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  1. Late to this topic... I saw online several roomettes available for travel from Sac to Chicago, but the station agent found there were no through rooms available, a couple of years back. Also one time on a reserved seat train, we were told it was over booked, and to leave the lounge and sit in our coach seats, or loose them. (No one got dragged off the train by cops though, so that was good...) :D Ed
  2. caravanman

    Canadian rail adventure ideas

    Post deleted, no further comment. Ed.
  3. caravanman

    Canadian rail adventure ideas

    I find your post mocking poorer members to be offensive. Folk don't consider Motel 6 upscale, it's more that those of us who have very limited resources find them good value for what little money we can afford. Same goes for hostels, etc. I would rather visit somewhere in America for 4 nights in a Motel 6, than 1 night in a more expensive place. Ed.
  4. I suggest that if you want to book a room "a few days later" as mentioned, that you do that now. It probably is either a glitch in the system, or a block booking for a club or similar group of people. They would need to book straight away as soon as available, as a group in order to obtain all the rooms they required, so that could be one answer to the "early booking"... Ed.
  5. Best wishes from across the pond ! Ed.
  6. caravanman

    Penn Station to JFK Airport

    According to their website the one way and return tickets are valid for 60 days, including the day of purchase. Ed.
  7. It may have been down, but seems fine to me now.... Ed,
  8. caravanman

    Crescent Accident in Hattiesburg MS (12/5/18)

    Even if no physical injuries were reported, the friend might well be stressed by witnessing such an event. I think it can show up later as PTSD. Ed.
  9. caravanman

    United Airlines Lithium Battery policy?

    There were some restrictions on bringing laptops, etc, as carry on items, but this was a security scare, now seemingly past... The missing Malaysian airliner was said to be carrying a big cargo load of lithium batteries, just saying... Not booked any flights, starting to get itchy feet again! (London to Chicago direct for £300 return in January looks good, albeit with only one carry on personal item). Thanks again for all the clarifications. Ed.
  10. caravanman

    United Airlines Lithium Battery policy?

    Cheers for that information, I had no idea that any luggage that contained batteries even existed, hence my confusion. Further reading on United informs me that I can't even bring a normal carry on cabin size bag in their very cheapest seats, but just one even smaller "personal item". Time to dig out my huge overcoat with all the "poachers pockets", methinks... Thanks again! Ed
  11. Hi Folks, I am not a frequent flier, but everytime I think about a flight, the "rules" seem to change! I found this on the United Airlines website today: Safety notice Effective July 9, 2018, lithium batteries that are installed in any checked or carry-on baggage must be removed by the customer. Once removed, these batteries can be transported on board. Smart bags that do not have a removable battery cannot travel on any United or United Express® flights. I recently bought a small lightweight asus laptop, the battery is completely within the laptop. Am I missing something??? Ed.
  12. caravanman

    India trip report now updated

    Bangladesh is not Pakistan, but there were recent reports of up to 50 people, online bloggers and similar, being killed for "speaking out". If I wanted to visit I would not be concerned, but just be aware. I visited Mayanmar in 1984, and enjoyed the train ride from Rangoon to Mandalay. As far as I know, there is no passenger rail option to enter or leave Mayanmar by rail. Although tourism was frowned upon for many years, recently the country was thought to be moving towards a democratic stance, and tourism was seen as acceptable and desirable to help bring in cash. The recent Rohinga killings might give folk pause for thought. Ed.
  13. If one arrives into NOL on the CONO the day before the SL departs, that might be a nice arrangement for some folk, indeed I have done that myself, but it won't show as a general travel option "through route"... Ed.
  14. It was mentioned that by removing a car from the consist, it enabled that train to run with only one engine. I notice that in India, trains often run with 20 coaches and one engine, sometimes diesel, sometimes electric loco's. I thought that the two loco's on Amtrak trains were to have backup if one failed, rather than for motive power? Ed.
  15. 1) There are no guarantees, but you should be able to sit together. Ask the coach attendant or conductor to assist in this if needed. 4) The Amtrak computer booking system does not seem to offer routing where there is a longish "stopover", so an overnight in NOL for example, although it may suit you, is not seen by the computer as an option. 7) I always travel on the cheap, so for a short ride I don't see business class as being "good value". Maybe if you think you might ride a lot of trains in the future, and given your wife's issues, it may be nice to try it out for reference? Ed.