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  1. WOW. I am surprised also. Maybe it is some sort of a glitch. Maybe a tour group/travel agency has booked all the sleepers. I would keep checking. I would also call Amtrak. Maybe they are able to tell if there is a problem or if the sleepers are actually sold out (at a fairly slow time of year 11 months in the future).
  2. The day I want to take the Meteor to NYP in January is sold out (which I assume is because of the safety patrol). I will be taking the Star.
  3. Is Star sold out also? Is coach sold out? It may be reserved for a special event.
  4. E is my first choice, however I was in A not too long ago and it was fine. I liked the quiet.
  5. I was in D on 29 last week and, in my opinion, I had the best room in that train. No one was in E and the way the consist was configured, my couch was facing forward. I really lucked out.
  6. pennyk

    Food Problems on Coast Starlight

    There were no lunch reservations on my recent SWC trip.
  7. Betty is now home from the hospital after having a portion of a lung removed and undergoing heart and lung rehab. She is still hurting and does not have a lot of stamina, BUT she is cancer free. Please join me in sending Betty our best wishes and for a speedy recovery now that the worst is behind her.
  8. I would not go out of my way to go there (and I didn’t). I do not eat French Dip sandwiches and had breakfast on the train. I ate lunch at the new brewery in Union Station and had fish tacos and a local craft beer for an extremely reasonable price.
  9. I was on the SWC this week. It looked like we were going to be early, but got delayed by freight overnight. Breakfast started at 5am and went until Riverside. Because we were running a bit late, we had plenty of time to eat. The choices were scrambled eggs, pancakes or continental.
  10. pennyk

    National Menu Changes?

    I am on the Southwest Chief and just finished lunch. Although the menus are dated September 2017, the menus are in a lot better shape than those used on the Silver Meteor. Either there was a subsequent printing or SWC passengers take better care of the menus than SM passengers. On the SWC, the server requested the menus back after we ordered. On the SM, the menus were stored on the window sills next to the tables. Speaking of lunch, I had an extremely interesting tablemate today. She is more or less my age and grew up in Belfast. (she lives in the US now and is on her way to visit her daughter in San Diego). When she was 15, she was walking home from school with the school's "pet" hamster in a cage. An 18 year old soldier saw the shiny cage (and possibly thinking it was a weapon) and shot her in the leg. He then killed the hamster. She thinks her story made the news because of the hamster. She was in the hospital for a few weeks and still walks with a limp. Also in Belfast she saw other atrocities that I will not share, but she had me in tears in the dining car.
  11. I suggest that you assume that you will have a seat mate for the entire trip. Generally on the Silvers, they seat passengers in cars by destination. You may be seated in a car with passengers going to New York and Newark. Your seatmate may be going to the same destination.
  12. WOW, I am glad to hear that. A friend of mine wrote the article and I am amazed at how many print newspapers have picked up the story (even though the print edition of the Orlando Sentinel has not yet picked it up).
  13. Most likely you will get an assigned seat on the Silver Star or the Silver Meteor. In my experience, the Silver Meteor is generally a shorter trip than the Silver Star. The benefit of a roomette is that you do not have to worry about the person that is assigned to sit next to you. Most likely you will have a seat mate in mid spring on the Silver Meteor. I travel on that train many times a year and rarely do I see the coaches less than half full. I do not travel on the Silver Star that often (because of the lack of dining car), but I have been in coach betwen Orlando and Tampa and have been assigned a seat most of the time.
  14. Thank you. I am on 29 now with very poor cell coverage. I am enjoying my complementary half bottle of wine.