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  1. AAARGH!

    Involved In Train Accidents

    I have been in two crossing incidents. The first on the CZ west of Reno when we hit a stationary pickup truck who wax sitting in his driveway. Yes, his driveway has a RR crossing. He Sid not realize his back end was still on the tracks. Minor injury to the driver, pickup truck destroyed. The second on the San Joaquin. The driver drove away after being hit! The police found him as he was not hard to spot. No imjuries.
  2. I vote for Washington Union Station based on your criteria. It has the architectural elements, frequent Amtrak service, a subway station to connect to the rest of the city, great food, and it's within walking distance of the Capital, mall, etc.... LAUS is second on my list.
  3. AAARGH!

    Zephyr or SW Chief?

    Having taken all of Amtrak's long distance routes, I consider the CZ to be the most scenic. So the answer between the CZ and SWC is obviously the CZ!
  4. When I saw the electoin results in November, I knew Kasich would kill it. Grrrrrrr.
  5. Well, after being on this site almost everyday for 2 years, I took a 4 - 5 month hiatus. But I am back!!!! The 'train' bug bit me again (see my March 2011 trip). I don't have 999 hours to read all that has happened in the past 5 months... Can someone give me the Cliff Notes version of what has gone on with Amtrak? Anything big like route changes, policy changes, etc... I probably won't be on every day, but I will be around! Thanks!
  6. AAARGH!

    Adirondack Full Dome Seat Strategy

    I also rode the Adirondack recently - on Friday 10/1 fro MTR to NYP. They did not open the dome car until after they collected all tickets at St. Catherines, so we could not see Montreal from the dome. They closed the dome at customs obviously. It reopenned just after customs. They shut it down at Saratoga for arrival into Albany. It was 1/8 full up until customs and then 7/8 full through the scenic parts (along Lake Champlaine). It was a real treat! I sat right up at the front - immediately behind the engine. Anytime the tracks curved left, I could see the tracks ahead. I call that the ultimate railfan window!
  7. Here is an update on the luxury train: http://www.luxist.co...-luxury-trains/ Well I guess the Plain Dealer missed that the luxury train is on hold before they published the article. No surprise there.
  8. So I was looking at this weeks' Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper and there are four train-articles. Two are by the Plain Dealer and two are from the Orange County Register. I had to link to other sources for those beacuse it is not on the Plain Dealer's website. (The two from the OCR are from earlier this year, but I don't know if they got linked on AU or not.) 1- Southbound Odyssey: Leisurely train trip a fun adventure for a mom and kids (A trip report of a southbound Texas Eagle run with a mother and two small kids). Link here. 2- Luxury train to pass through Cleveland en route between Washington and Los Angeles (talking about the new American Railway Explorer "Train Cruise" service). Link here. 3- Riding the rails around the world (from the Orange County Register - a top 10 rail trips taken and top 10 wish list - both lists include foreign and domestic trains). Link here. 4- You Can Hop Off The Rails And Sleep In Style At These Grand Palaces (from the Orange County Register - listing 6 grand railway lodges). Link here.
  9. AAARGH!

    Houston, Texas to Tacoma, Wa

    May I suggest paragraph breaks... One big paragraph makes it hard to read. Nice report though.
  10. AAARGH!

    My Amtrak Experience.

    When they start comparing their personal travels with the Holocaust I think that means they are indeed out of touch. NO it doesn't, it simply means they are trying to EMPHASIZE their point......... The reference to the Holocaust may rediculously emphasize their point, it also demeans what the Holocaust was. That right there is very insensitive and to many, quite offensive.
  11. AAARGH!

    Texas Eagle-Dallas to Chicago

    I like this new emoticon!
  12. AAARGH!

    Texas Eagle-Dallas to Chicago

    It is random. The TE becomes the CONO in Chicago and visa versa.