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  1. Prayers going out to Bill! Hang in there buddy.
  2. KayBee

    Second Lynchburg train considered

    18 Jun 2014 Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that the public was heard and their transportation priorities were carefully considered, resulting in adjustments to the final Six-Year Improvement Program. The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) approved the program, which allocates $13.1 billion to highway, road, bridge, rail, transit, bicycle/pedestrian paths and other transportation improvements throughout Virginia over a six year period beginning July 1, 2014 Extending the Tide to VA Beach, Adding 2 more Trains to Norfolk, funding another train to Lynchburg. LINK
  3. KayBee

    Online Booking Bonus

    I have the same symptom. The reason is stated in the fine print This offer is limited. Not all members are eligible for all offers. Register at AmtrakGuestRewards.com. Other terms and conditions apply.
  4. My S+ showed up on the 19th.
  5. Good to see your post, Bill! Glad to know you are in a safe environment, with trains nearby Hoping your recovery proceeds at high speed.
  6. Bill, Hope you are better soon, and hope to see you back on the rails!
  7. KayBee

    Well Wishes for MrFSS

    Good to hear you're out of the hospital, Tom. Hope you get better soon!
  8. KayBee

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

    A Happy Thanksgiving to all at AU, and dreams of dinner in a diner!
  9. KayBee

    Why not stopovers on AGR trip?

    I see an attachment (coupon_rest.jpg), but get a statement that I do not have permission to view the attachment....
  10. Excellent news, Dick! See you at the gathering
  11. KayBee

    Fire Up N&W 611!

    Ah, but the Queen is special! When her fires were dropped in 1994, they took extra care to prep her for "retirement" No residual moisture in the boiler, and periodic movement to keep the roller bearings limber. (The VMT has annual "611 pull" contests that pits groups of participants against the mass of the locomotive in a tug of war.) I hope that the response is tremendous, because if any Locomotive deserves to live again, it is this one. FIRE UP 611!