and therefore unable to use the correct terminology to describe it. The incident happened fast, it’s a rare occurrence, not likely Amtrak gave a detailed explanation to the passengers.