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  1. Aloha While they replaced my beloved G, they did not last as long.
  2. Aloha I never worry about the room because beside sleeping or meal reservations I spend my time in the lounge.
  3. I know of two, one from Hawaii, one from Nevada. So there is hope. Aloha
  4. GG-1

    Mention of Coast Starlight on Big Bang Theory

    They do provide a lot of RR Scenery to the movie industry. And my friends may consider them their back lot. Aloha
  5. GG-1

    Mention of Coast Starlight on Big Bang Theory

    Aloha When this came up before, I checked with friends, and the seemed to think that the car in that episode was the studio stock rail car with removable side to assist with camera/lighting placement.
  6. Aloha Been a while, but the last time I did the written test in Honolulu, I was marked wrong on one question. The question asked what should you do if you approached a RR Crossing and could see the train. Their "correct" answer was you should stop then proceed. DUH!
  7. GG-1

    75th Birthday!

    So why didn't you have a birthday concert in our new arena? Aloha
  8. Aloha I am a side sleeper also, but found the opposite to be right for me. I much prefer the roomette and the side to side rock, much like I am sure may cradle was over a half century ago the the bedroom rock plus as the train started (in lower bunk) I rolled out of bed.
  9. GG-1

    Booking on Amtrak is now easier

    IDK (I don't know). Problem your a computer geek Blue. I get why the truck driver does not get it. However you should of. Yes, I'm a computer person, but it was a guess on my part because I never used those terms before. And I do know that a lot of people would not have any clue and it would have been nice if the person who used those terms would have given a simple explanation. So many have gone to using acronyms for texting that they forget not all know them. Many are also industry specif. I can say I am well aware from way back in high school (1958 or so) where I used the term "Broad" ( which is the name of a wide beam light) in front of a non-theater teacher that went ballistic. Thankfully the school theater teacher was able to explain it to her so I did not get sent to the principal's office for discipline. Aloha
  10. GG-1

    Buffer Cars

    Aloha There is a list of car order when Hazardis material is in a train. So long ago I took a class about this. There are even rules that apply to the location of Live stock in a train
  11. I am a stagehand,the moon rises where I set it Aloha
  12. Aloha Hope you get to visit Madison Square Garden as as an arena it is on a scale that is impressive. Remember it was built over a working train station and the arena floor is, as best I remember on the 6th floor of the building. the crews and facilities are so good the can go from Ice to basketball to a concert in a day.
  13. GG-1

    tipping? meals?

    You beat me to it, I will take any coin you don't want. Aloha
  14. Wishing you the Best Dick, Aloha