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  1. acelafan

    Crescent cancellations?

    With the NB consist originating in ATL, does anyone know if the diner will serve dinner those days? I can probably guess the answer...
  2. acelafan

    City of New Orleans on time performance?

    I wish 19 and 20 were like that.
  3. acelafan

    City of New Orleans on time performance?

    The 30 minutes early value surprised me, too. In fact, for the past 60 days it arrived an average of 38 minutes early, and 42 minutes early (median value). I never would have guessed that.
  4. Amtrak has posted the Midwest service 2018 Thanksgiving Holiday timetables - nothing yet for NEC/Keystone or other areas.
  5. acelafan

    Amtrak’s data is hard to find

    Didn't know this was published - thanks for posting it! Maybe Amtrak will eventually realize that open-source data can be a boon to their business.
  6. acelafan

    Status of Amtrak Status Maps - dixielandsoftware

    448 is tracking now - thanks for pointing that out. (I didn't fix it, but a little birdy I know at Amtrak must have.)
  7. Sadly, no...if there is a 'next time' I'll give more notice for those in the local area. Sorry about that.
  8. Glad to hear there is some interest! I can ask about recording, but I know the local group really tries to encourage live participation.
  9. acelafan

    Status of Amtrak Status Maps - dixielandsoftware

    It might not be trivial but I think we can get it working again. Just need some time and maybe a little luck.
  10. My fault for not posting this earlier...but if you are in the DC area and interested in coding and visualizing data about Amtrak, transit or other rail, come to the Transportation Techies Meetup Thursday August 30! It is being held from 6pm to 9pm near Washington Union Station. We'll be discussing Amtrak Status Maps, the ASM archive database (ASMAD), and the transitdocs Better Track-A-Train. Should be a fun night for anyone interested in coding and transit/train/Amtrak data. Feel free to stop by!
  11. acelafan

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    Is the RPA (and others) adequately calling out this lie? Amtrak spreading these falsehoods is not good, obviously. It's clear they don't want to fight very hard (if at all) to make the current or even an alternate routing work.
  12. acelafan

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    It's a positive step, for sure. Guess we'll see what happens in the House and then the final reconciliation.
  13. acelafan

    Horrific Timekeeping (Crescent and Silvers)

    I didn't look at all of them, but for #98 arriving at NYP Jan 1-July 31 of this year the average AR delay is 1 hour and 13 minutes late, median 42 minutes late. For the same period in 2017 it was 57 minutes and 29 minutes late, respectively. So yeah, it's worse this year.
  14. acelafan

    Horrific Timekeeping (Crescent and Silvers)

    Here are some charts from ASMAD - arrivals on 91/97 at MIA and 92/98 at NYP. Northbound Meteor (98) seems to have a slight upward trend since the spring.
  15. Hi, the source data stopped working yesterday, and Amtrak's own train tracker is also down. It is something they will have to fix.