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  1. railiner

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    The car on the left is a Pullman-Standard built “Superdome”. The one on the right is a. Budd built “Big Dome” or “Great Dome”, depending on if it was a former ATSF or GN...
  2. railiner

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    Yes...but only one to be “shared” by passengers in that car, and other flat top coaches on the train. Gold service, everyone sits in Ultra Dome. There is a single level panoramic lounge with glass top on some trains...
  3. railiner

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    That’s why I consider the short Vista-Domes to be the best for sightseeing. The original CZ ran the coach domes together, and there was sufficient distance between the domes for a decent forward (and rearward) view. And having only six rows meant not being very far from the ends. When I rode the ARR “Gold Service” Ultra Dome from Anchorage to Seward in August of 2017, I made sure I was assigned seat 1A in ‘car A’, yielding the best view on the train, this side of the engineer. Looked out high over baggage car and locomotives.
  4. railiner

    Amtrak Announcements

    As far as 'law' is concerned, the DOT does now require certain safety announcements be made on intercity buses.... In the past, there was no such thing, but there is now...not sure when it started, but the driver has to mention location and use of emergency exits, fire extinguisher's, etc....
  5. railiner

    New River Train 2018

    I agree....the 'Great Domes' were built by The Budd Company....as were the similar Santa Fe 'Big Domes'... The 'Super Domes were built by Pullman-Standard.
  6. The Bliss is big all right, but not quite that big....it's length is 1,094 feet.
  7. railiner

    New River Train 2018

    Superb writing and photo's....congratulation's on a job well done! Your pride in your job clearly comes thru, between the lines....
  8. railiner

    Joyride to Philly

    Wow, the regional’s are free, too? So you can ride from Delaware to New Jersey, free?
  9. railiner

    New Menus on #8

    I may be wrong, but IIRC, when I enjoyed the "Land and Sea" on the Crescent in November, the "sea" part was a mix of crab, scallop, and shrimp in a cake...not just crab...
  10. railiner

    Joyride to Philly

    Great report, thanks for posting! Brings back great memories of when I used to visit Philly almost weekly for a couple of years in the late sixties... The last time I was there, was to ride the Autumn Excursion's a few years ago...
  11. railiner

    More Amtrak Railcars for sale

    "Google is your friend"....from cpotisch's hint...... https://ozarkmountainrailcar.com/railEquipmentGrid.php?category=Passenger Equipment
  12. railiner

    Amtrak website glitch

    Worked fine for me...I just did it to check fares on 98 in July....too high on my date. I'll keep checking until then, but will most likely fly...
  13. Not a problem...book from Chicago to Albany....claim your bike, and........start pedaling.....
  14. railiner

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    To a scrap dealer? Such 'secrecy'?
  15. railiner

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    What organization is that? And for what purpose?