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  1. But it still is completely unverified hearsay with no specific source disclosed as far as I can tell.
  2. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    The usual meaning of operate is the guys who drive the train, from the perspective of the operations folks. In some cases one could say that the guys who fund the service operate it. However Iowa Pacific had neither of those two roles viz-a-viz the Hoosier State. They were the ones who leased out the equipment to IDOT and provided OBS under contract to IDOT.
  3. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    One observation. Iowa Pacific never operated the Hoosier State. Amtrak operated the train using Iowa Pacific rolling stock with Iowa Pacific providing OBS. All the T&E crew was always Amtrak.
  4. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    I think the bottom line is, it may be time to bury RPSA70, or what has not already been obsoleted, for good, and start with a fresh clean slate. It was mostly a pretty lousy piece of legislation from the perspective of the customer anyway. [emoji6]
  5. They did not get any funding to subsidize food service and nor was the requirement to cut F&B losses removed. So in effect nothing changed as far as F&B goes.
  6. It all depends on what Congress decrees in the upcoming reauthorization of Amtrak. https://www.railpassengers.org/happening-now/current-campaigns/reauthorization/
  7. Draft of SEC filing from Virgin Trains (USA) https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1737516/000114036118043289/s002218x4_s1.htm
  8. Idaho has a focus on restoring anything? They could have fooled me [emoji57]
  9. The only time I ever called an agent in the last year or two was to get a ticket on a train that I had already jumped onto with the Conductor’s permission, on the NEC. Since I don’t really worry too much about which room I am in, I have no need to ask for a change. And last of all the fact that I am using Amtrak much less due to my geographical situation may be contributing to the lack of us of agents too. I agree with Anderson that 10% or maybe a bit more is the ballpark that makes some sense. It should be a progressively reducing number as the website becomes more capable, which it has and continues in that direction. Also progressively passengers who are not web savvy are thinning out too with the inexorable passage of time.
  10. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    Clearly Amtrak could not cut what does not exist. So it stands to reason that it is cutting things that were not cut previously [emoji6]
  11. Actually both have their own fishes to fry, though different ones. It is not easy to know who to trust more or less. Best is if some audited figures are available. If not, one tends to pick the one that reconfirms ones bias 🤪, usually.
  12. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    It is Railway Age afterall [emoji51]
  13. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    I am sorry to say you are way disconnected from reality. See Philly’s post for a very brief intro to reality. [emoji57] you or anyone else did not have much of anything that you think you had. What do you suppose the Reagan/Stockman and the Carter cuts were all about? Growth? [emoji849]
  14. jis

    Dallas Union Station - Early Closures

    Why open the building at all? It can be preserved in the most pristine state for zero staff cost if no one used it. [emoji51]
  15. jis

    Fire Richard Anderson Campaign?

    A sizable number also want to be at least multi-millionaires if not billionaires by winning lotteries too. [emoji57]