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  1. frequentflyer

    What would you add?

    When the San Francisco Zephyr ran the route, it was quicker getting to Salt Lake (or was it Provo) and vice versa.
  2. frequentflyer

    What would you add?

    Would the trip between Glenwood and Denver be quicker with just a Charger and four single level cars? Might make it a compelling case time wise. And I know the business case for this would stink, but it would be nice to have a bilevel type(those scenic type cars that are taller than Superliners) of train the cruise ship companies use up in Alaska between Glenwood and Denver (highest amount of traffic)
  3. frequentflyer

    $Billion VIA Order to Siemens?

    Decorative definitely, but unlike the Genesis which had the easy to replace bolt on nose the Chargers seem more integrated into the body. Interesting, maybe Via demanded a different nose for branding sake.
  4. I should have been more clear, new Siemens versus refurbished or rebuilt GE locomotives. Doubt a rebuilt unit comes with a mx contract, maybe they do.
  5. There was post here stating that Amtrak management has decided long term all cars including LD equipment will be single level. Of course Amtrak needs funding for new equipment for this to happen but I gotta think from a fiscal reason, not passenger one, brand new Siemen cars with maintenance included is cheaper than refurbishing 20-40 year old Superliners with out of production parts that need to be fabricated. A Siemens Viaggaro equiped California Zephyr will not offer the same experience as a Superliner but it "should" be cheaper to operate. Not saying I am looking forward to this but I can see this being the future.
  6. Some thing like this- https://railcolornews.com/2018/12/12/ca-via-rail-canada-orders-charger-locomotives-and-passenger-trains-from-siemens/ I think sets like what Brightline has and VIA will be getting are in competition with any FLIRT order. With as many orders Siemens is getting for their Viaggio, I gotta think the price is pretty compelling compared with what Stadler is offering. As regards locomotives, Siemens will offer a maintenance contract on its new locomotives, which is the way the transportation segment is going. I doubt GE or whoever own the locomotive divison now will offer the same mx deal even if the diesel and traction motors are new.
  7. frequentflyer

    $Billion VIA Order to Siemens?

    Interesting that the Charger will have another new aesthetic. Best looking nose. I wander if this what Amtrak has in mind for NEC Va. and NY state services. Amfleet and locomotive order looking more and more to be Siemens.
  8. frequentflyer

    New Siemens Charger locomotive.

    - - Charger Updates from States and Amtrak – In October, Chairman Curtit requested summary updates on the Chargers now that they have been placed in service. Updates provided on 10-23-18: a. Illinois/Mid-West States: Jennifer Bastian reported that the overall equipment delivery and performance of the new Charger Locomotives has been the best she has seen. She noted that it is her understanding that it has exceeded Amtrak’s expectations. Operationally, it has been a good procurement. One area of concern, however, is warrantee support and parts availability. The Mid-West states are working with Siemens to correct this situation. b. California: Kyle Gradinger agreed with Jennifer that the procurement has been a good one operationally. Caltrans’ concerns are similar to those noted by IDOT – warrantee support – and parts availability. Overall, Kyle commented, - “operationally, when they are running, they work great”. He added that engineers enjoy the cab and the acceleration is great – “overall we are very happy with the operation.” Kyle did mention that there are some glitches with the design of the snow plow – noting that California doesn’t need a snow plow and it is ultimately used for shopping carts and tumble weed which can be problematic under the current design. c. Amtrak: Charlie King, Amtrak, echoed the comments made by California and IDOT and noted that Amtrak is measuring the information closely and looking at availability of parts and overall warranty support. Charlie added that “we need robust part support from Siemens and technical support as well…we need to partner with Siemens and need a good and tight relationship between the states and Siemens and Amtrak, the states and Siemens.”
  9. frequentflyer

    Strange Chicago Yard moves

    This, you see the same consist four times in the view sometimes. Pushed backwark out of view, then forward out of view........wait a few minutes then back again out of view and finally forward again. I understand the Y ing process, just wandering why the back and forth then back and forth again.
  10. frequentflyer

    Strange Chicago Yard moves

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrQ3hw6Zv-I (above live video goes away on the 30th) Other than seeing the normal Metra and Amtrak trains, one gets to see the Y moves of regional and LD trains. But why do you see Amtrak back up and pull forward, only to see the consist back up again in view and pull forward again? And what's the speed on that turn to CHI? The Amtrak trains taking the Skyline are zipping along going backwards into and from the station. Why back up so far from the switch to Y the train? Thank you in advance to those who know the answers.
  11. Today’s TE left San Antonio onetime without the 6 hour late SL cars. Interesting.
  12. frequentflyer

    TE No. 21 over 10 hr late 11/20/18

    22 is already down 5 hours leaving San Marcos. When the TE's pax numbers are released, the decrease in ridership will not be due lack of "eating options".
  13. frequentflyer

    Amfleet II Refresh

    Do they get the Phase 3 paint too like the VL2?
  14. Anyone remember the video earlier in the year of Anderson in California? The one that had everyone up in arms because he didn't embrace LD trains with open arms. On that same video he stated he was hording cash, saving it for some reason, I believe it was for equipment purchases. So I imagine some of the excess funding will go to the upcoming equipment announcement.
  15. frequentflyer

    TE No. 21 over 10 hr late 11/20/18

    And during the busiest travel time of the year.