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  1. saxman

    TEXRail Opens

    Just a couple minutes walk on the other side of the highway.
  2. Huh? The LAX is the replacement of the horrible Traxx Lounge. It's pretty nice and is one of the newer lounges for Amtrak. I've always thought it was quite nice up there. Sure, Chicago now is nicer now, but nothing will be done to the LAX lounge any time soon. It is the permanent replacement of the Traxx Lounge.
  3. saxman

    TEXRail Opens

    The way the airport layout is, that's the only place to put it. Thats right next to the terminal though. It'd be cool if they could add a stop for the Skylink right there, so you can take an elevator up, go through TSA and hop on the Skylink to another terminal. That's my expensive idea at least.
  4. It’s crazy to think that there was no rail link to JFK until 2004 or ‘05. I think EWR’s Airtrain opened about the same time, as horrific as that thing is. LGA’s will go the wrong direction to Willets Point.
  5. saxman

    TEXRail Opens

    I forgot to think about the fact that most of the line is single track with sidings, so that might limit the schedule for the foreseeable future. I'm glad it's starting out with a bang though. When the A-Train opened it was pretty much relegated to rush hour only service when it began. If you didn't check the schedules carefully, you'd be waiting at the Green Line a few hours to make the transfer. TRE has really upped its frequency as well. When the #22, the Texas Eagle arrived on time into FTW, you'd have to wait 2 hours or so for the next eastbound train toward Dallas. Now you only have to wait 27 minutes or up to a maximum of an hour if #22 is running behind. Now the west side of the Metroplex will be much better connected. Just sure wish Fort Worth hadn't turned down the streetcar plan several years ago.
  6. saxman

    TEXRail Opens

    Looks like TexRail will officially open on January 5th. They've already posted timetables. It'll run once per hour every day with no difference between weekday or weekend, nor even extra trains during rush hour. 51 to 52 minutes between the end stations, DFW Airport to Fort Worth. https://ridetrinitymetro.org/texrail/schedules/
  7. saxman

    Lion Air JT610

    Not sure what you're trying to say, but pitot tubes are absolutely essential to be operational, at least one of them at least. It has less to do with automated flight, and more to do with that they tell the airspeed of the aircraft to the pilots. In small pistons, they are directly linked to the airspeed indicator. In larger aircraft it goes to an air data computer and then directly to the airspeed indicator. Whether hand flying or in auto-pilot, the pilots need to know how fast the aircraft is going through the air. It is probably THE most important piece of information to have, and you can't have that without working pitot tubes. Luckily there are three on most commercial aircraft. The likelihood of loosing all three are slim to none. I'll give you that it does take proper monitoring and crosschecking to find the bad pitot tube, if it were to happen. The plane usually tells you if there starts to be a discrepancy. I suppose if all three tubes went bad, there are charts in the Quick Reference Handbook that we can dig through to look up weight and thrust settings to fly in case things really get. It's probably the last thing I want to do. Also, automated flight is a tool to transfer workload between the computer and the human. Even when it's on, pilots constantly have to monitor and always have to tell it what to do. Many times, it's actually a higher work load on the pilot to have it on, so we turn it off. It's all about workload management. In the end, pitot tubes are essential.
  8. saxman

    Lion Air JT610

    It is probably the most fundamental device on the aircraft. More so than anything.
  9. ^Basically what he said. I'm trying to get some inside information, but basically it's probably a combination of not having the right equipment and the ground personal not being properly trained on working the ERJ-175. The FAA is very strict about this sort of thing and perhaps the cheapest and easiest solution was to just turn back to Chicago. If they had landed, it may have taken hours to get a set of stairs together, or the plane could have parked at the gate, they might not have been able to push it back with out the right tow bar. Certainly, in an emergency the aircraft could divert to CHA and they could work out something then, but this wasn't an emergency. Had it landed, the aircraft would have probably been stuck there for awhile.
  10. You do not need to connect to the SWC to take the SPI-GBB shuttle. You probably just hit another city pair that won't give you the option of taking the Thruway. You are just required to have a train on one or another end of the Thruway. Since you're taking the Texas Eagle to SPI, that is a legal connection. I just tried a dummy booking from FTW to GBB, and it puts you on the SPI-GBB Thruway. It looks like going from LAX, though, it wants you to take the SWC directly or take the CZ. There's another legal connection at Bloomington and you can take that bus to GBB, but that results in a longer layover in BNL. So if you really want the shuttle from SPI to GBB, you'd have to call or try the multi-city option.
  11. Well this one came out of nowhere. I saw that BA was going to announce another US city. I did not expect Charleston, but this is what the 787 was designed for. We'll see how this one performs. https://thepointsguy.com/news/british-airways-to-charleston/
  12. saxman

    JFK Airtrain <--> Subway

    If you take the Airtrain a lot, you can buy a 10 ride pass for $25. I use to do this often when I was a regular working out of JFK.
  13. saxman

    Lufthansa Begins Austin Service

    I'm sure Lufthansa thought about the housing market and other transportation infrastructure before making the decision to serve the market. As with a downturn in the economy, lots of flights go away, domestic and international. Then they come back when things get better. As with connections I'm sure many Austinites will enjoy a one or two seat ride to Europe. More choices and more connectivity is better for everyone.
  14. Looks like Austin continues to grow with another flight to Europe. In May 2019, Lufthansa will began non-stop service from Frankfurt using an Airbus A330. https://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/flights/todayinthesky/2018/10/04/lufthansa-austin-nonstops-frankfurt/1522543002/
  15. '08 was pretty bleak. American didn't hire a single pilot between 2001 and 2013 while the regionals exploded. It's different now. Pilot's are now being hired everywhere like mad. It's really unprecedented. Many regionals are having trouble filling training classes, but it is causing salaries to do go sharply up, and bonuses to be put on. The legacies are going to retire 2/3rd's of their pilot group in the next 10 years.