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    Amtrak's New Train Tracker Map

    The information is not instantaneous. For example 14(1) is right now between Eugene and Albany, OR. According to the tracker, it was going 78 mph near Junction City as of 1:35 pm PT.
  2. Status maps say there's a "Service Disruption," but give no further details. You have to call them up to find out why, but I don't want to tie up the phone lines.
  3. "Why don't Americans ride trains?" Why don't Mexicans or Canadians ride trains? Outside of its own corridor between Montreal and Toronto, how much traffic do Canadian passenger trains get? The transcontinental Canadian runs only a couple of times a week, basically more of a "land cruise" that also provides service to a few remote villages in places like northern Ontario. Meanwhile, how many passenger trains (beyond the Copper Canyon route) run in Mexico? Since the late '90s, passenger rail has been nothing more than a rapidly fading memory in most of Mexico. It's not just the Americans that don't ride trains very much anymore. It's all of North America, and I would guess that much of Latin America (besides Mexico) also prefers to travel by car, bus, or plane.
  4. An uncomfortable domestic flight will last, at most, eight hours. An uncomfortable cross-country rail trip will take three days, maybe longer (depending on delays). Many people are willing to tolerate being cooped up in an airliner for a few hours in order to enjoy more time at their destination. The same is not true of train (or even bus) travel.
  5. Let me try one: San Francisco to Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 28: San Francisco to SJC via Caltrain (4-zone trip): $9.00 (vending machine) or $8.75 (Clipper Card) SJC to LAX: $55.00 Total: $64.00 or $63.75 (No Thruway bus service between San Francisco and Emeryville on Wednesday through Labor Day weekend due to the Bay Bridge closure.) SFO to LAX on Wednesday, August 28: Southwest Airlines (Anytime Fare): $215 United Airlines (lowest fare): $215 Changing the United parameters for "Any airport" in the Bay Area to "Any airport" in the L.A. area gives the same results. It will be interesting to see how the fares compare once the bullet train gets to be up and running (assuming it ever does).
  6. According to the law, you must carry the original document at all times. Whether you'll be prosecuted for breaking the law if you carry a copy instead is another matter. Do I really need to carry my green card with me?
  7. A means of population control in an overcrowded country, I suppose. It seems like a little common sense would have gone a long way here. And I cannot believe the railroad doesn't do enough business to make enough money in order to do one or the other.
  8. DET63

    Xpress West

    More That someone was me. Thanks for clarifying the fact that the thread I started (or tried to) was about a topic that was peripheral to what has been discussed here, but was yet to be directly addressed.
  9. BART strikes blocked for now; no progress on talks So we have until October to get this dispute resolved without the trains being held up. Will negotiations resume only in late September?
  10. O.J. Simpson is a guest of the Gray Bar Hotel.
  11. Related: BART strike ban would need state legislation
  12. More (with comments) Many people, even in the politically liberal Bay Area, have little sympathy for the BART employees. They're well-paid and receive generous benefits, rarely seen in the private sector or even elsewhere in the public sector.
  13. Perhaps the train operator thought the call was part of doing his duty: