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  1. https://www.apnews.com/3ec3aa853b3744e08ca1ca65a07796e0
  2. Meat Puppet

    AutoTrain Question

    When using a companion voucher on the AutoTrain can both parties bring a vehicle if the vehicle cost is paid?
  3. He was looking for the Parlour Car so he could Hog the swivel seats..
  4. Ultra Heavy-lift Amphibious Connector Vehicle 1/2 scale experimental prototype used by US Marines. If built the real ones will be twice the size.
  5. Just my list of things in the last 5 years or so that disappeared. Unlimited bottled water Wine tasting (EB/CS) Trivia contest (EB) Welcome champagne (EB/CS) Ghirardelli chocolates (SL) Morning newspaper Hagen Daz ice cream Shampoo/Conditioner bag (CS) Smoking car (AT) not that I care Parlor Car Unlimited ice Cranberry juice Real china
  6. dont rub it in.... im still feeling thr pain.............im relapshing...i need my train 4 night cross country trips bacl for 18.000 miles
  7. Meat Puppet

    Solar Eclipse watching?

    has anyone compiled alist of what trains will meet the eclipse on its way across the county? and more specifically the times, thankyou in advance
  8. Sounds like the Silver Meteor to me
  9. Whats the minimum amount of work a sleeping car attendant can do so the customer doesn't realize I am lazy? what's the minimum amount of tip that I should leave so the sleeping car attendant doesn't realize that I'm a cheapskate? (on the CONO) Thanks!
  10. Just towels and Amsoap when I was there 5 months ago...Let me know if you get lucky and the have the Ampoo
  11. Meat Puppet

    Nearby liquor store in LA

    801 W Ceasar is up and running every day at 9:30am for your liquor needs. 10 min walk from LAUS
  12. Bring a heavy duty plastic garbage bag and your room waste basket makes a fine cooler as long as you have an accomadating sca with ice.
  13. Towels provided along with Amsoap
  14. I miss my 3 train, 4 night trips for 19000 points
  15. The new system blows. I travel not to get from point a to b, I travel to ride the train....Long gone are the 3 train, 4 night, 5 day trips for 20,000 points....