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  1. railiner

    What would you add?

    Very 'creative' map....are you going to build railroads where there aren't any?
  2. Removing the galley equipment seems like a bad choice to me... Of course, what is done, can later be 'reversed', but at what cost? They should just do what they are doing now, for now, and leave the equipment intact, just in case a future administration hopefully changes this direction, but they seem determined to "burn their bridges" behind them....
  3. Have you ever been on one? I would suggest you check out this site, some time....but don't "get lost" there, and come back here... https://boards.cruisecritic.com/
  4. It would seem to be mutually beneficial, but JL has never seemed to be interested in developing an interline connection at OSC... I did it myself just prior to Amtrak in 1971...rode the combined Afternoon Zephyr/Empire Builder/North Coast limited to Minneapolis, JL to OSC, and CZ back to Chicago. IIRC, JL at that time stopped 'in town' in OSC....whereas Continental Trailways had lots of interline agreements with it's former local CB&Q owner's at various points....
  5. Just did a repositioning cruise from New York to New Orleans aboard the Norwegian Breakaway...booked it "last minute", and got aboard the 15 night cruise for less than $700.... Came home on the Crescent. I did a proper crossing aboard the QE2, in January of 2008, her last winter crossing (joined the "Winter Crossing Club"), from Soton to New York prior to her retirement. On the first and last night, dress code was "informal" (a business suit), but the five nights in between were all "black tie" Things are a lot less formal aboard the QM2, nowadays....
  6. Great photo's...thanks for posting!
  7. railiner

    “Live” from 20(12)

    Sorry, but I can't recall all of the menu option's...I should have taken one for a souvenir, or at least a photo of one. Once I found the Surf and Turf, I looked no further.... The second day, the dinner (due to late arrival) offered just 3 choices, and I chose the chicken.
  8. railiner

    “Live” from 20(12)

    I have to say, despite the late departure, and even later arrival in New York (7:40 PM), I thoroughly enjoyed my first long distance train ride on Amtrak since the early '90's. The Viewliner roomette was a pleasure to ride in, the sleeper attendant was excellent, friendly, helpful, provided great information....even gave me a copy of Train's magazine.He hoisted my large suitcase onto the upper bunk for me, made great coffee in the morning, and found my friend and me in the lounge car to bring us back into the diner whenever they were ready to serve a meal. Speaking of meal's, I enjoyed every morsel of them...the salad, the main course, and veggies, and dessert. What a shame they no longer offer this service on the other trains.... The train crew made plenty of announcements advising of reasons for all of our delays, whether it be freight, commuter or other train meets....slow order's for work area's or flood warning's, copying of train order's, etc... I had my scanner in my bag, but found no reason whatsoever to pull it out. The wifi worked very nicely, almost the entire way. My best compliment to Amtrak is that even though I can fly free, I will still patronize them occasionally, just for the fun of it!
  9. railiner

    Bus Nostalgia

    The official name of the General Motor's PD-4501 built exclusively for Greyhound was the Scenicruiser. When they were rebuilt in 1961 and 1962 by Marmon-Herrington, with the new Detroit Diesel 8v-71 replacing the twin 4's, amongst other improvement's, Greyhound dubbed them Super Scenicruiser's. The single level PD-4104's originally called Highway Traveler's by Greyhound, and the new PD-4106 were dubbed Scenicruiser Service. Later on, when the MCI MC-7 came out, it was dubbed the Super 7 Scenicruiser, followed by the MC-8 Americruiser, and then the MC-9 Americruiser II. MCI called all of them "Challenger's", replacing the previous name "Courier" used in Canada. There was also a limited production MCI MC-6, built only for Greyhound called the Supercruiser. Going back into the later '30's, 40's, and early '50's, Greyhound used names like Supercoach, and Silverside, for GM and Yellow predecessor models...
  10. railiner

    Bus Nostalgia

    In manufacturer, General Motor's parlance, the 35 foot PD-4107, was referred to in sales brochure's as the "Luxury Liner", and the 40 foot PD-4903 version, the "Super Luxury Liner"... Bus fans refered to them as "Buffalo's" or "Batmobile's", in some area's....
  11. railiner

    Bus Nostalgia

    They varied the roll sign's by the division that owned the coach. I recall earlier EGL coaches having "St. Stephen" on the roll. That was the end of the line for GL, with SMT (Eastern Limited), beyond there. I recall the generic "Maritimes", not sure if they ever had a "Halifax", or other maritime cities on the roll.
  12. railiner

    “Live” from 20(12)

    Just finished last dinner on train here at Wilmington....Thyme chicken was very tasty. Train consist: 635 from WAS 152 to WAS 62. To WAS 25034 25108 25098 28001 68021 62037 62000 61050
  13. railiner

    “Live” from 20(12)

  14. railiner

    “Live” from 20(12)

    Speaking of “97”, this (Lynchburg), looks like an appropriate spot to cue up Johnny Cash’s rendition of “The Wreck of Old 97”...