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  1. Bob Dylan

    SAC Station

    Renovations finished,no Food Court. But there is a Starbucks close to the Station and Old Sacramento on the River by the Rail Museum has several touristy/fast food options available.
  2. Outstanding! Surely looking forward to your trip reports and seeing y'all @ the Long Dog Station in Austin! And it sounds like British Trains are like Amtrak, the Claim is that No-one rides Trains anymore but somehow they are often Full!
  3. I agree, the Stew is better than the Sugar and Starch Bombs served on the Lake Shore and Cap!
  4. Bob Dylan

    What would you add?

    Yep, but it's not a terrible Route, just not the Beautiful Rockies between Denver and Utah!
  5. Bob Dylan

    Who in the world are you???

    Welcome to AU, it's great to have another Texan and Pilot that likes Trains!( I'm just a Commercial Pilot that flew for fun, but a Million Mile Passenger back in my working days!) We do have several Airline and Cargo Pilots as Members on AU! And how 'bout Them Cowboys and Longhorns!(believe it or not I'm pulling for Oklahoma against the Red Tide!)
  6. Ditto for Austin and I'm sure All other Texas Cities since most Traffic Engineers in the Lone Star State were trained @ Texas A&M.
  7. Bob Dylan

    Superliner Bedroom or Viewliner Bedroom

    And we know why!
  8. When I went to the Emergency Room for a very Painful Kidney Stone Condition, while I was waiting for treatment, a Clerk came and told me that my Insurance,wasn't going to cover this and that it would be approximately $6-$7,000, how did I want to handle this?? Since they can't deny Emergency treatment @ a Public Hospital by Law, I told them I was broke and they went ahead and treated me ( Excellent care)over a period of 8 Hours. A week later I received a Statement from my Insurance Company and they had Paid the Hospital $12,000! Make America Great again!
  9. Bob Dylan

    Texas Eagle vs Sunset Limited

    Yes! No WIFI on the Eagle.
  10. Bob Dylan

    Amtrak Fall 2018 Vacation

    You call the Regular Amtrak #, tell "Julie" you want an "Agent", once they answer ask them to transfer you to "Customer Relations". It sometimes takes awhile but is usually worth it to correct mistakes by Amtrak!
  11. Bob Dylan

    Soda on Canadian and ocean

    Ditto! I've paid for any Sodas I've consumed on the Canadian in the Park Car and Cafes. Never had one in the Diner.
  12. Bob Dylan

    Who in the world are you???

    Do you know why there will never be a "CSI Oklahoma or College Station?" There's no Dental Records and the DNA is all the same in Both Places! Hook 'em Horns!
  13. Bob Dylan

    New York question

    Don't forget the Hotels in Jersey around the Rail Stations, good deals to be had there most times!