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  1. The three red funnels on the QM look right to me, as well as the equipment on the bridge. I guess that was the type of ship one always saw pictured, back in the day. Likewise, I loved seeing the rivets, they certainly make it look like a strong construction. That is part of my fascination with old metal bridges, etc. Ed.
  2. caravanman

    Passport CARD Okay On Maple Leaf?

    The cost of an ESTA to enter the US is $14. It is only a travel permit, the final say is with the immigration folk when one arrives, just like any regular visa I guess. I was just surprised that they insisted I pay the $14 again to enter by land. I didn't need any visa at all, last time I flew to Canada, but in future I would need a $7 CAD e-visa to arrive by plane. No e-visa required to arrive by train, just the passport. Good value, an e-visa to India costs me $100 US each time! Ed.
  3. caravanman

    Passport CARD Okay On Maple Leaf?

    A few years back I flew to Canada from the UK. Yes, of course I rode the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver, why else would one go... Despite having paid online and obtained an ESTA for entry into USA, I was told at the border by US officials that I had to pay again, my online ESTA was not valid for a land crossing into the States! No idea if this was correct, one just says "yes sir, no sir, whatever... sir" ! Ed
  4. Nice place to stay, and interesting to compare with the QM2. Shame about the icy blasts coming from the a/c, maybe the Russian sub was sabotaging things... That style of art deco moulded glass pictured above looks as though it may be by Lalique. Ed.
  5. Interesting item... "The Sunrise Seto/Izumo don’t offer regular seating. Instead, the carts are equipped with private cabins and an open area called “nobi nobi” which invites to lay down on carpeted ground." I shall refer to my sleeping on the floor of the Amtrak lounge car in future as enjoying some nobi nobi... Ed.
  6. caravanman

    Airbus to Halt A380 Production

    It is a shame of course for employment this side of the pond, as wing parts of the A380 are made in the UK. I am not a plane "buff", but I always tried to choose Emirates A380 flights, finding the coach option was fine, at least for me. Straying off topic, are planes with 4 engines going to be safer if one engine fails than a 2 engine plane suffering one engine shutting down? I assume the engines on a twin engine plane will each be more powerful, anyway...? Ed.
  7. I understand that remarks about my taste in teabags were a little "tongue in cheek", but although a big producer of tea, most Indian tea is rather different. Chai, mixing the milk, sugar and tea and boiling it up together is a great drink, especially masala chai, where spices are added too. Maybe I am "carrying coals to Newcastle", but the P.G. tea goes to India with me too. When growing up in the London area, it was quite common to hear east end folk refer to tea as a cuppa charr, I guess that came from the Indian "chai". Milton sounds a character, let him know about felt tip marker pens for his next coded message! Ed.
  8. One of the problems that I find with "American tea" is that folk try to make it with hot water, rather than fully boiling temperature water. I always carry my trusty travel kettle, dual voltage, and P.G. teabags no matter where I go! One can get hot water from the cafe car at most times, sadly it is not boiling... Interestingly, I stayed at the Santa Monica hostel a few years ago, and got into conversation with an outreach guy helping the homeless. I guess if one is homeless and down on one's luck at least the weather in that area is better than most places. Ed.
  9. caravanman

    Viewliner side for the Hudson

    If you look out of the left hand windows of a train going north you will see the Hudson on that side... Ed
  10. Nice to see you are "back on track" with your trip reports, always a pleasure to read the detailed information, and see the great photos. Ed.
  11. Thanks Jis for the detailed response to my question about the "day trips", lots of food for thought... While I would not want to drag anyone away from this A.U. forum, there is a forum called "indiamike.com" which I also use. I notice there are often good question and answer discussions by experienced hikers and climbers on that forum... Ed.
  12. caravanman

    Who's Flown Icelandic?

    Everyone is different, and what suits one person is wrong for the next, however, I find the spread of fares to be astonishing... Looking at American Airlines, London to Chicago March 8th, the lowest fare is £213... On the same plane, the Business class is priced at £5,267... That is just one way! Business 5 left at £5267 A spacious seat that converts into a fully flat bed 2 x 32kg / 2 x 70lbs checked bags Access to private lounges where available Ed.
  13. caravanman

    Who's Flown Icelandic?

    I always salute the folk at the front of the plane who pay $3,000+ to fly... It enables my in my mosh pit to get on the same plane for $300. Thanks folks! Ed.
  14. Thanks for updating with your photos, pictures add so much to a travel report. I smiled when I read "I had chosen to travel in E class...", thinking "Yep, that is the Jis style indeed". Although I can look in my "Indian Railway Atlas" to see places that could be reached in a day trip from Kolkata, I don't know if the routes are scenic, or the destinations interesting. Do you have any thoughts on other places reachable there and back by train in a day that you could recommend? Ed.
  15. caravanman

    How Many Miles in Amtrak Network?

    I took two similar 12,000+ mile trips with the original pass, when one was only restricted by the 15 days, one could take as many trains as one could fit in. I can't quite remember my exact routes, but I did post at least one in trip reports. Not sure if reports from 10 years or more are still kept on AU? It is 11.30pm in the UK just now, feel a bit too tired tonight to search for it, but will have a search around for the route info tomorrow. Ed.