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  1. OlympianHiawatha

    Amtrak moving forward to stop all, most LDT

    My worry level over this is at near absolute zero; we have heard scare stories like this since Day 1 of Amtrak and nothing has yet to come of them, at least nothing regarding a wholesale elimination of long distance service.
  2. The old Chicago lounge never had an issue with outside as I've hauled Gold Coast and Giordano's in there with no problems.
  3. OlympianHiawatha

    An unusual passenger encounter

    And I always thought all the crackers and biscuits took the bus
  4. OlympianHiawatha

    2019 CA Zephyr Snow/Weather Delays

    With all the snow in the Sierras this year, I wonder how many times the big rotaries have been sent out.
  5. OlympianHiawatha

    Food Facts Update

    "All components in this meal kit are fully cooked." Sounds like they are describing a MRE rather than a Dining Car meal
  6. OlympianHiawatha

    Lake Shore/Capitol Limited Sleeping Car Menu Refresh 1/16/19

    Now that is a decent looking menu offering, especially for breakfast. I am assuming the Chicken, Beef and Noodle supper options are hot entrees...?
  7. OlympianHiawatha

    New River Train 2018

    I thought Supers ran on the Hiawathas and Greats on the Builder.
  8. OlympianHiawatha

    New River Train 2018

    A GREAT report with just as great pics. And what a sight seeing all those Great Domes on the same train!
  9. OlympianHiawatha

    New Menus on #8

    A very nice looking menu; much better than the previous. I'm sure these will be rolling out in the coming days on other trains that still carry a true Diner.
  10. OlympianHiawatha

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    Very mid-Century. Step back into the Atomic Cafe era of the 50s!
  11. A great report, though I prefer the Builder during the Summer; I'll take 90 degrees over 1 degree any day. I grew up in Chicago and love BOTH Chicago and New York style pizza. And plain cheese; a pizza should be able to support itself without having to be loaded up with a bunch of add-ons to build up the flavor.
  12. OlympianHiawatha

    Visualization of a week's worth of Amtrak traffic

    Based on watching the Heartland Flyer and the 2 Eagles arrive and depart FTW at the exact same times each day, this is not a "real world" representation. Nonetheless, it is still quite interesting.
  13. OlympianHiawatha

    May cash be used on board to buy food and drinks?

    And it is always a good idea to have cash as I have been on more than 1 train that had a problem with the CC reader and could not process credit card purchases. Cash makes no enemies!
  14. OlympianHiawatha

    Possible improvements to LSL/CL Dining

    If I recall, Auto Train at one time had buffet type service; you pushed a tray down the rail and servers slung chow. Now whether this was before Amtrak took over, I don't know. But it sounds labor intensive which is likely something Anderson does not want to see.
  15. I am curious but do any flag stops still keep the flag on the platform?