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  1. Started an hour late but by the time it left Van Nuys it was over 6.5 hours late. It's now 7 hours late. Any idea on what went wrong?
  2. Mine came in fine today for the period through 12 31 2018.
  3. SOLD! For $6. Glad someone wants them for parts or to burn or something or other.
  4. I put it on ebay and no bites yet. I put an old rusty truck on there for $8 and it went for $60 or thereabouts. Just happened to be one that folks liked. Also, had a bulldozer on there for $6. No bites. Raised it to $20 and someone offered me $15 the next day. Had they looked a day earlier we both would have been happy it sold at $6.
  5. I don't think they are that old. My dad did this work maybe 20-30 years ago so I assume he just bought whatever was available at that time. Could be as recent as 15 years ago but not any more than that.
  6. I put them on ebay for a low price. I would just give them away if someone wanted them but I understand hardly anyone would. Thanks again, Dan
  7. Thanks. The first two and last two are flat cars, or were at one time. the middle two pics are a box car that has been cut up quite a bit. This is O scale. I also inherited some toy soldiers, some in orginal condition and some altered quite a bit. Any alteration decreased the value on ebay by about 70-80% vs those in original condition. That was 3 years ago and I really didn't want to toss them if someone would take them at very little cost. Someone did. The trains don't have the same attachment factor so if they are worth say $1 or $2, I'd just toss them. Dan
  8. Greetings, I inherited a nice Lionel train (nice at one point anyway) but it has been altered quite a bit. The engine appears to be original but the tender has a RR painted on the side that was used in a diorama. The rest of the cars, 3 that were flat cars, have been altered considerably. Flat cars have had sides added to them, made of thin wood so as to appear as troop trains. There are a few holes in the sides for the soldiers to look out and shoot out of. The fourth car was a box car but it has been cut away quite a bit to look like the other troop cars. So do you think anyone would want to pay anything for these altered/painted cars? Or are they completely worthless? Thanks.
  9. Dan O

    Denver to LAX

    Thanks to all. I am thinking I may still go with that 1 AM arrival and stay with someone I know in Pasadena, catching the Metro Goldline to their place as long as the bus is somewhat on time. The goal is to take the CZ westbound from Denver through the Sierras without taking much time off of work. If I take the SWC Wednesday PM (from Riverside or San Bernardino) I can transfer at Raton to a bus (lovely) and get to Denver late on Thursday night. Catch the CZ the next morning west and be to LA by 1 AM Sunday. I get Fridays off every other week so would only have to take one day off of work to do this. IF I can stay in Pasadena, I could go downtown Sunday AM and take the Metrolink to San Bernardino. It would be about 70 hours on the train with a short night in Denver. I'd prefer being in Denver a couple of days and taking the CS home but I am going on some other longer trips next year (car) so would like to save my vacation time. Thanks again.
  10. Dan O

    Denver to LAX

    I'd like to take the California Zephyr to someplace in northern California before transferring to a train that would take me to LA. If I didn't care to see the best of the Rockies, I could just take a bus to the SWC and arrive at 8 or so in the morning. But if I want to go through the Rockies I have to either spend the night someplace or get into LA in the middle of the night, 1 AM. I see there is another bus/train/bus combo that arrives around 3 AM. It would be nice if they had something that arrived at a more reasonable hour, even as early as 5 AM. Oops, see one that gets in at 935 AM but it involves a bus ride from Oakland to Santa Barbara. In that case it might just be better to take a bus from SAC or so to LA. Just seems odd to me that there are a number of trains heading south each day but the only ones that can be taken by CZ passengers arrive in the dead of night.
  11. Dan O

    B of A card changes for me

    Expiration date is 2023. I don't think their service is that bad. Just frustrating that they keep changing cards. Well, and question charges that aren't questionable at all if they look at my previous statement. Charges that I would have understood as questionable were a $600 restaurant bill or buying a membership for Dallas zoo when I live in CA. Rarely eat out and rare for bill to be over $100. As I said before, if this was just a cash back card, I wouldn't bother using it at all.
  12. Other then the observatory, there are a few national monuments near Flagstaff, Walnut Canyon, Wupatki (which has some gorgeous views) and Sunset Crater. But you can't go wrong spending all your time at the Grand Canyon either. I have only been there visiting several times but May and June were very nice weather wise, not too hot but not cold. And if you avoid the summer crowds you can also avoid the summer monsoons. It wouldn't be in the cards for your vacation but if you ever get a chance to visit the North Rim sometime it is worth it--large trees, shade, small crowds and some awesome views out at Cape Royal and Imperial Point.
  13. I just got an email that my B of A Amtrak card is going to issue me a new card. Apparently it's due to my card possibly being compromised at an unnamed merchant. It would be nice if I knew which one so I could avoid them but that's another story. This is the second time this year (last time in March) that I have had new cards issued. It wouldn't be that big of a deal but there are quite a few bills that are paid automatically on that card. Some places can seem to master getting the new card to pay using the old card info w/o me telling them that the numbers have changed but some can't. If it was any other card other than my Amtrak card I'd just not use it much. When Chase had the Amtrak card I think I did have the above happen once in about 5+ years. Another pet peeve is that B of A sends me a text about every 3 months saying my card is suspended due to questionable activity and then lists the questionable charges. Usually it is gas and groceries from our local markets that have charges probably at least once a week and sometimes 4-5 for the grocery store. Also got a questionable charge on a charge that recurs every month and it was the same exact amount. It's not a big deal at home (although I had to get my son another card because he was denied gas due to one of these episodes) but could be a bigger deal when traveling. They send an email or text or maybe both. I don't always check either all day long. Check at least once a day. Anyway, they are trying to fight fraud which is good but I am not sure their system, at least in my experience, has been very good. Dano
  14. I'd say the war on smoking has made progress. Back in the 1960s a much larger percentage of adults smoked than now. Poorer people may not smoke much less than 50 years ago (I don't know about that at all) but middle class and up smoke much less. Failure isn't always bad. Sometimes the better choice is to do something even if the odds are it may fail.
  15. Dan O

    Guess who's coming to dinner?

    My daughter met her husband on the Lake Shore Limited back in 2008.