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    Things to take with you

    12 1/2 years a member for me. [emoji324][emoji322][emoji898]
  2. Chatter163

    Port Charlotte, FL, Thruway Bus "station"?

    Wow, a table on board the bus. Who knew?
  3. It was only a few years ago that the question was the exact opposite, I.e., are credit and debit cards accepted on board?
  4. Chatter163

    Food Problems on Coast Starlight

    I agree that six months is a good litmus test, certainly not more than a year. If there has been no reply in that time, the thread would be better served by being locked to further comments, but open for reading.
  5. Chatter163

    Food Problems on Coast Starlight

    I disagree. Many forums do not even allow that. Starting a new topic increases the chance of current info being posted and viewed.
  6. Chatter163

    Food Problems on Coast Starlight

    This is a four and a half year-old thread that has been resurrected. [emoji848]
  7. For Amtrak, I’d call 2:42 a delay, but certainly not a “severe delay.”
  8. Nope. Both run to the mirror.
  9. Chatter163

    Ice in sleepers?

    It’s not necessary to use the Name of Jesus in that way. Thank you for your future restraint.
  10. Chatter163

    Late Trains and Station Closing Times

    Nothing really to learn. In the pre-internet era, taxi drivers used to call the Amtrak 800 number to check on arrival times. Now they simply use the Amtrak app or website. No magic involved.
  11. Chatter163

    WiFi on trains?

    I travel fairly regularly on the Crescent, and the WiiFi is usually good. Of course, tunnels and mountains occasionally disrupt the signal, but that's not too often.
  12. Chatter163

    Accommodations in Chicago-Missed Connection

    Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  13. Chatter163

    Accommodations in Chicago-Missed Connection

    In 2002, my wife and I were to take the Sunset Limited from Orlando to Los Angeles. I called Amtrak the day before our departure for something, only to be told that it had been annulled, due to a freight derailment in Texas. We had reserved a bedroom six months before, and this was a major trip for us. I had also used Amtrak Vacations to arrange for our hotel and sightseeing, so this was a big deal. I did essentially what everyone here was telling the OP to do; I called Amtrak immediately and asked what the plan would be. They said they were willing to work with me on it. Knowing the Amtrak route system, I asked if there were sleepers available on the Silver Meteor to DC, the Capital Limited to Chicago, and the southwest Chief to LA. One train at a time, the agent checked and found a bedroom, two of which were handicapped. As she checked each one, she made the reservation immediately, so no one else could snag it. We would be two days late into LA, but we would still have five of our planned seven days there. We accepted that, and the agent stayed on the line and got Amtrak Vacations on for me. Before leaving, she said that it had been a good idea to proactively call Amtrak, and avoid the mess that would be at the station the next day. Granted, this was a day early, but Amtrak had only just started to call people, and they weren’t likely to reach everyone. Amtrak Vacations called the hotel with me on the line, and changed our rezzie to two days later. The sightseeing portions were vouchers, so we could still use them anytime during the trip. Everything worked out well. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  14. Clairvoyance would indeed be required. Unless the individual said something along the lines of “I hate my employer, and I’m doing everything I can to stick it to them!” you are making a huge leap of logic, based solely on your own personal views. She could have merely been having a bad day—though that seems unlikely, since your earlier post mentioned how helpful she was—but you’ve made an interpretation that is both subjective and illogical. Speculation about the thought process of strangers is always a shaky proposition, something that two people have now pointed out. If I were you, I wouldn’t attempt to defend it further. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  15. I would suggest that this thread be removed. Let’s not give the Amtrak planners and Congress any ideas. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  16. I'd be careful leveling such a charge without evidence. Seeing as how the piece had already been measured and cut, and had a defect, it would likely have had to been discarded had you declined the offered discount. Furthermore, she did not immediately jump to "here's 75% off". As such, it may very well be within policy (or even mandated) to offer a given amount to recoup SOMETHING off of what would otherwise simply be "sunk cost". YMMV, of course. I agree. The poster is making an absurd conjecture. He likely has no idea what the store’s policies regarding this are, and he most definitely cannot possibly determine that an employee, especially someone so nice, “hates their employer.” Clairvoyance would be required.
  17. Even if it weren't Amtrak, this statement needs a little elaboration. But especially Amtrak should mean more than this. Or it once did. Airlines don't fly passengers around because they enjoy doing it, they do it as a business, to make income. Some folk, such as myself, would say that trains and bus services should be subsidised to provide economic travel for all, as part of the infrastructure and support for society as a whole. Applying "business" thinking, instead of social needs thinking leads to a much reduced amenity for those at the bottom of the social scale. Opening up the Arctic Wildlife Reserves to oil drilling is an example of business over the needs of wider society. Yet airlines are heavily subsidized by the federal government, especially in their infrastructure of airports, air traffic controllers, etc., to say nothing of the bailouts that they can get in difficult economic times (e.g., after 9-11, during the recession). The oil drilling is a vastly different situation (should public lands be used for private profit?), so it's an apples-to-oranges comparison, even though there are plenty examples of public-private enterprises at every level of government.
  18. Chatter163

    A new way to wait for a train at LAX!

    Where will they film movies now?
  19. Chatter163

    The Crescent and Sunday blue laws

    So there you go. Sections (a)1 and 2 recognize the authority of the vast majority of federal LEOs to enforce federal laws, and state laws, as needed. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  20. Chatter163

    The Crescent and Sunday blue laws

    Oh, I completely agree. But such professional courtesy is quite different from claiming that federal LEOs are required to seek permission from local entities to perform their function
  21. Chatter163

    The Crescent and Sunday blue laws

    Can you direct us to a source that states that federal LE officers are required to seek permission from local entities to perform their function?
  22. Chatter163

    Using Points During Peak Times

    When I made reservations for my Thanksgiving trip, I was told that I got the last roomette available through AGR. So it seems that while there are no more blackout dates, there are a limited number of slots available through AGR. Sent from my iPad using Amtrak Forum
  23. Chatter163

    The longest trip on Amtrak

    In the 1990s, Miami to Los Angeles, on the Sunset Limited.