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    Experiencing the country by RAIL!!!
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  1. Rail Freak

    coach between Toledo and Tampa?

    What route will you be taking to Yellowstone?
  2. There truly is a Santa Claus, should we compliment Mr. Anderson? I'm not sayin, I'm just sayin!!!! Who would make the decision to run an AGR Promo,such as this? Thanx
  3. And I thought I knew it ALL!!!
  4. Did that train have 2 baggage cars?
  5. Rail Freak

    Things to take with you

    I just noticed, I'm the original poster here. It's been ten years now that I've been associated with this group!!! Do ya think that's Good or Bad??? I must say that I really enjoy it!!!
  6. OR, being the loving husband that every woman dreams of, You could go fetch it for her!!! LOL, !
  7. Rail Freak

    Modifying a ticket? Full e-voucher!

    If canceling An AGR res, do you get any penalty?
  8. Rail Freak

    Modifying a ticket? Full e-voucher!

    How does it work using AGR Pts.?
  9. Rail Freak

    Recent Positive LSL Experience

    Mike, how do you compare this new experience to the old one?
  10. Yep! https://www.potbelly.com/stores/23372 Where is it located?
  11. This! Are you guys being sarcastic?I've never tried it!
  12. Rail Freak

    bye to my BOA card

    Me too! I just got my card (& Pts.) a few months ago> Do you think I'd get any grief to cancel it?
  13. Rail Freak

    City of New Orleans

    Have Fun!!!
  14. Rail Freak

    Shared showers for roomettes questions

    I usually have a pair of Crocs that work!