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  1. https://www.boredpanda.com/traveling-japanese-trains-inside-look/
  2. I do not. The only time I used that storage area as when I traveled with my ex. He is tall enough to easily reach. I do not remember how much room is up there, but I am sure someone with more knowledge will chime in. I travel with a 21 inch roller bag that fits on the shelf next to the large seat. I am not tall enough (nor are my shoulders strong enough) to lift my bag into the storage cubby. Sleeping car attendants will assist me if I ask, but I would rather have my bag next to me (and not ask for help)
  3. There is some storage in roomettes near the upper bearth. It should be noted that not every station in Florida has checked baggage. You should make sure that your departure station does provide checked baggage.
  4. I travel from Florida to NY Penn Station quite often and find that I get the best fares the further out. However, there are members on this forum that have researched fares carefully and state that the best fares are 5 months out. The sleepers do not go on sale per se, but the price of sleepers can fluctuate. Because meals are not included on the Silver Star (trains 92 and 91), those fares are generally less than the fares on the Silver Meteor (trains 98 and 97), which include meals. It is likely that you will receive responses from members who have researched fares. I, personally, book as soon as I can.
  5. pennyk

    Late Trains, one major cause

    MODERATOR NOTE: Two threads with identical posts were merged. (thanks for heads up)
  6. pennyk

    2019 AGR card/coupons

    I received my 2019 (Select Executive) AGR packet a week or so ago. This morning I noticed that the card that was enclosed was a 2018 card with an expiration date of 2/28/19. I phoned AGR and was told that by mistake, last year's cards were sent out and I should be receiving a replacement card. I checked with a friend who is also SE. It happened to him also.
  7. pennyk

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    When traveling on the Star, I usually get the cheese and cracker tray (with either beer, wine or ice tea - depending on the time of day). I find that menu item more than adequate (and I do not have to worry about ingredients due to a food allergy).
  8. Pizza at the station has occured at least 3 times, if I remember correctly. Years ago, when there was a cafe across the street from the station, sleeper passengers were given vouchers to purchase lunch at the cafe when the Meteor was considerably late. I guess I have been lucky.
  9. I believe the Chicago facilities director who spearheaded the Legacy Lounge project is no longer with Amtrak. I have no idea if there is a relationship.
  10. Getting off the train early may create a problem if you have checked luggage. If you decide to get off early, make sure your car attendant knows in advance that you will be detraining early.
  11. Things happen. If the chef got sick and no one else in the dining car crew is qualified to cook, then nothing will be cooked in the dining car. I have been on a western train when there was a plumbing problem in the dining car. The sleeping car passengers received vouchers for food in the cafe car. It appears that they are handling this differently. Coby's question indicates that there is a possibility that "real" pizza may be delivered to the train. My home station is Orlando. A couple of times when 98 has been very late and sleeper passengers would be missing lunch, the Orlando station agents ordered pizza to serve to sleeping car passengers in the station. It is possible they are ordering pizza for the sleeping car passengers on the train.
  12. https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Woman-Dies-Fall-Subway-Stairs-Baby-505011161.html?_osource=SocialFlowFB_NYBrand&fbclid=IwAR3xp-Bvqy06LDTESrOlRfbC7zhd2_IvdL2c2cUk1RSrIt-9ZLi7iwBtaEo
  13. pennyk

    Mini-Marts Near Tampa Station

    I think it would be a risk (if you are not ticketed as such). Not too long ago, I was on 92 and a passenger ordered food through Uber Eats and it was delivered to the platform in Lakeland (at the second Lakeland stop). I believe there was some confusion and the passenger ended up running in order to get the food and get back on the train.
  14. Last July, when I rode the Crescent, we were a few hours late and we had an abbreviated menu and 2 choices of seating times (5pm or 6pm).