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  1. did they say what was going to go in the old Legacy Club space?
  2. definitely call them, especially if you are a frequent rider....it always amazes me that they can run a business being this late. Of course if it's weather related that's a different story.
  3. wwchi

    Seating Protocol

    I still wish you could reserve a seat when making a business class reservation. It's only one car so destination doesn't matter. If you book early you get the benefit of more to choose from - if it's a last minute reservation (which I've also made) you get what's available, just like on the airline sites.
  4. not to mention I've been getting alerts of a LOT of mechanical and signal issues - it's been overall pretty cold here, not as bad as tomorrow and yesterday was about 30, but many days have been single digits.
  5. wwchi

    Pere Marquette changes

    I have ridden this train for 15 years - typically Thursday/Friday/Sunday/Monday but have also seen it full on Tuesday and Wednesday. I can't speak to Saturdays as I don't think I've ever done that. I'm sure Fridays and Mondays are most packed but like I said 15 years of a variety of days has shown me a lot.
  6. wwchi

    Pere Marquette changes

    exactly my feeling - those numbers are not matching up to real experience. I get on at St Joe and even that train in the morning has increased ridership a LOT since I first started taking it, summer is crazy busy and even now in winter there are at least 10 people getting on when there used to be maybe 3.
  7. wwchi

    Pere Marquette changes

    I've been riding this train for 15 years and this comes up over and over again, yet the train is nearly sold out all summer. If they need to revise schedules seasonally that's one thing but losing this train in the summer would be overkill. With all the advertising for St. Joseph for summer events they are counting on that train to bring in people mostly from Chicago. I can't imagine losing this train. I also use the Wolverine and there are I think 4 of them in each direction daily, several of which stop in Michigan City and/or Hammond and all I believe in New Buffalo. I'm not sure what it adds to have the Pere Marquette stop at any of those places. The PM leaves Union Station at 6:30 pm, and there is a Wolverine right around 6 pm so not sure it really adds anything. The morning train stops in SJ at 8:10 or so heading to Chicago so would be in NBU at around 8:40 - that might be useful as I think the first train from NBU into Chicago is the 11:24. Who knows though...it's ridiculous that a train that's this busy even gets considered for the chopping block. In fact we need 2 a day each way.
  8. wwchi

    Regional BC Drink Issues

    My business class on the Michigan trains is almost always sold out. And yes, with kids too (some of which are ignored by their parents while they play all over the floor in that car as if it's their own living room unfortunately). I, like many others are often trying to work, and like Business Class for it being generally quieter and more spacious. That and the earlier boarding is what make it for me. Don't care too much about the free drink or newspaper, but agree it should be consistent!
  9. wwchi

    Wolverine Performance

    I take this train every Thursday but only to New Buffalo, so not very far at all. I have to say it is definitely consistently late. By how much varies. Sometimes delays occur 10 minutes out of the Chicago station because of freight traffic. There are stretches I believe that are high speed but honestly I'm not sure how much that helps make up time. I think they are expecting more stretches of high speed track so maybe that's delayed? Certainly frustrating that they can never seem to run on time.
  10. wwchi

    Chicago Union Station

    yes I'm curious now! I'm usually in Business so don't use the Legacy Club but would be interested in knowing!
  11. wwchi

    Chicago Union Station

    It closed already? I could've sworn I saw Legacy passengers last week coming into the holding area...?
  12. wwchi

    Amfleet I Interior Refresh

    saw one on one of the Michigan trains a couple weeks ago
  13. agree you should be able to see seat availability FIRST...if I am looking at flying I want to see what seats are available - if only middle seats are available I might choose a different flight. Also agree with the person who wants to book 2 seats together - should be able to know that first!
  14. wwchi

    Amtrak App/Mobile Site Useless

    I had a reservation disappear and I went to my reservations (I usually book many at a time) to cancel it and it wasn't there. I went to my EMAIL folder where I keep the confirmations I get from booking on line and it was there - so to cancel it I had to input the reservation #, etc. What a crock - if I didn't do that and just assumed I had no reservation I would've lost money. I usually print out my reservation for my Chicago departure but for my return trip from SJM I never print it - they all know me and check me in without it.
  15. wwchi

    Amtrak App/Mobile Site Useless

    yeah the app when working is great but honestly it's had so many problems over the years INCLUDING that it doesn't match up your reservations with the website. That's just ridiculous! With all the apps out there that do so many things you'd think this would be a slam dunk. It's basically been inconsistent for me over the years. Lately it's been ok, but I've had issues here and there too - Samsung Galaxy user here.