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  1. jmbgeg

    Paying for sleepers

    Points and money is a concept AGR should consider. I just flew first class (sorry for the F word) to LAX on Alaska Air, using 20,000 points tied to a 50% discount (maximum $ limit on discount). Transportation providers and hotels carry contingent liability on their books for frequent traveler costs. Amtrak could burn off points plus secure cash flow with a points and money option.
  2. jmbgeg

    Taxis King Street station

    My experience is that cabs are more available at King Street Station than at Los Angeles Union Station and many other larger stations.
  3. jmbgeg

    Empire Builder hit by landslide

  4. jmbgeg

    Lakewood WA Sues to Stop Reroute

    Are you kidding me? Lakewood is a dump.
  5. jmbgeg

    Worst Passenger Rail Experience Ever?

    Depends on definition of "worst". One was an LSL sleeper to NYP with all bathrooms frozen up (the connecting EB had exit doors frozen that connecting trip that required a sledge hammer to open). Another was a business trip to Las Vegas,where the CS was delayed 10 hours because of a derailment on a bridge. Then, when I got to Bakersfield, the name brand hotel had no elevator and I was on an upper floor. The A/C did not work and the room was an oven. Amtrak paid for the room and meals, but it was crap.
  6. jmbgeg

    CZ Omaha police

    the Washington state initiative is interesting, but solves nothing in federal law or an interstate EB train.
  7. If you are a guest, become a member. Before 2005, I had never traveled Amtrak. Since then, I have reached Amtrak Guest Rewards Select +. Train travel is special. I love LD trains when I have the time available. 2005-2011, even as a high mileage, high dollar LD train traveler, I always gained meaningful and cost-effective information from senior board members. Jim Hudson and PennyK are two such members. You can gain even more from the board if you attend the annual Gathering, as I did in Seattle last year.
  8. jmbgeg

    CZ Omaha police

    The disruption would piss me off, as does airport screening, but I would not objection and disrupt my trip, as I carry nothing to worry about. (except I forgot an 18 oz. bottle of vitamin water that held me up last week at DIA screening )
  9. jmbgeg

    bus from L.A. to Vegas

    Here is another option that I have taken LA to Las Vegas and back. http://www.luxbusamerica.com/bus-to-las-vegas-service.php
  10. I just flew (you can savage me)coast to coast in First Class to Fort Lauderdale on a red eye, and my next door neighbor snored. Fare was $1,700. I was sensitive to the noise, but did not complain. Enjoy the roomette. Worlds better than coach. A bedroom is universes better than roomettes. Trains are awesome.
  11. jmbgeg

    Coast Starlight in USA Today 8/24

    It's a great train--I've done it roundtrip. It's about the same, but I like North-South more. It is my favorite LD train.
  12. Ouch, Jim Hope to be in Philly.
  13. http://travel.usatoday.com/destinations/story/2012-08-24/Amtraks-Coast-Starlight-sells-the-joys-of-slow-travel/57260752/1