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  1. wrjensen

    Viewliner order awarded to CAF USA

    From what I heard: The cars a slated to come out in this order, Baggage, Sleeper, Bag/Dorm. And very subject to change. It based on design time and lead time for subassembly. It does not mean that all of one design will come out before the next, but the order the are released. If this schedule holds up the first cars (baggage) will go out west "to get some miles on them" also subject to change.
  2. wrjensen

    NEC master plan

    Amtrak also released a $52b 2030 master plan for the Northeast Corridor today h http://www.amtrak.com/servlet/BlobServer?b...t_5-19-2010.pdf Comments to follow.
  3. wrjensen

    amtrak on twitter

    They now have a twitter account. http://twitter.com/AmtrakUSA
  4. According to reports in DC that rail and bus workers are "on call" and getting paid.
  5. I have actually been wondering if the 168 is originally a typo that someone forgot correct and now it is getting perpetuated. I think this may be the case because the news release which also mentions future plans for Orlando - Miami mentions that it will be 186mph, which is the same as 2nd gen TGV and is essentially 300kph. But then again, I don't quite remember the break points but 168mph may be the break point between two FRA railroad track classes. The 79mph and 110mph have to do with FRA railroad track classes/signaling requirement boundaries etc. Not sure where the 168 cam from either. FRA class breakdown Class 6 track............................ 110 m.p.h. Class 7 track............................ 125 m.p.h. Class 8 track............................ 160 m.p.h. Class 9 track............................ 200 m.p.h.
  6. There is no real number. There are a few point the seem to be recurring 79 mph, 110 mph, 150/168 and 200+. In the case of the money all these apply. CA- 220 mph FL 168 mph CHI-STL 110 mph
  7. wrjensen

    HSR for Illinois

    With $1.133 billion, the state will be able to afford significant upgrades to the line on the way to 110 mph service, decreasing travel times from 5h30 to 4h00. Missouri will get some of those funds for upgraded and more reliable operations between St. Louis and Kansas City. With grants from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), trip times for those traveling between Detroit and Chicago will be reduced, and railroad congestion will be relieved by addressing a series of major chokepoints. The long-term vision for this corridor includes doubling the number of daily round trips between Detroit and Chicago and increasing speeds to 110mph. Summary of Corridor Investments Michigan: Existing stations will be renovated in Troy and Battle Creek, MI, and a new station will be constructed in downtown Dearborn adjacent to the Henry Ford Museum. Illinois: A flyover, approach bridges, embankment and retaining walls will be built to complement additional investments and support the construction of three new tracks for trains operating east of Lake Michigan. This project will greatly reduce congestion and allow for increased speeds of 40 percent through this area. Indiana: A major investment will be made on the most congested and delay-prone corridor in the entire country, between Porter, IN and Chicago. The project includes the relocation, reconguration, and addition of high-speed crossovers and related signal system improvements, rail line additions at two locations, and the creation of a new passing tracks. The project will greatly increase service reliability for passengers travelling from communities in Michigan and Indiana to Chicago, reducing train delay times by 24 percent and increasing average speeds by nearly 7 percent through this segment.
  8. here is a good review of all the money High speed rail grants
  9. wrjensen

    Desert Wind

    Actually while I agree in general with that, if one folds back one of the door panels and then throws down some snow, it is possible to ski through a revolving door. I've never tried that idea, and rather doubt that I would do so, but it would work. Depends on the size of the revolving Door. I know of one at a hospital it Baltimore you could ski thought it close to 12 ft in Diameter.
  10. wrjensen

    Superliner III

    What about some like on first class of international airlines.
  11. wrjensen

    Possible Atlanta Union Station

    Looks like the tracks are gone got this Leg.
  12. wrjensen

    Superliner III

    I wonder if there would be a way to make some revenue with these. I have not been on the but it seem that downstairs is a wasted with the arcade/theater. Could you build it with a lounge upstairs and sleeper downstairs? It would add some revenue from these or they could add dorm downstairs and sell more of the trans dorms rooms. Could the same car design be use as a PPC and the Autotrain lounge cars? A type of car would be something between the dinner and the lounge/cafe? A car that would replace the CCC and/or the coach/cafe?
  13. wrjensen

    Possible Atlanta Union Station

    From the AJC: ATL new station Cost $300 M
  14. wrjensen

    Superliner III

    With the talk of the trans-dorm, Snack Coach and everyone favorite the CCC I was thinking what should the new long distance bi-level should be. My thought was to basically replace the Superliner I and the PPC. Looking at the fleet many of them are rebuilt into other types of cars (See Below) Coach/Baggage 43 18% Sleeper 57 24% Lounge 21 9% Auto Train Lounge (ex-diners) 5 2% Coach 74 31% Snack Coach (ex-coach) 9 4% DinerLounge (ex-dinners) 17 7% Diner 10 4% Total 236 H.L. Lounge(Pacific Parlour) 5 For OTOL.com So based on what should the order include? Is there a new types of cars is need or improved version of the cars?
  15. wrjensen

    Transitional Dorm

    Many years ago I rode in that twice transition Coach/dorm. It was on the Chief and great for the the groups (Boy Scouts going to Philmont) What ever happen to these cars? Did they get scrapped (could of been old ATSF hi-Levels?), or became something trans Dorms