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  1. Bob Dylan

    BUF - Depew

    You can also ride the City Bus downtown, it runs right beside Depew Station, but it is Slow ( but Cheap)and goes through less than the beautiful part of Buffalo. Downtown is a fascinating look back @ the time when Buffalo rivaled New York City for Wealth and Influence!! It is a much more interesting City than Rochester or Syracuse which are places that have seen much better days!
  2. See 1960s Game Plan to "Run 'em Off " by SP and other Class Is!
  3. Bob Dylan

    #1 LAX Arrival

    The Infamous 24 Hour Late Sunset Ltd. East!
  4. You just described every State in the US that currently has Amtrak Service as well as other Rail! As you said,Money is the Key ingredient, where is it coming from??
  5. Bob Dylan

    #1 LAX Arrival

    Keep in mind that the OBS on #1 do NOT get Paid after the Trains Scheduled Arrival time ( 0-Dark-Thirty) into LAX so you can't blame them for rushing everyone off the Train upon arrival. Used to be that Sleeping Car Passengers had until 630am to stay aboard, but with the Opening of the Metro Lounge in LAX , they can now head for the Lounge which opens @ 500am!
  6. Bob Dylan

    #1 LAX Arrival

    Duplicate post.
  7. Bob Dylan

    California Trains?

    Emeryville could easily be called West Oakland or East San Francisco since it sits on the Bay next to the Bay Bridge!
  8. Bob Dylan

    #1 LAX Arrival

    It's called "slotting" which is up to the Host Railroads and their Dispatchers as well as not interfering with the Commuters into LAX!
  9. Bob Dylan

    California Trains?

    Same reason the NE has Seperate Rail authorities running on the same tracks( ie Amtrak,Metro North,SEPTA,NJT etc etc.) Political jobs for the Government Cartels to hand out to their Soldiers!
  10. Bob Dylan

    NJT + SEPTA vs Amtrak To Philly

    Mystic River Dragons Favorite Station!
  11. Fair enough Ryan, I have no hard data,just know what I've read on-line and heard from rail fans. Also,Why don't the Star(vation) and the Card have Diners to replace the Less-than-Beloved Diner-Lites and Cafe Car now that the order is mostly complete? The apparent conversion of the New Diners to Sleeper Lounges such as on the Lake Shore makes me wonder if this will become SOP for ALL LD Viewliner Trains? I also have a question about the vanishing Baggage Cars, such as on the Texas Eagle and other LD Trains. Where are these Cars being utilized or stored and Why is this happening?
  12. Seeing is believing! Let's hope that the Powers that be @ Amtrak don't park them in a yard in Florida like the Diners after testing and acceptance!!
  13. Free Alcohol and better Snacks were the main differences!
  14. Bob Dylan

    EB 27/28 Meal Service

    The Boxed Supper from PDX is prepared by a well known Caterer in Portland and is Excellent. Your SCA will give you a choice of several meals ( Seafood,Chicken,Veggie etc) after you leave Portland. The Early Birds get first choice, I prefer the Seafood Box myself. The Boxed Breakfast from Spokane isn't as good, its usually Yogurt,Fruit,a Croissantwhich,Juice. it is usually served in the Sightseer Lounge as the Sun comes up over the Columbia Gorge as you roll down the River towards the City of Roses. IMO Both are much better than the original Cold Boxed Meals served on the Lake Shore and Cap .( there are now updated meals with Hot Option on those Trains)
  15. Bob Dylan

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    Are we talking on or off duty? If off duty, I'd let it go. If on duty, but on break I'd tend to let it go, but it is technically against the rules. No offense to those who have previously questioned if it would be okay to sit in the crew lounge, and I know this off topic, but this would be a prime reason of why the crew needs to have a personal space where passengers can't go. I agree that staff needs privacy when off duty Triley, but the "Lounge Lizard "OBS that hang out in the Diner and Cafe I've seen aren't on breaks. I've even seen them using them in the Diner while camping out @ tables while Passengers stand and wait to be seated.( the Chicago based staff seem to be the ones who do this the most. )