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  1. Yes, AGR gave them to me.( actually entered the pts. to my account while I was on the phone with them) BoA said I wasn't eligible, End Of Story!
  2. Good Luck! I almost gave up, several times!
  3. SUCCESS!!!!! I finally received all Points owed to me. It took me almost 2 months, but finally after a zillion phone calls AGR pulled the trigger & gave me the points, even though BoA said I was not eligible!!!
  4. Rail Freak

    Another dining car/SSL cutback

    I think each car should have a spot ,similar to these, for printed Route Schedules!
  5. Rail Freak

    Best Bedroom on a Superliner

    Where did you get your information?
  6. OK, I called AGR & talked with the supervisor handling my case. He told me that BofA has not gotten back to them yet but they (AGR) will contact them & try to find out why they had not issued my Bonus Pts. He apologized & said that AGR will call me back today. He stated that he was trying to go through the proper channels BUT that he would see to it that I receive my Points, one way or the other!!! WHEW!!!!! Now let's see what the day brings!
  7. I read somewhere to take with you things like Windex,flash light,String/cord, pillows and other things for different reasons. Is this true? It seems I'd have to check my luggage to carry all that on board!
  8. I received my Platinum card when AGR switched from Chase & received the World card this past August!
  9. When did you sign up for the card?
  10. OK, I can't let this go! I called AGR this morning. This agent allowed me to send an e-mail to her with the Link that was on PRR 60's original post. She then came back to me stating her supervisor is taking this to the "Powers That BE"!?!?? What is different about this call is, she gave me her supervisor's name & said for me to give him till Friday, then call him if I hadn't heard from him. I hope I'm not boring everyone with my situation, I just hope this might help others, if needed!!!
  11. Rail Freak

    Port Charlotte, FL, Thruway Bus "station"?

    I have taken this bus (route) on all my departures & returns from/to home. I've never seen this! Maybe it's something new (at least since I've taken the Silvers. Most of my trips, I fly between Denver,Portland or Albuquerque & Tampa!)
  12. Another Billing Cycle has come & gone. Once again , no Bonus Pts.! Once again, I called AGR & once again, they say they'll pass it along to a supervisor! I guess I'm just S... Out of Luck!!! Did everyone receive their points?
  13. 48 Hrs. is up & I called Amtrak back. This time I asked for Customer Relations. Although very nice , the rep. said they were only for settling problems with actual travel! She transferred me to AGR. The AGR agent informed me that my situation was still PENDING! However the rep. was extremely pleasant & sounded as though she really wanted to help me solve the issue. She asked for all the info that I could give her. So, I went into my spiel for the umpteenth time!!! She even wanted BofA's case #s so she could pass all the info along to the Operations Dept.,handling the case! This seems to be the end of my options!!!!!
  14. Rail Freak

    Port Charlotte, FL, Thruway Bus "station"?

    Maybe I'm having A Senior Moment,Again!My Home Station is St pete/ Clearwater, the stop just before Tampa on the way to Orlando to catch the Meteor! Either way the buses are nice,big,comfy,with WiFi & restroom!!!
  15. In my situation, I have both cards & I'm seeing nothing in my AGR account site, no e-mails, NOTHING !!!
  16. For you folks that have the Platinum Card, did you receive bonus points for November's purchases?
  17. Why am I getting the feeling BofA isnt responsible for this mess?
  18. I still can't find it on my account!(maybe because I'm not registered) This also states that it's only for the WORLD CARD!!! Also notice the World Card is pictured, where as both cards are pictured in the Original Post by PRR60
  19. Rail Freak

    Port Charlotte, FL, Thruway Bus "station"?

    Dave, actually it's the same bus.
  20. No, I never received an e-mail. The way I found out about it was through AU.
  21. The list is probably an AGR # list.?.? What aggravates me are the reps (both BofA & AGR)that know nothing of the Promo, especially the BofA rep who said my points would be corrected the next billing cycle & later a manager told me that was not true!!!! Which means the rep was giving me a BS Story!!! I hope no one else gets this Song & Dance Crap, it's very frustrating (to be nice)!!!