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  1. I purchased a ticket from Portland, OR to Seattle, WA. My friends said that actually Vancouver, WA is closer to them and have suggested I get the train from there. Would this be an issue for Amtrak?
  2. I find the seats in Business to be more comfortable and the carriage feels less dense.
  3. Sealink

    Price reduction?

    Hello everyone! I am travelling from Boston to Chicago next month on the Lake Shore Limited. I was looking forward to it... (until some poor customer service on Acela left me feeling a bit jaded) but I the price for the train appears to have dropped by USD 200.00. Is this usual? Has anyone cancelled and rebooked (I think I have a flexible fare)...? Thanks
  4. It’s the Highlands. It’s always going to be amazing J We arrived in Inverness perfectly on time, and I took a pic of the engine that took us all the way.
  5. I went back to the cabin, and surprisingly, feel asleep quite quickly. The carriage change at Edinburgh wasn’t as jarring as I found previously and I woke to this view: Breakfast time. This also comes with fresh* orange juice. * from concentrate The further north we travelled the snowier it looked.
  6. Dinner ... With haggis, neeps and tatties and red onion marmalade. Then the cheese board Then a G&T or three... Oops! The person I shared my table with was really very interesting and the conversation flowed freely. However I suddenly found that I was the last person standing. Time for a pic of the lounge car.
  7. The amenity kit includes a face cloth, eye mask, socks, ear plugs, soap, body lotion, sleep spray and guide to a better sleep. Lots of hanging space It has to be said that the carriages are showing their age. It was off to the restaurant car. Wine Time!
  8. I headed down to Platform 1, and snapped a few other trains in the station at the time. I have to say, Platforms 1 and 2 do look a tad bleak… The trains are still old – new ones are coming in 2018 On the platform, you find your assigned carriage (on the ticket) and there, a steward checks you in. There were a few people in front of me but it didn’t take too long. As I had added an evening meal to my booking (+£10) the very friendly steward mentioned that my table had been reserved and I could go to the lounge whenever I was ready. Because this train was busier, you share a table with another traveller, which works really well. Because on the sleeper train, everyone is ready to talk! You can opt for standard class, which means the possibility of sharing with someone of the same sex. That’s not for me, so paid a little extra for First Class, which gives you single occupancy and yay! Free breakfast! And access to the lounge car. The cabin was prepared:
  9. Some teas and coffees, mini cans of Pepsi and Lemonade and some nuts, and that was about it. But I didn’t care! I was going on the Sleeper! Before heading down to the platform (1); I paused to look at the best departure screen ever: one train going to Fort William, Aberdeen AND Inverness. And intermediate stations.
  10. I go up to Scotland every year and have done for the last decade. It’s a bit of a tradition now. This time, after having such a fun time on the Caledonian Sleeper before You can read it here! I really wanted to try it again. The entrance to the Virgin First Class lounge was still a mess: they are building a mezzanine floor at the station; which is almost complete. From my experience last time knew it was a waste of time to try and be there anything more than an hour before the train departed – it’s just too busy. Still, Euston Station is busy too. The lounge has a … distinctive… style, as you can see. But as regards refreshments – thin pickings.
  11. I've since discovered they rotate the lounge cars. Repeating the trip two weeks Wednesday so keen to report on that trip.
  12. We were delayed a bit so I actually ate my dinner while at the platform at Euston. Scheduled departure time was 21:15 and arrival in Inverness was at 08:38. Recall we arrived on time despite departure delay.
  13. Jim, I think he meant having a two-person cabin all to yourself. "I had booked "First Class", which was cheaper than standard. This simply means that there is no top bunk, so you are not sharing with someone." I read this as being the same size as a roomette/two-person cabin, but only having one bed. It's a bit of both. I think a lot of couples/friends will book standard class as no pressing need to travel separately. So sometimes the allocation of cheaper standard class berths will fill up faster. I also think there's a degree of others assuming First Class will be more expensive. The moral with UK railways is always check!!
  14. Just remembered: First Class also gives guaranteed access to the "lounge"; whereas in standard class it's subject to availability.