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  1. jacorbett70

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    Such shocking and surprising news. My condolences to Alan Burden's family and friends.
  2. The Amtrak web site home page (desktop/laptop) came up as a blank page, but is working on the app (The AXP designation still shows as Harrisburg from last year) I decided to go and am ticketed for Saturday. I used the iOS (iPhone) app.
  3. jacorbett70

    Solar Eclipse watching?

    The one southbound train from Portland that morning went from low bucket last month to all sold out. I bet a tour group chartered that train.
  4. jacorbett70

    AGR Account Hacked (Mine, Maybe Yours?)

    My address showed as one in Bryn Mawr, PA, so I just changed my password too. Edit to add: The snail mail version of the targeted Double TQP offer just arrived from AGR with the correct address.
  5. Someone posted receiving a take four round trips for S+ status challenge. This is the kind of challenges I've seen from hotel and airline programs targeted towards relatively new members w/o status. https://twitter.com/raw5052/status/709848928594862081
  6. jacorbett70

    Lake Shore Limited to Texas Eagle connection at Chicago

    Hopefully in Chicago proper this time. In Sept 2014 Amtrak hired a van to a cheap unbranded hotel along a highway about 20 miles west of Chicago.
  7. I saw desks in both NYP and PHL soliciting applications. I applied for and was accepted for the World card. I found in my old digital archives that BOA was the old or original AGR bank before a switch to Chase in 2007. Letter from Bank of America in 2001 soliciting my first AGR credit card: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacorbett70/21328668460/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacorbett70/21490493756/ Letter in 2007 telling me BOA and AGR were parting ways: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jacorbett70/20893954194/
  8. I have a pattern of taking trips to Lancaster and Harrisburg at low Keystone prices so the loss of the 100-point minimum, which got me chasing S+ when I moved to PA, will certainly dump me out of S+. I might drop to Select this year anyway, although may be close enough for extra runs to earn me a last hurrah at S+ in 2016. http://twitter.com/jacorbett70/status/636991738821873664 Meanwhile I went on that site and tested redemption costs for a typical autumn time when I would likely travel. (Week of October 22) It does cost more when the buckets go up. When they are low I am likely to pay instead of redeem. If I redeem low buckets, that would make S+ impossible and Select borderline. I'd check what I would get with Select nowadays maybe a limited number of Club Acela passes would make it worth it if i am hanging in the upper 4000s at the end of the year. http://twitter.com/jacorbett70/status/636992165915324417
  9. jacorbett70

    Silver Star Update

    I saw your train pass through Chester PA. It was going more slowly than normal but I figured it was track work in the region. https://flic.kr/p/wy8DaW https://flic.kr/p/wNqGaG https://flic.kr/p/vTSDJT
  10. Cincinnati freight derailment last night: http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2015/04/02/train-derails-in-queensgate/70870814/ Cancelled notification in Philly for 51: http://pic.twitter.com/8CbcVfUF9y
  11. jacorbett70

    Auto Train (+Silvers) delay South Carolina 3/5-6

    Boarded 9:45, inched out of station 10:15, waited for 97 to go ahead, departed 10:30. Announced: Breakfast at usual 6-8am, lunch is three reserved seatings starting about 11am.
  12. jacorbett70

    Auto Train (+Silvers) delay South Carolina 3/5-6

    Boarding has been pushed back to ~10-10:30 PM for train 53 (6). The meal was SUBWAY sandwiches, chips, and cans of Pepsi/bottles of water. Edit: Changed back up to 9:45
  13. jacorbett70

    Auto Train (+Silvers) delay South Carolina 3/5-6

    Estimated arrival of #52: 4:30 PM Some sort of in-station dinner at 7PM Estimated boarding for #53 9PM Lunch is planned tomorrow on board about 11AM.
  14. I am taking Auto Train 53 from Lorton today and found the northbound equipment shows as stopped just north of Charleston SC with a now-expected arrival 2:50 PM to turn. If no further delays I think it takes a minimum of four hours to turn the equipment. Train 53 shows on the map as having passed 52 at its stopped point, and passed Charleston going south, but no estimated Sanford arrival, just a 'Service Disruption' message. Train 98 (5) cleared the area last night but it appears 97 (5) is at its service stop in Florence.
  15. There were three cabs waiting for the ~5:15 AM arrival this past Saturday AM. There was also a posted list in the station: Paradise Express 843-597-1425 JD Express 843-609-1235 North Area 843-554-7575 Yellow Cab 843-577-6565 There was also a yellow phone for Hertz car rental